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Probably one of the best known names in the industry for kitchen and cleaning appliances. From the world famous Hoover, that everyone use’s on a daily basis alternately known as the vacuum cleaner, to dishwashers. They became a household name almost over night.

History of Hoover Washing Machine

Hoover was originally founded in Ohio in 1908 and then to Perivale in Middlesex just outside of London and became a registered company in 1919 and so became Hoover limited.

It was in 1985 Hoover was brought out by Chicago Pacific Corporation based in America, in 1989 was then purchased by The Maytag Corporation. And now own by Candy and is now known as the Hoover Candy Group.

Hoover has progressed from the early years, from just cleaners, to diverse into all major kitchen appliances, Hoover vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, refrigerators, cookers, built in appliances, dryers and an amazing range of washing machines.

Hoover's Free Standing Washing Machines Range

Hoover manufacture some of the best know and technologically advanced washing machines on the market today, yet simple to use.

The Vision HD range has one of the largest capacity washers on the market today, and can take a load of up to 9kg which is 80% more than a standard make of machine, having this sort of capacity cuts down the amount of washes you make in a week so making these washing machines more eco friendly, and so freeing up more of your valuable time.

They fit in to a standard space and so do not look obtrusive in any way. It comes with a range of spin speeds from up to 1600 rpm. They are manufactured to be super silent and have a magnificent range of pre-set programmes for example it has a stain blaster cycle, sensitive care program and even a rapid wash action.

They are equipped with a new time manager display, also a 23 hours delay start program, but only come in the colours white and black.

The Vision HD8 has all the same features as the rest of the range however it is made slightly smaller than the other HD models so as to fit into smaller spaces, dimensions are 85 x 60 x 54 cm. The HD range of washing machines hold the ultimate in energy efficiency, wash and spin performance A + AA.

Hoover also manufacture the Nextra 6 range, these machines also gives you a larger load capacity which will hold 20% more than a standard machine, and still has all the benefits and features of other Hoover washing machines, for example the variable spin speed, variable temperature, weight sensor load control and also hold the ultimate in energy efficiency.

They all have a good range of washing cycles, for different fabrics and their wash performance is outstanding. The Nextra also has a top loading machine to complement its range.

Hoover washer dryers incorporate different levels of Automatic Sensor Drying, which helps protect your clothes. They are also eco friendly, which helps you save on your electric and water.The Nextra range of washer / dryers are again beneficial to the household by being able to cope with large loads.

Hoover also manufacture a range of top loading washing machines, for example the HNT models range from 4.5 to 6 kg capacities and vary from 850 rpm spin speed to 1400 rpm spin speed. These models are especially good for people who suffer with back problems and also a range for economy..

Hoover's Built in Washing Machine Range

The fully integrated washing machines, which means that the fronts are covered to match in with the rest of your kitchen or laundry room and so does not stand out as an ordinary appliance would.

These machines all have a large load capacity which is one of the most significant features of the Hoover appliances. They are normally 6 kg, are in white and have all the functions you would expect to find with any of the Hoovers models, such as 16 wash programs, 1400 rpm spin speed, the product code for these machines are HWB280 and the washer dryer model is HDB284.

There are so many models to choose from with Hoover and there is sure to be a machine suited to your particular requirement. All the machines are energy efficient, and are ‘AAA’ rated for their washing and spin efficiency, and maximum load capacity.

Hoover also have a range of tumble dryers with large capacity loads to suit your needs, all in the Vision HD range.

The Hoover range of laundry appliances are vast, energy efficient, economical and simple to use. BR>
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