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Haier GWT950AW Top Load Washer 9 Cycles 4.0 cu ft

The Haier GWT950AW Top Load Washer effectively combines energy efficiency, as evident with the appliance being Energy Star compliant, and competent cleaning. This washing machine is also able to thoroughly wash clothes without distorting the shapes and ruining fabrics. With its numerous wash cycle options, soil levels and other means of customization, this unit deals with your specific laundry problems head on.

Interior Features
  • The HAIER GWT950AW Top Load Washer is Energy Star compliant, assuring its energy-efficiency during operation.
  • The washing machine from HAIER offers 9 preset wash cycles, including a custom cycle.
  • It is capable of setting the water into any of 10 different levels.
  • The washer makes use of a dual drive wash system.
  • It spins at a maximum of 1000 rpm.
  • It has four soil level options so that it can be customized according to how dirty the laundry is for each particular load.
  • The machine has extended spin capability.
  • The cycle’s start can be delayed for hours. So, you can set the time it will wash your garments.
  • The washing machine has 4 preset temperatures to choose from.

    Exterior Features

  • This HAIER washing machine makes of user-friendly, electronic controls.
  • It includes dispenser for bleach and fabric softener.
  • The machine has a safety control lockout to prevent the door from opening mid-cycle.
  • The tub is 4.0 cubic feet big and made of stainless steel.
  • The overall color is white.
  • The inlets for warm
    water and cold water are separate.
  • The tub can accommodate up to 10 kilos of laundry at a time.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 27 inches
    Height: 43 5/8 inches
    Width: 27 inches
    Weight: 183 pounds
    Total volume: 4.0 cu. ft.


    The washing machine model is designed to save on energy consumption. The Energy Star mark makes this clear. It offers many wash cycle options and other means of load customization. It has a large capacity so each load makes way for more pieces of laundry. Customization helps in saving energy, providing the user choices in terms of water level and soil level. Only the dirtiest and heaviest loads will be consuming more energy. The machine is able to effectively remove dirt without ruining the garments. The tub is made of stainless steel to make it rust-resistant and durable. The washing machine is capable of performing both gentle and tough cycles. It makes use of safety features, such as the lock. This will prevent water from gushing out and from children easily opening the door.


    The washing machine is available in plain, white color. The color is, however, suitable for most households.


  • Energy Star compliant
  • full of customizable options
  • easy to use
  • with modern, electronic controls
  • stainless steel tub designed for longevity
  • child-friendly because of safety lock
  • high capacity tub
  • relatively lightweight machine


  • plain white color

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