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Haier 6.6 lb portable

by EJ
(Brooklyn, NY)

I consistently refer to this washing machine as the love of my life. Seriously, though, it’s made a huge difference for me since I live in a tiny New York City apartment. I’ve had this for about nine months now and haven’t had any problems (knock on wood).

Since my apartment doesn’t have washer hookups, it’s so easy for me to hook the Haier up to my sink and wash a couple loads of laundry. I can fit about half of a normal washing machine load in the drum. I typically use the “quick wash” option – about 20 minutes.

The only complaint I have about the Haier is that it doesn’t have wheels. I attached some IKEA casters to a plank of wood and now I can move it around my apartment easily (New York City = no storage space). I can wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone in the same situation as me.

The machine is really quiet and efficient. Hook it up and let it do its business – it beeps to tell you it’s finished. Haven’t had any problems with the mechanics at all. I figure the Haier has already paid for itself, considering a load of laundry in my building is $3.50!!

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