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One of the brands consumers will encounter when choosing a washing machine is the Indesit brand. With so many brands and labels to choose from, finding the right washer can be downright confusing.

To learn more about this brand and what Indesit has to offer, here is an overview of its company profile, washing machine models, features, and user reviews.

Company profile

Indesit was an independent company until it was acquired by Merloni Elettrodomestici, an Italian appliance manufacturer marketing the Ariston brand, in 1985.

Indesit was Merloni Elettrodomestici's direct competitor, and the merge has strengthened the influence of both brands. Merloni Elettrodomestici was rebranded as Indesit Company since the Indesit name has more international recognition, specifically within Europe.

At present, the Indesit Company has three divisions for its appliance section, the Indesit line, the Hotpoint-Ariston line, and the Scholtes line.

The company has gained decent success, with a market share of about 14% in European ovens, fridges, washers, dishwashers, and hobs market.

It is also second only to Bosch Siemens HG in terms of units sold in the whole of Europe. The Indesit Company also has up to 17 manufacturing plants in different locations, in and outside of Europe.

The Indesit brand is big in Italy and the rest of Europe. For those who prefer more established brands over others, then that can be the selling point of Indesit.

Washing machine profiles

Indesit washing machines are marketed primarily toward home users, especially for single families. One of the notable things about the Indesit washing machines is that they are quite affordable.

This is good news for families who are looking for a machine that can take care of their laundry needs while staying within the budget.

One good reason the Indesit brand is affordable is that its machines do not have too many special or added features in it. Its washing units stick with the basics, such as the basic timer, wash and temperature settings. For most people, these functions are good enough to ensure a thorough wash.

So long as the washer does what it should, that is to wash clothes effectively, then that can be a good reason for some people to invest on this washing machine label. So for those who want machines that offer the basic functions at a good price, then Indesit is one of their options.

Another thing to note about its current models is that they have a pretty good wash load capacity. The lowest capacity starts at 6 kg, while the largest that they offer is up at 8 kg. With wash loads such as these, one can see that these machines are made for single families.

It may be more or lesser than what a specific family may need, but that size range pretty much hits the median size or capacity for most households.

As for the washing machine type, most that are offered are front-loading washing machines. They are among the best-sellers of this brand. They fit well with modern homes and often come with simple and sleek designs, depending on the model.

Indesit washing machine features

When looking at Indesit washers, there are some common features that are being offered. Take a look at these features and see whether these are the right one for specific laundry needs.

First, a good number of washing machine models have an A+ rating. That means, the machines do better than the current class A rating. A rating of A+ means that they have 10% more energy efficiency.

This feature may be an attractive one for people who are on a budget and want to save on the electricity and water consumption from their washing machines.

Second are the special wash modes that Indesit washing machines offer. Indesit washers usually have specific settings for shoes and synthetic types of fabric.

The idea is to ensure the quality of shoes or any sports clothes when using the washer. The delicate fabric and shoes can be washed, without worrying about the damage.

Another feature that some would find useful is the detergent dispenser that is placed inside the washer tub itself.

This means that the dispenser is washed with every washing cycle. That can save time for some people as there's no need to take out the dispenser to clean it out manually.

Something that Indesit also markets as a convenience is the simple interface and easy to use settings for its washing machines. In practical terms, anyone can easily set the necessary settings on the machine with the easy to operate control panel.

Things to note about Indesit washing machines

Based on the reviews that can be found online, one of the concerns surrounding Indesit washing machines is that they can be prone to breaking down.

It may be said that the low price of the machines have also compromised their durability. Though this is not true for all the Indesit washing machine models out there, there is still that risk that buyers may face.

All is well if there is still the warranty, but the issue is when one would have to spend for the product repairs. One possible issue seen with the repairs is that these could cost a lot, add to that the price of parts replacement.

One of the risks is that the repair could be so significant that it may be more economical to buy a new washer altogether. That means, whatever savings one may have had in the past may be put to naught if the washer would not last. That is one concern that should be considered by potential washing machine buyers.

Hopefully, the information provided here can help buyers better decide on their washing machine purchase. The common features, washing machine profiles, brand information should help potential buyers weigh in the advantages and the possible disadvantages of getting an Indesit washing machine.

One particular model doesn't speak for the quality of all the other models, so it's still better to get the product details of the unit. Basically, the Indesit brand is known for its good price, ease of use, and dependable features for laundry cleaning.

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