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General Electric WHRE5550KWW 23 Cycle Washer (White) 4.1 Cu. Ft.

The WHRE5550KnnnWW offers heavy duty performance for larger loads with practical energy efficiency that will help you save a lot on power and water bills. It comes with a load of useful features in a stylish white finish.

Interior Features
  • The WHRE5550KWW boasts of 23 cycles for optimum performance in washing customization. There's the Delicate cycle for thin fabrics and the Permanent Press cycle as two of the most specific cycles in the unit.
  • The Second Rinse option removes the last traces of detergent or soap residue for a clean laundry smell.
  • Bleach is disposed automatically with the bleach dispenser inside the tub.
  • Fabric softener is also included inside the tank and eliminates the need to keep on pouring softener during every wash.
  • The noise reduction feature keeps the unit humming quietly while you use it.
  • Single Action agitator cleans clothes efficiently without causing damage to the fabric.
  • The WHRE5550KWW comes with a stainless steel drum that resists rust and is stronger compared to other washers with porcelain or plastic inner tubs. The stainless steel tub in this unit lowers the sound and can withstand more cycles compared to other brands of washers.
  • The Hydrowave system replaces most of the role of the agitator when it comes to giving clothes a good spin.

    Exterior Features

  • Control panel is located at the rear.
  • You can set programs and controls with the control knob.
  • The unit comes in a spotless white finish.

    Dimension Specifications

  • Depth: 25-7/8 inches
  • Height: 42-4/9 inches
  • Width: 26-7/8 inches
  • Total volume: 4.1 cu. ft.


    The unit is one of the
    most water efficient in GE's lineup of washers. It works quietly but quickly and is very energy efficient. When it comes to loads this unit is at the top, with a capability to carry larger loads at a time, saving you on water and power. Another advantage is that the unit has the ability to dry clothes better than any other machine, and it is not even a dryer.


    One of the main boons to this product is the absence of the Pre-Wash dispenser and the lack of the permanent press cycle. The unit is also not stackable which may be a problem for those with very little room in the laundry area. A lack of the main features that make larger washers so convenient is another drawback. Lack of delayed start and stack-ability features is something that draws customers away from this product. The Hydrowave system is also not that very effective when it comes to getting the dirt off the clothes.


  • cleans well
  • power saver
  • elegant and clean finish
  • very quiet, even when running at full spin cycle
  • gets the clothes dry after every cycle
  • Super capacity at 4.1 cu. ft. is really big by industry standards and provides for quicker washing times and less frequent loading and unloading

  • Cons

  • no reversible door hinge, which would have made loading and unloading very convenient
  • no permanent press cycle
  • No delayed start
  • Only accepts loads that go no higher than half of the tub.
  • Instruction manual a bit skimpy on information, not helpful at all.

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