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by Crystal Tackett
(Memphis, TN)

What can I say about my old Kelvinator? She is definitely old, lol, about 15 years old, to be exact. We got her for free from a friend of ours who worked for a big moving company. My clothes dryer has been a very dependable one. It runs good, dries the clothes super fast, and does not really cost me that much in electricity. (Did an experiment where I hung my clothes out to dry half the month, and did not see that much of a change.)

We have only had to work on it once because it made this god awful noise, and we had to put in a new idler pulley for the belt to run on. We thought it best that we went ahead and replaced the belt since it had a little crack in it, and now she runs like new again.

I honestly do not know if Kelvinator even makes dryers anymore, but if they did I would be going to buy one when the time comes to get a new one. Maybe I’ll just keep this ole clothes dryer to see how much longer she could run. You never know, she might outlive my husband.

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Oct 15, 2015
You cannot blame NEW
by: Andrew Molz

You cannot blame your Kelvinator as it did 15 years along with you.
Washing machine really important for housewives and if any machine doing well at least for 15 years it's really good.
You have good content on your website but I don't like the design of it.
If you do some attention on web design then you can get more visitors.

Dec 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

hi im desperately looking fore a kelvinator washing machine parts ,' an electronic reverse forwarding control,if anyone could help il be very gratefull

Feb 03, 2009
Leaks on higher spin speed
by: Anonymous

This washer does a load quickly and effectively, however sometimes leaks on higher spin speeds and tends to be very noisy. I find that the buttons are not easy to reach - you have to bend over the machine to get to them, lights indicating where in the cycle the washer is at is handy, but it is overall a very average machine with nothing special in it's design.

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