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Haier HLP21E

Haier HLP21E Synopsis

One of the neatest gadgets and made especially for small areas is the Haier HLP21E 6.6lb Pulsating Washer.

This small washer is especially right for the small apartment, or place that has no washer connection. You see this washer uses the faucet, and can be placed anywhere, it’s so small. You can easily keep it in your kitchen, your bathroom, or anywhere that you have a spare faucet.

This is a great machine, even if you have a regular washing machine, because you can use it for all your delicates, and don’t have to wash those by hand anymore. Yuuuck!

It makes my head hurt just to think about washing by hand. Thanks to the Haier, I can wash all of my underwear, those hard to wash hose, and my delicate blouses, in no time flat, and I don’t have to dry my hands out to do it either. I save a fortune on cleaning bills and get it all done quickly

Final Thought

All in all, if you need a small washing machine either because you live in a very small space, or just because you don’t want to waste water by running the large machine all the time.

You might want to use the Haier for all of your delicates and keep those large machines from eating up your clothes.

Whatever the reason for using the Haier HLP21E 6.6lb Pulsator Washer, this machine is not as fragile as it might appear.

It is small, but it’s a tough “little un” and is recommended by many different people from many different walks of life.

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Dec 12, 2010
Hight RecomendedA+++++++
by: Angel Perez

I joust have this washer and is very good for his capacity. I woondering if some body know if this machine have any filter other than the water hose filter. If so let me know, anglprz029@aol.com Other than that yhis machine works perfect. I recomend this machine if you guys dont overload the machine go a woork perfect.Good look. Dont forget reply me Thank You.Angel

Nov 22, 2010
by: Anonymous


Nov 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

I purchased this machine last december. It washes well,but recently it would not drain the water and it began to smoke. I am trying to get intouch with the manufacturer in regards to repairing it. I had not complaints until now. This machine washes very well.I hope I can get it repaired I really love this machine.

Mar 22, 2010
I like my haier portable machine and I have a question about an issu
by: Anonymous

I have a HAIER portable machine wich I am verry happy with. The only thing is that my machine does not start the washing cycle since a week nowe.
Ihad to stop the spinning cycle because I was in ruch since that a probleme acurse. I hope that one of the reader can help me with an idea because I feel bad without my machine.
Thank you.

Dec 29, 2009
Great Little Washer
by: Howard G./Brooklyn, NY

I have read all of the previous reviews, so I can't possibly add anymore positive comments.
But I can add a suggestion. I made a loop from hanger wire which I attached to my shower door towel bar so that I can attach the drain hose hook & have the water drain directly into the bath tub. I don't have to worry about overflow in my small bathroom sink, & the drain hose is pretty stable & won't pop out & cause a flood. I made sure the drain hose is the proper height from the floor as suggested in the owner's manual to prevent back-flow.
I also purchased a dollie for easy mobility, but I see that Haier has a newer & updated model, HLP21N, that comes with casters.
Great job Haier!!
Howard G.

Mar 31, 2009
only downside max 5-6 garments at a time
by: Amit

I bought this washer when I rented my own place in Jersey City. I didn't feel like going out every week to wash my clothes. I probably even saved money this way.Anyway, I got the Haier portable washer at around $250 from J&R.
Basically you just plug this thing into the outlet and then attach a hose from your sink to it.

They give you an adapter and hooks so your hose is neatly attached to the wall. It fit in my bathroom so that was a relief, I didn't want this thing in my kitchen.

Basically, after the first two times using it I realized that I had not installed this correctly. I guess I needed to use Teflon tape to make sure the connections were water proof. So I ended up with damp walls, because the water squirted out of the connection.

I've had frequent spills with this washer which I hate. There are three water levels, and it seems like my clothes never get clean with the lowest setting, so I'm forced to use the highest.

Other than that the Washer works quite well actually. My clothes came out clean. The whites stay white and the rest of my clothes are clean. The only downside with this washer is that you can only do a max of 5-6 garments at a time. I wish I could clean more, but I guess it wouldn't be portable then. :)

Mar 31, 2009
don't overload this machine
by: Richard

If you've ever lived in an apartment that does not have a washer, you know what an inconvenience it can be to have to haul all of your dirty clothes to the nearest laundromat. It seems that when you're younger, you don't care so much. And you might even meet some new friends down at the local sit 'n' spin. However, when you reach middle age, the fun goes out of all that and this is what I realized last year. That's when I decided I wanted to get one of those portable washing machines.

This machine cost just a little over $200 which is quite reasonable. You have to have just enough space so it will fit in your kitchen. The machine cleans well as long as you don't fill it up too high.

If you put too many clothes in it, it can even overflow. You have to be careful not to stuff clothes into it.

Just toss them lightly in, and when your pile reaches the top - STOP. There is an adjustment where you can skip a rinse cycle - I find this is useful if the machine becomes unbalanced and starts to shake. It is not too noisy either, so the neighbors should not bug you!

Overall, I am very pleased with my portable washing machine.

Mar 31, 2009
Perfect for apartment life
by: Anonymous

This washing machine was so-so. For the price and the convenience, it was worth the money, but I had some issues with it. My husband and I purchased it for our apartment that didn't have washer and dryer hookups.

