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Henko Stain Champion

I use Henko Stain Champion for doing my laundry. Its price is at par with other detergents available in the market. Henko washes clothes very well. The bed sheets, towels, jeans and other such heavy clothes get washed very well.

I have used other detergents but have been dissatisfied with their use as I always find leftover detergent in my clothes after washing with them. Henko is very effective against dirt and grime and cleans clothes very well.

It is not harsh on the clothes and keeps my clothes soft. It has a very pleasant smell which lingers on my clothes even after being washed. When I use this detergent I am not forced to soak clothes in hot water. Soaking clothes daily in hot water leads to fading of color and eventually the clothes become worn and ragged.

I don't soak my daily wear clothes in hot water as they get cleaned properly even without using hot water. I just soak the heavy clothes in hot water to get a very good wash.

Henko also removes almost 85% of the stains from my clothes. I love this detergent as it makes my daily washing easy and enjoyable. I just love the fresh and clean laundry I get after washing with this detergent.

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