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Jiffy Steamer Model J-4000

I work in a clothing store that frequently requires steaming before putting inventory out on display. We use the Jiffy J-4000, and it is a terrific steamer. One pro is that it features a large water tank so that you can steam for a long period of time before needing to refill.

Additionally, it has a preheat feature so you can leave the steamer on and ready during the day. It then only takes a minute or so to start it up. The water container itself is die cast aluminum, a lasting, high quality material. On the side of the tank, is a see through gauge that shows you how full the water level.

It can also indicate if there is any sediment build up and the tank needs cleaned out. The steamer has a powerful heating element, and even when filled up completely with cool water, takes at most about 15-20 minutes to heat up. This easily outdoes smaller, less expensive steamers which can still take nearly that long to heat up.

One of the few cons of this steamer is that it is very heavy, especially when filled. Another con is that because the tank is so large, it can be very difficult (heavy and awkward) to clean out, even when using Jiffy's special cleaning solution.

However, in comparison to the benefits of having a large, high-quality steamer, these cons are minimal. The J-4000 is extremely easy to put together and use, and very effectively steams clothes and a number of other (even heavier) fabric items. I would highly recommend it and give it five stars.

- it features a large water tank
- it has a preheat feature

- it is very heavy
- it can be very difficult (heavy and awkward) to clean out

4 out of 5

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