I saved us trips to the laundromat, that's for sure, but it became unbalanced very easily. It seemed no matter how carefully I loaded this washer, the load would become unbalanced and the cycle would stop.

It was also very noisy to operate, so instead of using the kitchen sink to connect to, we ended up moving it into the bathroom where we could shut the door and not have as much racket from the washing machine.

It also overflowed a few times, making quite a mess to clean up. When it did work, it worked fairly well.

The clothes came out clean, and the spin cycle did a fantastic job of extracting a lot of water from the clothes, so I didn't need to use a dryer for my laundry very often. Most times I could hand the clothes to dry and they would be completely dry in a few hours time.

For the money, it was worth it. We purchased it for around $200 four years ago, and only used it for about a year when we upgraded to a home and purchased a full-size washer/dryer for our home.

It was perfect for the apartment life, however, and I would recommend this little washing machine to a small family who wants to avoid running to the laundromat weekly.

If you do a lot of laundry, or have the capacity for a full-size washer and dryer, I wouldn't bother with this little washing machine.

It is also very compact, so it stores easily, though most often we just left it in the bathroom to avoid the hassle of stowing it away and pulling it out every three days.

Mar 31, 2009
small and good value
by: Hiedi

I have a washing machine that I recently purchased. It is a Haier HLP21E 6.6-Lb Pulsator Washer with Stainless Steel Tub. I bought it from Home Depot, and the store delivered it to me for free. It cost $199.

With this washer, you need to install it first. It’s hard if you don’t know what your doing. You need to read the directions carefully, and not all the parts fit together perfectly or very easily. It took me several tries to get it right.

It is great for a tiny apartment or a dorm room. It’s about 2 cubic feet big, and holds about 6 pounds of laundry. It connects to a normal kitchen sink and comes with a kitchen sink adapter that is really easy to use once you get the hang of it. This unit has wash cycles for normal, whites, delicate, heavy, and soak. I don’t need a white or heavy cycle, and rarely use soak. I use normal 99% of the time.

During my first couple of attempts at a load of laundry, I made a puddle of water on my kitchen floor. Two main, big reasons-I had not tightened the water supply hose enough. The second time couple of times I make the mistake of over loading the washer, causing spillage. With this washing machine, it is really, really easy to overload the machine. When the first spin cycle started, the water came out. I now put in only half the amount of clothes I think it can hold, and I no longer have that problem.

What is the capacity of this washing machine? One “large” load:

2-3 bath towels
1 large bath towel and 5 or 6 washcloths/dish rags
2 sweatshirts and 1 pair of sweats
2 pears of sweats and 1 sweatshirt
4 long-sleeved shirts
4-5 short sleeved cotton shirts
8-10 pairs of panties/underwear and no more than 2 bras.

I DO NOT recommend leaving this machine unattended. Even under the best, most ideal circumstances, it still can overflow. Sometimes, I think I have the hose hooked up properly (this is after several uses over the course of the 4-5 months I’ve owned it) that it comes loose and leaks.

I do recommend this machine if you are tight on space and money.

Mar 11, 2009
Don't overload - the spin cycle can't handle it
by: Anonymous

I have a Haier HLP21E Portable 6-3/5-Pound 1-1/5-Cubic-Foot Compact Pulsator Washing Machine with Stainless-Steel Tub and it has worked great for me for a year (so far) of heavy use. I use it to wash my daughter's cloth diapers and am doing 8-9 loads per week. I can easily do a cold rinse, a hot wash, and two cold rinses with the available settings.

You do have to be really careful not to overload the machine with two many big items, because the spin cycle can't handle it. So if you're doing blue jeans or prefold diapers, put in fewer items. Also, when washing cloth diapers you definitely want to rinse off the big chunks of poop.

The drainage hose needs to be hooked securely into place because the movement of the machine when it is on casters can cause it to shift loose. Then you end up with water all over your floor when it drains—and it’s a lot of water. So make sure that you have the right kind of sink.

The machine has a small footprint and fits easily into a corner of my apartment kitchen. If I had room to dry everything I’d wash all my clothes in it, because it’s just so easy to use. The only downside is that it’s hooked into my kitchen sink, but I guess that’s a good thing because I have to wash my dishes to use the washer, so it keeps my kitchen cleaner.

It has a good alarm system, shutting off of there’s an overload, and not running if the top is open. It takes about an hour to do a regular cycle. The heavy cycle doesn’t work for me—it just sits there and doesn’t agitate. Light is good for my prerinse.

This is not the perfect washer, but it’s a great apartment solution for cloth diapers.

Mar 11, 2009
Really cheap and good quality
by: maulikshah

Why I choose Haier HLP21E 6.6?

Basically, I am from India, and I am very choosy man for right products. My Life is so fast and my family is so small. Me, my wife and one son, that's all. Last year, I have decided to give some special gift to my wife, and one my office person has suggested me about Haier HLP21E Portable Washing Machine. The product of the Chinese company Haier so it obviously budget friendly. It is really cheap and good quality. I have bought it from Amazon and at very much great discount.

