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by vandana pankaj bothre
(navi mumbai,maharashtra,India)

I've bought my washing machine in 27th of june 2003 from VASHI situated in NAVI MUMBAI.Still I feel that I've made a correct decision by buying it.

At that time, the main features of it which caught me towards it was its front door look, fully automatic e.t.c.last but not the least its good services provided by its service center made us easy to take care of it.

Since then it is working properly and never ever it has dissappointed us by its performance. We are completely satisfied with our IFB ELENA.This complete satisfaction is only the one reason for its being special because in my opinion customer satisfaction makes the goods popular.

I'll highly recommend it because its reliability seen in this 5yrs.yet it doesn't give us a chance to criticise it.

About the comparison I can't do that because may be other brand's washing machines are also good in their performances but my IFB ELENA never made me to go for other options.

yes, its true that its such an appliance which makes work easy with complete satisfaction.

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Mar 14, 2013
Wiring Diagram
by: A.Wilson

Where i will get the wiring diagram of IFB Elena 5 kg washing machine

Jul 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

where to get the wiring diagram


Jul 22, 2010
Bad service centre in Jaigoan near Bhutan
by: Anonymous

The machine was costly and bought from Dealer(symphony, Jaigoan, West Bengal)and the belt was worn out and not able to get the belt.

The Dealer was not customer freindly and in general customer are looser. Bad.....Bad.......service

Jul 20, 2010
very very bed
by: Anonymous


Jun 22, 2010
Very bad machine
by: manish

It Takes lots of time to wash just a few clothes.

Aug 18, 2009
IFB- the worst
by: Deepak Mehta

IFB cheating consumers.
The most number of consumer complaints are for IFB products. I think the company should shut down because of selling faulty products.I have purchased a IFB washing machine - Diva in March 2009 which does not even washes the clothes after using IFB recommended and IFB costly detergents. We were earlier very happy with our semi-automatice whirlpool washing machine. All our clothes washed in this new machine in these 5-6 months have become worst and always look dirty as if they are not washed.

I, now, feel that I have been cheated by the company as I have paid the full money towards the purchase of such an useless washing machine which never washes clothes.

Jun 27, 2009
for high income people
by: Anonymous

- It saves our invaluable time and hence we have a lot more time at our disposal to do other things.
- It releives us of hard labour.

- With washing machine uniform washing of all portion of the cloths is only possible; hence the strained parts of the cloths are not specially cleaned and washed.
- it is said machine washings shortens the newness and the wearable duration of the cloths.

The rating of our washing machine is 3.It is an automatic washing machine. The need for a washing machine in our home, we were badly in need of a washing machine. The man well washing consumes a lot of time, a lot of labour. It makes the home maker getting tired soon. Health also suffers.

The hand washing is in addition to other house works like cooking, house cleaning, utensil cleaning etc. Hence we decided to purchase a washing machine. The main reason for purchasing washing machine:

It had a earned a good name among WM users in India. Hence as per user's view we purchased IFB-Elena washing machine. If the indian washing machine users are classified as high, medium and low income categories the IFB is meant for high income category people.

IFB is a little expensive. Unfortunately our washing machine did not work to our satisfaction.

In the first year itself we had three complains with the IFB people. Now it is working satisfactory - But dryer part gives only 75% satisfaction. But most IFB users do not have such complaints. We use the washing machine, as all our other consumer goods, in a most proper way.

We keep the instructions very well. We do not have any doubt our washing machine is of much help to our family.

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