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Hotpoint is a preferred brand because it offers savings to the homemaker in the form of water and energy savings and valuable time saved.

Hotpoint is a leading household name for kitchen and laundry appliances that include refrigerators, freezers, ranges, heaters, toasters, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, irons, and garbage disposal units. Consumers love the unique design and the programmable features, and this is the reason for the success of Hotpoint products.


The origins of Hotpoint began in 1905 when Earl Richardson, a power superintendent in California, tried to increase power consumption in the area by inventing an iron to assist women in their household chores. After numerous revisions in his initial design because the iron overheated at the center, he came up with an iron where there was more heat at the point where it was needed around buttonholes, ruffles, pleats, etc.

The product became known as the “iron with a hot point” and was owned and marketed by Pacific Electric Heating Company. The product was a huge success, and the “Hotpoint” trademark was born. The company then slowly expanded its product lines to include other household appliances, which included the toaster.

By 1911, Hotpoint Electric Heating Company was established because of the brand name recognition that it has created. By 1913, it was already one of the “largest exclusive manufacturers of electrically heated household appliances in the world,” according to its company literature.

Hotpoint took the next step by joining with Associated Electrical industries (AEI) group, which was already part of General Electric Company (GEC). By 1929, Hotpoint became a officially a part of General Electric.

Today, Hotpoint is partly owned by Merloni (eventually renamed as Indesit), which also created a range of appliances branded as Ariston. The line became known as Hotpoint-Ariston. By 2007, Indesit had a 14% share of the white goods market, composed of washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and cooker hoods. Hotpoint started to have a commanding presence in Europe, second to Electrolux.

Currently, the company produces a large amount of kitchen appliances in the United Kingdom. And while Hotpoint continues to be owned by General Electric, they are stiff competitors as well. Looking at the entire household appliance landscape, Hotpoint remains to be the “value” brand of GE.


The philosophy of Hotpoint is “Our Ideas; Your Home.” It believes that for a home to run smoothly, it has to have the proper assistance from its machines. Hotpoint has remained to be a top seller because of its after-sales service.

It has installed a dependable backup network that did service and repairs. With appliances having an average life span of about four years, this service has become an important consideration among consumers when making an appliance purchase.

Hotpoint also markets its products as appliances with “advanced technology with common sense.” Hotpoint has also focused its product development on the environment, with innovations directed toward energy efficiency.

Brand values


Innovations and advanced technology can give the proper solutions to everyday problems or concerns of the homemaker who endeavors to make washing more agreeable and washing life easier. Intelligent solutions in the home are in the form of easy-to-use specialist programs and settings and its stylish and modern interfaces. These make washing a welcome chore despite the busy lifestyle.


Because Hotpoint pays utmost attention to every product detail to ensure that the products perform consistently and reliably, the consumer can rest in the thought that it has a trustworthy brand. The homemaker experiences peace of mind for her entire family because she knows that Hotpoint will not fail her.


Three words define Hotpoint: elegance, sophistication, and uniqueness. Much research and development have been put into the design of all Hotpoint appliances. Its variety of styles can assure the public that Hotpoint will have a model that will suit a particular personality and match a kitchen scheme. A full range of contemporary colors, designs, and aesthetics among its products make the choices more varied and more reassuring.


Hotpoint manufactures and markets both top-loaders and front-loaders. All the Hotpoint washing machines are programmable, and with just a few button pressings, the washing cycle can be started. Hotpoint has programs that are geared toward faster performance and silent operation.

It also has a “baby cycle” that is specially designed to clean stains associated with babies. Creases in the washed clothes can be reduced by lowering spin speeds. Washer capacity starts from 3.2 cubic feet, and loading capacity varies from 6 kilograms for small families to 9 kilograms for large families.

Its tilted drum provides easy access and allows faster loading. It offer sat least nine varying wash cycles. It even has a FlexCare agitator that conforms to the fabric and delicateness of the laundry. A child lock prevents kids from playing with washing machines.


Being in the business for one hundred years, there are Hotpoint washing units that truly made their mark. Its most popular model, the Aqualtis, has a classy look and can be operated easily.

