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Haier HLP23E Portable Washer

by Nat
(Inverness, Florida USA)

I bought the Haier HLP23E Portable Washer about 9 months ago. I needed something because my job requires lots of traveling and clean clothing all the time. It is only about five pounds, making it the perfect travel companion because you can take it everywhere with you.

It can fit in condos, cars, dorms, and motor homes. It’s perfect for those going away to college to live in the dorms. That way you can do your own laundry. It needs to be hooked up to a faucet, but it’s pretty easy. It signals when the end of the cycle is so that you can start your next load.

The great thing about this machine is that it is very quiet. I would recommend it to anyone who hates the Laundromat and is sick of dragging their bag of clothes out of the house just to wash them. This devise should have been out long ago. It’s so great for a condo or apartment. There are a few minor problems. The manuals are a bit difficult to understand. The hoses are really too short. You can easily extend it by going to a hardware store.

It washes great. The wash basket is smaller but it is much lighter than other models. This sure beats washing things in a hotel sink. Also it gets my clothes much cleaner. Now all I need is a light-weight portable dryer. This stows away conveniently and is great for a small apartment that doesn’t have a washer.

It softly cleans your clothes and does no damage. It also lets you set required water level and lets you pick the wash setting so that it can accommodate for the fabric of your clothing. This really is so environmentally friendly. It shows you how much time is left which helps if you are in a hurry. I love it.

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Mar 18, 2009
Stands up to almost anything
by: Melinda

The Haier HLP23E is a fantastic portable washer. I have never had any problems with it whatsoever, and it keeps my clothes clean cycle after cycle! It can hold about five pounds of laundry. It has four water level settings based on the size of the load so you don't ever waste any water, and the advanced Helix water flow technology gets clothes cleaner than ever before.

Once started, the washer has an automatic lock to prevent it from being opened during the cycle. It also displays an estimated time remaining for the current cycle, which is extremely helpful for gauging how long I have to cook dinner or take a walk. I don't have to sit around and wonder when my wash will be done anymore. The washer is extremely durable - I have three kids and they throw stuff at it and hit it with things constantly. It stands up to almost anything, and boy, can it wash a load of clothes!

The washer is fairly quiet while running. I can close the door to my bedroom and it is nearly inaudible. I was not expecting this; our last washer could be heard outside of the house! This washer only uses 350 KwH per year. This washer has saved us a ton of money on both our electric and water bills, thanks to its energy efficiency and its water level control that I spoke of earlier.

Overall, this washer has been nothing but a gift from God for our family. It keeps our clothes clean (even my husband's, who works in the construction industry), and it keeps my kids clothes clean. Both of my boys play baseball, and this can get quite dirty! I highly recommend this washer to everyone I meet who is looking for a new washer. Great job, Haier!!

Mar 03, 2009
Efficient and easy
by: Jayoti

The feature of this machine is that it can hold up to 5lbs and has 1.5 cu Ft. tub size. I like products of Haier because of their good performance, low maintainence and quality product. It is small, compact, easy to handle.

Moreover it consumes less power as compared to other products. And it cleans and removes almost all types of strains. You don't have to use your hands for rubbing clothes to remove sticky strains.The cost of this product ranges from $251-$289. If you compare the price with that of the service if offers then certainly you will find that that the price is reasonable enough.

Moreover it has additional option of removing strains by gentle washing. Unlike other machines it does not damage our clothes and you can wash your clothes by using the option of gentle washing. Since this machine can take 5lbs of weight, it makes it perfect size for apartments, dorms, motor homes and condos.

Not only this but it also features 4 water levels and 3 different wash cycle-heavy, normal and quick.The quick connect sink adapter makes it easy to hook up to any faucet.Also the end of wash cycle signal alerts you when the washing cycle is complete.

Other features of this Hand Washer include automatic power off function with LED display, spraying water flow, gentle washing without twist and 10 minute wash cycle.
Here are the few features of this machine:
# Height: 34-23/32"
# Width: 21-1/8"
# Depth: 19-11/16"

I have been using this machine for the last one year and its really good and efficient portable washer that i have found. It's service makes my work easier and simpler and saves a lot of time. Only thing i have to do is to put clothes and water and detergent, and then do something else without any tension.

The additional quality of this machine is that it is eco friendly and make the use of this machine environment friendly.Next time while buying any portable washer do consider Haier products if you want compact and efficient service.

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