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Godrej - 5 K.G. Semi Auto washing machine

I have been using this washing machine for the past 8 years. The washing machine has got two chambers- one is the ‘Wash Tub’ and the other is ‘Spin Shower’.

The water level is manually adjusted depending on the wash load. The detergent is then added followed by the clothes. There is also a wash selector for selecting the type of washing- Gentle, Normal and strong. Then the wash time is selected by turning the wash timer clockwise.

A buzzer indicates the completion of wash cycle. The water is drained by choosing the ‘Drain’ option. This is done for basic washing of clothes.

For the drying purpose, there is ‘Spin Shower’ adjacent to the ‘Wash tub’ chamber. The clothes from Wash tub are transferred to Spin Tub after the wash cycle is complete.

A Spin Cap provided along with the machine is then pushed inside the Spin Tub. This is basically a safety tool. The water supply selector knob is shifted to ‘Spin Tub’ and water is allowed to flow for a minute.

After turning off the water supply, the lid is closed and Spin timer knob is turned clockwise to choose the time of Spin cycle. The clothes are then rinsed by washing the clothes in plain water in the ‘Wash Tub’ followed by a spin cycle.

The machine worked fine for the first few years. However, there have been consistent problems in it for the past 1-2 years. The maintenance cost is becoming a lot these days.

Moreover, the gear box has to be repaired almost every other month. The machine also has got an annoying noise at times which is another drawback. But, the parts of the machine are easily available and the company is quick in repairmen work which is a good thing about the product. Also, it’s cheaper than many other washing machines in the market and fits the budget of a normal household.

Rating- 3.5/5

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