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Hitachi washing machines are simple and easy to use and also save you a lot of time. When one hears the brand “Hitachi,” it is often connected to something Asian. Hitachi washing machines have a long reputation of providing the best and durable electronic machines.

While machines these days are expected to last for about five years, a Hitachi appliance will bring at least double of that lifespan. Hitachi has been known to be easily repaired, if and when it breaks down, for as long as genuine parts are used.

Hitachi Washer History

Hitachi started out as an electrical repair shop in 1910. It then became a known brand for consumer electronics and home appliances not only in Asia but also in the western market. For almost 100 years, Hitachi has introduced a lot of innovations, surpassing the domestic appliance market. Today, it is considered as among the market leaders in technology.

From a local electrical repair shop, Hitachi has grown into a multinational corporation, with businesses ranging from information technology products to finance and electronics. Consumer products like washing machines account for about 13% of the entire Hitachi conglomerate.

Although there have been changes in Hitachi’s corporate directions, focusing less on consumer products, this brand of washing machine is best remembered for its commitment to durability and service. Some of the Hitachi washing machines are still highly rated for its efficiency and economy. Washers manufactured by Hitachi are known for their silent operation and intuitive settings.

Hitachi Washers Common features

Hitachi continues to manufacture washing machines mainly for the Asian market. Most of its models are top-loading washing machines with large load capacities that reach up to 16 kilograms. This large loading capacity is one of Hitachi’s biggest selling points. The larger capacity simply means that less washing loads are needed, and this is a good feature for energy- and time-saving.

Hitachi also has front-loading washers, which are known for their modern designs that can fit well with contemporary homes. Its front-loaders use the Smart Chip Fuzzy Control Technology, which makes it easier to navigate through its controls and set the perfect wash. The front-loaders are also a good option because of their automatic water consumption control.

Another known Hitachi feature is the beat lifter. This allows clothes to be raised and lowered during washing, as it simulates the hand washing technique. Many of its washing units have a special program for delicate fabric and to cancel the spin.

Hitachi washers also have all the basic features people need for laundry washing such as temperature control, spin dry option, child lock feature, delay start, quick wash cycle, lint filter, and time indicator. Aside from these, the washers are able to carry out a tough performance because of their stainless steel tub.

In fact, some units even have a corrosion-proof body. Additional features include balance control, suds control, automatic programs, and air jet washing. Some of the features listed here may not be found in all Hitachi washing machines.

Consumers should consider the features they need and can do without for a more reasonable purchase. This will help them get to bottom of their list faster and cross out options that don't meet their budget demands and user requirements.

What users have to say

When put side-by-side with its competitors, Hitachi fails in comparison when it comes to technology advancement. Because Hitachi is lacking in this aspect, household users of washing machines need to think long and hard before making their final choice.

Given the many options available in the market, consumers can be environment-conscious while being pampered by technology. But for those who are after the basics or just looking for a reliable but more affordable option, Hitachi is worth a try. To guide buyers with their decision, here are some feedback from users that should be considered.

The good

The large capacity of its top-loaders allow users to wash everything at one go, which is ideal for big households or growing families. Less time is needed to finish the laundry task.

It is also an energy-saver that results in significant cuts in utility bills, also because of reduced water consumption. Such advantages are strong reasons to consider buying Hitachi, especially in this day and age where time is very valuable and the population is more conscious of water and energy conservation.

Aside from the large capacity of its washing machines, a lot of users have commented on ease of use and trouble-free installation. Unlike other brands of washers, most Hitachi models are fairly easy to operate because of their intuitive user interface. You can set the right wash cycle and let the machine do the washing.

Some users also raved about their spinning speed and the materials used in the washing machine that are not prone to advanced wear and tear or corrosion.

It apears that many Hitachi washing machines have a tough body and dependable tub. For the more recent models, the small water usage is one of their best selling points.

Basically, Hitachi washing machines can handle basic cleaning tasks with its adjustable temperature control, extra rinse program, quick wash options, and wash cycles even for delicate fabric.

The bad

Hitachi washing machines have the basic features needed in achieving a satisfactory laundry wash. But compared to other leading brands, it may not fare so well.

There were limited efforts in further developing the products, compared to manufacturers that offer all the bells and whistles.

Some users have actually complained about water leaks when it comes to front-loaders. They are also not recommended for impatient people, because cleaning can take a while with its long wash cycle. Some washers can be tough on clothes, leaving some laundry items "starchy." The cost of replacement parts and repair can also be a turnoff.

Consumers can't help but notice the lack of upgrades in some models. It's also quite hard to find Hitachi washing machines in the western market.

Hitachi Washing Machine Models at a glance

Hitachi SFP90DJ

This air jet washing machine boasts of its 9 kg.-capacity, nano titanium filter, stainless steel tub, and 900 rpm quick dry option and spin speed. This front-loader has a wide tub to fit in a lot of laundry items at one go. It has up to 8 program cycles, 12 level water selection, and rapid wash cycle for more thorough cleaning.

The fuzzy logic control also makes it so much easier to operate, while the remaining time indicator, child lock option, double lint filter, delay start, and water temperature indicator adds to the convenience of the user.

Hitachi HWF1200X

This front-loading washing machine uses the Smart Chip Fuzzy Control Technology. It has a 7 kg.-loading capacity to fit in piles of laundry in its stainless steel tub.

It is more advanced than other models, with features such as 15 automatic programs, balance control, suds control, and automatic water consumption control. Aside from these, this washing unit also has the basics for washing delicate fabric, extra rinse, quick wash, and a corrosion-proof body to ensure durability.


Users may not find all the bells and whistles in Hitachi washing machines. They can scout for other models and brands that offer the best line-up of features. But for those who are just looking for the simple yet efficient washer, Hitachi front-loaders and top-loaders are not at all a bad choice. They just have to choose the right model or unit to satisfy their laundry needs.

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