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General Electric lightweight iron

by Kwamena Entsuah

The general electric lightweight iron was a good buy initially. I thought it was useful how the steam functions operate on the machine. They make it easy to be able to iron dress shirts or suit pants. What is disappointing about the product is that it collects dirt on the iron easily which leads to it developing that burn mark on the front from ironing clothing.

Once that mark was developed however it was not as bad as previous irons I have had. Which impress that stain on everything. With some steel wool the stain can be scrubbed out. But that also scratches the iron which leads to more problems with ironing. The cord is long enough to move around while ironing. I like the way the pouring section for the water is setup as well it does not allow the water to leak out while you iron. As other products typically do. The steam feature is good as well it steams well.

The light works too it does not go out when it is on. An improvement although I think would be some type of battery operated light that stays on while the iron is still hot so you can see that it is still on and not burn yourself. The lightweight feature is nice as well it allows one to move it at ease with no difficulties. The shape of the iron works too it lets me get around the collars and into corners that I usually cannot get to as easily with the other irons.

The lightweight features helps in that it makes it easier to maneuver around. With starch it works well too. It does not make shirts into cardboard because the heating setting does not go insanely high. It adjusts correctly. However not all items can be ironed on high heat so a steamer would work as well as a compliment to the iron.

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