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Haier XQG65-11SU Washer Dryer Combo

I bought this Haier XQG65-11SU Washer Dryer Combo machine more then a year ago and its working fine.When I brought it I was not that sure as to who it would work.Once I used it I realised the fact that this is not like other washer dryers that I have used before.

This Haier XQG65-11SU Washer Dryer Combo is good for a small family. Aside from large bath towels I can wash anything in this machine.I love the fact that it is a front loader and saves on water.I also find that I do not need to use as much detergent.This little machine is a workhorse. The Express cycle washes a large laundry basket full of clothes better than any top-loader I have used.

No need to pull wet clothing out of the washer to put in the dryer as the machine automatically switches to drying cycle after washing. Throw a load in the washer in the morning, go to work, and come home to clean clothes in the dryer.

It is compact and convenient and a wonderful option in
the limited space of my condo.The innovative vent-less
dryer combined with the easy-roll casters give this machine added flexibility so that you can use it where it's most convenient in your home.

All in all, simply reading the product specifications and the directions will tell you all of this. If you live in a small apartment without a laundry machine, and are sick of wasting time doing laundry,or spending a lot of money on a laundry service, this machine is for you.

I have read many reviews before buying this combo dryer that the customer service of Haier's supposedly awful.But my experience with Haier was good.Once my machine got stopped as dryer was not working properly.
Frankly, I don't get it.I call customer service and they were great. Their local repair vendor was great.
They all bent over backward to get my machine up and
running as quickly as possible.

I consider myself fortunate that I got this machine.
So far, I am very happy with my purchase.

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Oct 28, 2010
efficient and works great
by: Gary

I am in my 7th year of using this machine. Initially I thought I might be living one of the horror stories that often show up in Haier reviews. I ordered my unit from walmart.com and it was shipped directly to my home. At that time I was living in a second floor one bedroom apartment.I refused the shipment because of transit damage and contacted both Haier and WalMart to set up a replacement unit. Since the shipping weight is a little over 200 pounds it took another 2 weeks for the replacement to arrive.

I carefully moved the machine up the long flight of stairs to my apartment, unpackaged it and then read through the assembly/installation instructions and the operating manual. The technology used by this combo unit is nothing short of amazing. Five years ago I purchased and moved into a small house. I got my manual and packing instructions back out and set the machine up to be transported. Reinstalled the washer/dryer in my new home and have been using it for 5 or 6 loads a week. I have lodged a coin in the drain pump on a couple of occasions when I didn't check pants pockets closely enough but other than that it has been pretty much trouble free.

I live alone and have enough space in the backyard to run a couple of clotheslines so with the fantastic weather in South Carolina I would venture to say that I have one of the most efficient laundry systems around. This Haier Combo Washer Dryer has been an excellent investment for me.

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