The eco LED indicator on the Aqualtis washing machine model will inform the user on how energy savings can be realized by adjusting the temperature or spin speed of the selected wash cycle.

Its most prominent features are the woolmark platinum care, the duvet cycle, bed and bath cycle, and the shirt cycle. The WMD and WMF models allow for minimal load while having the bed and bad cycle. Another model, WT721P, is also popular because of its energy saving capacity.

The Extendia model has the woolmark platinum care feature and likewise has a super wash and a maxi load program. The Standard WML models and Top Loading WTL are distinct for their compact design and maximum load capacity of 5 to 6 kilograms.

Hotpoint claim to understand the needs of the homemaker by manufacturing products that require minimal user intervention. Hotpoint has been given a five-star rating by its consumers. The ratings and reviews are mostly based on ease of use, durability, cleaning performance, efficiency, among others.

Hotpoint’s Washing Machine range at a Glance.

Hotpoint’s washing machines fall into four neat categories from their biggest and fattest machine the Aqualtis to the value machines from the First Edition range.

The Aqualtis range is Hotpoint’s largest washers. In this range the AQGD169S is the biggest. Aqualtis has some nice features but apparently it has poor rinsing so those with sensitive skin may have problems if the suds aren’t all washed away.

Not only is it stylish coming in silver or white but it has a very fast spin. The 1600rpm spinner will get your clothes almost dry before you even start the real drying process.

This can save time and energy waiting for them to dry on the line or in a tumble dyer. Despite the fast spins it is also reasonably quiet. You also have the option of halving the speed of the washer if you prefer to eliminate creasing completely.

If you are washing full loads then this it does give good running costs. It has an attractive LCD display which displays the progress of the wash too. There are some nice features including a super quiet wash and a super fast wash which only lasts 28 minutes.

You can program the machine to give extra rinses or put on the “Mini load” feature if you have just a few items which you want to wash.

The Ultima is slightly smaller than the Aqualtis but spins just as fast at 1600rpm. It has a nice LCD display showing how much wash time remains. It is an efficient washer but has been reported to be noisy when on full spin.

You can use the timer feature to delay the start of your wash to a time you choose. It comes packed full of sophisticated features including a mini load, a super wash for very dirty clothes or a fast wash.

You can even set the machine to wash depending on how dirty you feel the clothes are. This will save both time and energy. The Ultima has a variety of temperatures. The Ultima WT965 comes with a nice aluminium finish which is a nice touch.

“Which” magazine reported from a survey they conducted with people who have brought hotpoints that they found them unreliable. So this too should be taken into consideration when thinking of purchasing a Hotpoint.

Aquarius models can handle around 6kg, so they come in slightly smaller sizes than both the Aqualtis and Ultima designs. They also have less features than their older brothers but the essentials are still there including fast washes, mini loads and a hand wash cycle to take care of your delicates.

You can also half the maximum spin speed of around 1200rpm - 1400rpm depending on the model, in order to decrease the creasing of the clothes. They look pretty stylish too and perhaps the most striking thing is the oval door.

The Aquarius provides a good overall washer with the features you need.

The First Edition is the value machine Hotpoint offers and has a lot less features than the other models – it really is the bare bones. The notable programs include super wash, mini load, extra rinse and wool wash.

A plus point is it is efficient and that we have come to expect in this environmental conscious day and age. It does however have much smaller capacities than the other of Hotpoint’s machines so it is not the best choice if you do large loads of laundry regularly.


Hotpoint washing machines do seem like the perfect choice, but various user reviews also cite disadvantages in using one. Some buyers feel that some models are quite pricey. They offer almost the same features, but washers from other brands cost less.

Some have also complained about their cleaning power since Hotpoint washers recommend liquid detergent. They say that stain removal is not always effective. Others have commented on its not so efficient service and support.

For each washer and model, consumers are sure to find not just the benefits but also some disadvantages. So before buying any Hotpoint washer, better have a list of its models and available features to arrive at a wiser buying decision. In this case, unbiased user reviews can be so helpful.

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