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HAIER Portable Washer XQJ50-31

by SoontobeParents

My husband and I have been frequenting the local laundromat for the past six months. Due to both of our busy schedules and a baby on the way, we have decided to purchase a portable washer. After some extensive research, we purchased the Haier XQJ50-31 portable washer. It is the best 300.00 we have ever spent!!! It's super efficient.

It uses very little water. A full load of laundry (11 LBS) will use 1 1/2 sinks of water. One uses more water in a bath. The laundry comes out so clean, just like a regular washer.

It is so quiet, doesn't really vibrate much when the wheel brakes are on, and it's compact, we roll it right into a large linen closet where it stays out of sight until its next use. We highly recommend this portable washer to anyone who has limited time and is sick of using smelly laundromats.

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