Kelvinator Washing Machine Guide

Kelvinator Washers are available in all countries but North and South America. The official website directs customers from America and Canada to Electrolux website.

Kelvinators seem hard to come by and your probably better going for a more established brand.

We've looked at the company and given a overview of there washers - but we weren't impressed.

Kelvinator History

Kelvinator initially gained its reputation as a pioneer of electric refrigeration in the United States. It was founded in 1914 in Detroit, Michigan by Nathaniel Wales, an engineer who introduced his idea for a practical electric refrigeration unit for the home of a Buick automobile executive. The Kelvinator name was taken after William Thomson, the first Baron Kelvin, who developed the concept of absolute zero and after whom the Kelvin temperature scale was named. They found the name appropriate because its initial product lines were iceboxes and domestic refrigerators.

In 1918, Kelvinator introduced the first refrigerator with a type of automatic control. By 1923, the Kelvinator Company has a market share of about 80 percent for electric refrigerators. In 1926, the company acquired Leonard, an appliance company. It then underwent many changes and has been through various managements of other appliance and electronics giants. Kelvinator introduced the first auto-defrost model side-by-side refrigerator in the early 1950s. Since 1986, the brand has been owned by the appliance giant, Electrolux, a Swedish company, which sells about 40 million appliances to up to 150 countries annually. Electrolux is also the owner of other brands such as Gibson, Westinghouse, White Westinghouse, Frigidaire, and Tappan. Electrolux and its brands carry the whole slew of household appliances, which include refrigerators, freezers, ranges, ovens, washers, and dryers. The Electrolux family also has the Kelvinator Commercial, a product line that markets chest freezers, ice cream freezers, and reach-ins with a stainless steel door. Despite the existence of Electrolux washing machines, Kelvinator washers and dryers are still being manufactured and marketed.

Kelvinator Product lines and their common features

Your choice for a dependable washer goes beyond the standard front-loading and top-loading machines. Kelvinator also has a twin tub, laundry center, and washer-dryer combo unit. Each type of washer is designed to meet the basic laundry requirements. Aside from churning out a clean and effective wash, these washers sport a design that can be on display on any type of home.

Kelvinator Front-load Washers

Generally, front-loading washing machines are a good choice for modern homes. These washing units have sleek designs that can very well fit with the house interior. Aside visual appeal, many front loaders also come with the latest features. If water leaks used to be their problem, now, almost all front-loaders guarantee a good seal along with child lock features. Compared to top-loaders, front-loading washing machines also have better control panels. It's easier to switch to the perfect wash with just a press of the button, instead of having to turn the knob most top-loaders have.

Consumers will find the lasted Kelvinator front-loaders to be powered by the eco-logic system. These washers are known for their cleaning efficiency and out-of-balance control system. Another added feature is the integrated program thermostat. With pre-set water temperature, it is easier to choose the right temp for the wash program. This helps prevent fabric and clothing damage. Kelvinator front-loaders are also RoHS Compliant and has A energy rating.

Front-loaders are for people who have larger budgets that can be wisely spent on energy efficiency.

Kelvinator Top-load Washing Machines

Kelvinator top-loading washing machines are available from 6.0 to 12.0 kg wash capacity. This can be a good choice for starting and growing families. These washers have the basic 6 wash cycles up to 20 wash programs for large capacity washers. Large capacity top-loading washers have the drip dry option, polypropylene wash tub to support the weight, and internal heating element with cold water inlet, plus all the other basic features.

For the basic 6.0 to 7.0 kg. washers, the basic features include stainless steel tub, water level options, soak program, self-cleaning pump, and digital display. The wash cycles, although limited in number, still ensure gentle but thorough washing, depending on the type of clothing. Top-loaders are more affordable than front-loaders but not as energy efficient.

Kelvinator Washer-dryer combo

Those who are looking for a compact unit might do well with a Kelvinator washer-dryer combo. The washer-dryer units of this brand has a capacity of 5.0 to 6.0 kg. The common features include the detergent compartments, filter, wool program, rinse and hold option, water saver feature, glass door with lock, dry programs, and water heater option. Some models have up to 18 wash cycles, mechanical control, 120-min. timer, and a thermostat to adjust the water temperature.

The common trouble with the washer-dryer combo is that some clothes are still damp even when dried.

Kelvinator Twin tub

Twin tub washers are available from 6.0 to 9.0 kg. capacity. The 6.0 and 9.0 capacity washers have the basic features such as the soak program, 2 water inlets, lint filter, self-cleaning pump, polypropylene cabinet, and up to 2 wash cycles and the wash/spin programs that last 15 minutes and 5 minutes, respectively.

Kelvinator Laundry center

Although not as popular as the basic front-loading and top-loading designs, the laundry center is known to be a space-saver. It comes in a set of washer and dryer which can be stacked in a closet. To support its space-saving design, the Kelvinator brand is powered by technologies such as the balanced dry system, sure-spin suspension system, and DuraFinish drum in its MET1041ZAS model. Not only is the drum made of galvanized steel, but it also coated with powder finish. The laundry center also ensures the even distribution of heat, through the balanced dry system, to avoid hot spots that can ruin the fabric. The sure-spin suspension system takes care of any shaky movement.

The washer also has inner and outer tubs made of polypropylene to resist advanced wear and tear caused by rust and dents. But unlike the porcelain tubs, the tub is only half their standard weight. The tri-action washing system ensures thorough washing without damaging the fabric quality. This is made possible by the revolving wash tub as the agitator moves around.The laundry center comes with the basic wash and dry cycles, lint filter, delay start option, water fill system, dispensers, lock and spin safety, and temperature options.

The only common problem with the laundry center is that it has longer loading times.



Among the well-known models of this brand is the KLCD07GFCWT. Like other front-loaders, it is powered by the eco-logic system. With up to 23 wash programs, modern households are given more choices when it comes cleaning different types of fabric and clothing. This 7.0 kg. washer is RoHS compliant and has earned an A energy rating. Aside from the standard wool program, it has the rinse and hold option, out-of-balance control system, pre-wash and extra rinse options.

To ensure safety, the washer has an overflow as well as low and high voltage protection, and failure detection system. The integrated program thermostat has the pre-programmed water temp for the wash cycles to prevent any damage on clothing.


For top-loaders, the Kelvinator KPW75TERFPW offers the basic essentials. The 7.0 kg. capacity washer has a stainless steel tub to resist advanced wear and tear, 6 wash cycles for different types of clothing, 8 water level options, soak program, regular wash/spin cycle. Aside from having 2 water inlets and a self-cleaning pump, the digital display is another good feature for showing the spin speed, start time, and the wash cycles.

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