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IFB washing machine

This was my first washing machine after i got married. Since i lived with my in-laws lots of clothes would have to be washed daily.

I love my machine very much as it made my job easier during the initial difficult phase when i was trying to adjust to a new place. This washing machine washes clothes very well and without giving any bother.

I would use its various cycles according to the type of clothes i would wash. Since it washes clothes in hot water so clothes turn out neat and clean. I am especially impressed with the way heavily soiled bedsheets, towels, napkins and children's clothes turn out very clean after washing them in this machine.

During the initial few years my machine did not give me any problem. Later on it developed a snag and I could not wash my clothes in it.

I had to spend about more than $100 for getting it repaired. The service staff took a long time in delivering the repaired part of the machine and I had a very hard time working without the help of my machine.

I had to use the washing powders suggested by the company and they were very expesive, but both the detergent and my machine ensured that i got neat and clean clothes back from the wash. The dryer of the machine ensured that I did not have to dry my clothes on the line for long.

They would dry out completely within an hour of putting them on the clothes line. This proved to be a great help during the rains and winter season.

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Oct 05, 2011
Fault in washing machine
by: Maj SS Grewal

I had bought this machine thinking that your is a internationan company and your machine and service would be better.I have been using a BPL machine for over ten years without any problem and bought your machine because I wanted to change over to a front loader.
I bought yur machine in Feb 08 and it has been workinng PK, but five days back,it stopped working and I lodged a complaint.The eningeer/mechanic came and said that part had to be changed and he would come the next day. He did notcome and I waasted the whole the whole day waiting for him. Today I called the service center to enquire and was told that he had come to work. I finally traced the Eng and was told that the required part was not in stock. I don't know when the part will be avaiable and when I will wash my clothes!

Sep 13, 2011
IFB sucks well
by: Anonymous

I rue the day I bought a IFB Elite DX washing machine in 2008 at Kozhikode. Since we moved to Coimbatore in 2009 this is the 2nd time that we have had a complaint with the IFB machine. Now it is 6 days since we registered a complaint with the Coimbatore Service Centre, and the problem remains unresolved. Their service personnel either switch off their phones or remain elusive. I wonder if they have all gone on a holiday enbloc or resigned. Wonder if IFB has declared a service holiday. They continue to sell... You just have to send them a SMS showing interest to buy. They will soon swarm all over you like flies. At this rate it will not be too long that IFB joins the list of RIPs. What a shame? The next time time around I wish that I do not buy IFB. Suresh Paul Antony, Associate Professor [Marketing], XLRI School of Business & Human Resources, Jamshedpur 831 001. M: 91-94438 98219

Dec 24, 2010
very worst service
by: prabhanikil

i am very upset about your service if you are not ready to service to your customer why are you promise to service within 24 hours?i met a very worst experience with your customer service people. here after i cannot recomend your product to anyone.

Dec 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

IFB sucks big time.


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