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Henko detergent powder

by madhu

I am using IFB washing machine. It is fully automatic and front loading machine. Earlier I had another machine which was top loading and was not fully automatic.

I had to keep checking on it all the time. So I was tied down till the time my machine was operating. But now I can just load it and forget it for an hour or so, depending on the type of washing.

It has three washing modes.You can adjust the temperature of the water depending on weather and your need. Consumption of water too can be adjuted in case of half a load. There are two slots for detergent powder and additives.

I use henko detergent powder. This is the most simple and convenient washing machine. And the best thing about it is that clothes come out wrinkle free. But sometimes I have to rub the stains with a little detergent before loading. It has the option of Prewash too for heavily soiled clothes.

I am using it for past wo years but has never given me any trouble. Very easy to clean. Just wipe is inside with a dry soft cloth and leave the door open for 10 minutes.

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