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HoMedics Perfect Steam

I have the HoMedics Perfect Steam cleaner and it is absolutely wonderful. This is a commercial grade cleaner and as such it has many features and is extremely durable. Some of the things I like about this steamer are that it has a five-foot hose that is easy to maneuver and to get into all of the nooks and crannies of whatever I am steaming. It also has a hanger built in so that you can hang your clothes directly onto the machine without worry and you can begin steaming very easily.

It also has wheels on the bottom of the steamer just in case you have to move it and it is very easy to maneuver around while you are working on your garment. It is also great for traveling because it is easy to disassemble and it is compact. The steam itself is very hot and does a good job of taking out all of the wrinkles as well.

Because I like to get ready fast in the morning this steamer has a lot of settings that are ideal for that purpose. It can heat up in as fast as 45 seconds so that I can begin steaming right away. It also has an automatic shut off feature just in case I forget to shut it off when I am rushing in the morning. The machine also has a big tank and I can iron for as much as 40 minutes in a row without having to refill the tank with water.

This will work great on any type of fabric from silk to cotton to jeans. I use it to iron my suits in the morning and it works great. I am in and out in the morning because of the many time saving features that this steamer has.

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