Awesome Washer

My wife is so busy in her life, because she also job. She has to take care of our and also her office. But after Haier HLP21E washing machine, her life made easy. She has no need to wake up early in the morning. Because Almost all of her time waste in washing, but now Our Haier HLP21E has taken care of it, so all tensions are gone. She said me you have given me awesome washing machine.


The machine with Stainless Steel Tub. The tub is around 2 cubic foot.
Wash Setting Controls, Water Levels are same as normal washing machines.
Size : 17-1/4 by 17-19/32 by 29-29/32 inches
Warranty: 1 Year
Weight: 43-45 pounds

Love it:

I and my wife love this machine because it is best fit in our small apartment. We are fully satisfied with our Haier HLP21E. We rate this machine 9/10.

Mar 03, 2009
Don't overload this machine
by: Anonymous

I live in a 5 floor walk up apartment and have lugged my laundry up and down those stairs for months. I had been either going to laundromats and feeding those machines quarter after quarter or dropping my laundry off and paying a nice chunk of change to have my laundry done by the pound.

After using a machine at a laundromat that must have been just previously used to dye clothing, I had a ruined load of expensive clothing that was now all purple. That was the straw that broke the camels back. Finally I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a portable washer.

I bought the Haier HLP21E Pulsator Wash I am very glad that I did. This machine is not going to do triple loads like the laundromats do, however as long as I don’t let the laundry pile up I can get by quite nicely.

You have to make sure all the connections are on tight and I do mean tight or you will be mopping up your floor. I purchased a new connector, (well actually my boyfriend did) after a few leaks and I have not had this problem again.

The washing machine easily plugs into a three-pronged outlet once you have it in place (it can be a bit of a struggle moving this portable machine). Just attach the hose into a sink and put the drainage hose over the side of the sink and you are ready to go! There is a lint trap on the Haier that never ceases to amaze me with how much junk it traps.

You must make sure that you do not overload this machine or you will be spending the evening rebalancing your machine. But again once you get the hang of how and what to load in combination into the machine you don’t have the problem anymore

This machine has saved my hundreds of dollars and I no longer have to spend hours at laundromats using machines that were used for lord knows what. I cannot believe I waited so long to buy this portable washer, and I would recommend it to anybody.

Feb 21, 2009
Perfect for small households
by: John Thornton

I recently purchased a Haier Portable Compact washing machine to use in my guest house, which is just far enough away from the main laundry room, that I needed another solution for my guests. The Haier has several qualities which make it an excellent choice for a small load, low use situation. The unit is well designed, it is well priced and the capabilities, while limited compared to the big boys, are enough for 90 percent of what washing machines do.

First lets talk about the design. The Haier HLP21E is designed well in my opinion. The outer case is sturdy, with very few corners or sharp edges to snag on. The hook up to the sink faucet is very easy and does not take very long. It has a hose that quick connects to your sink, and then another return hose that shoots the used water into your sink drain. Very easy to figure out. The washer is quite compact as well and fits easily in my guest room closet when not in use.

The price was right for me on this one. I caught it on sale for just over two hundred dollars and I see it is still available for around twenty or thirty more at many places online. For the price I paid for it, I have already gotten enough use out of it to be worth it to me. I am still very happy with the price performance ratio that I have gotten out of this machine.

The capabilities of the machine are pretty straight forward. You can select from three wash cycles and three water levels. I almost never use the two smallest water levels, because the machine is so small to begin with that the lowest water level is barely enough for a shirt. Other than that, the machine is easy to use and relatively quiet. It can be a little boomy sometimes when you are not doing anything else in the house, like watching TV or listening to music.

Overall, I have to recommend the Haier portable washing machine, model HLP21E to those that need a small, capable machine that can be used to keep a small amount of clothes clean. Perfect for small households, or people that just don't need laundry done at home that often.

Feb 21, 2009
Great little package
by: Kristi G.

This little washer is perfect for anyone. It is easily moved and stored. It can actually be stored under a counter or in a closet(wide closet). It is perfect for shops, mobile homes, apartments, motor homes, and trailers. We purchased our washer for my husband to use in his shop for towels and such.

We slowly began taking it in our motor home on vacation, down to our fishing cabin, and even in our horse trailer for those those month long rides. It's perfect and easily transported. My husband can pick it up, but I have to push it up a ramp to get it loaded. The wheels on the bottom are sturdy and reliable for those hard areas. The worst thing about it was initially learning to set it up and use it.

The directions that came with it are terrible. The are very confusing and not very useful, but my husband managed after about an hour of installation. Beware though, this is not an everyday washer. It's extremely small. It can wash three to four pairs of pants at time and no more. Shirts can be done up to seven at a time as long as they are not thick. Overall its a handy little washing machine that you can take anywhere.

It doesn't take a lot of space, and after practicing a few times the hook up is very simple. You hook it up to the sink and it does the job. For such a small machine, it actually cleans very well. I was impressed with its cleaning ability. It doesn't take much power to run.

When we are in areas where there is no power, we use our generator to run it. There are only three cycles to use on the machine, but they work really well. For the price, portability, and cleaning capability this is a great machine. It provides a great service in a little package that anyone could use.

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