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GE WPGT9360EWW Top Load Washer 4.0 Cu. Ft. Washer

The WPGT9360EWW is a 4.0 cu.ft. washer that is favored by most users for its large capacity and ease to use. It is another GE offering that is suitable for the typical family and comes with an intuitive set of features that give you the most quality for your money.

Interior Features
  • The WPGT9360EWW comes with the hydroheater that usesa high temperature to reduce the amount of bacteria in the load and for the easy removal of stains.
  • The unit is Energy Star qualified which means that you get a lot of savings with this unit compared to other units when it comes to power and water. Add to that the Eco options and you get a very energy efficient washing machine.
  • The WPGT9360EWW comes with a HydroWash system with Infursor which clean clothes without agitating the load harshly. This makes it perfect for washing clothes with delicate fabrics.
  • The WPGT9360EWW sports the Flow Through dispensing system that releases the solutions at the appropriate time.
  • The unit comes wiith the stain inspector system, which is designed to remove up to 80 kinds of stains
  • The WPGT9360EWW sports multiple wash/spin speeds and a hand wash cycle. The former matches machine action to the type of the fabric in the load for better clothes care. The latter provides even more options for you to care for your delicate fabrics.
  • The WPGT9360EWW sports a delay start option. This is perfect if you want to leave the laundry for a while to do other chores and return to it when the load is done.
  • You have the option of choosing the kinds of signal you want with the variable end of cycle signal. You can adjust the volume for
    added flexibility.
  • The unit features a stainless steel water basket that has a large 4.0 cu. ft. capacity for washing larger loads.
  • The direct drive motor washes clothes according to the best speeds for optimal fabric care.

    Exterior Features

  • One of its most noticeable features is the HydroView glass lid that allows you to look at the contents of the washer without popping the lid open or stopping the cycle.
  • The unit comes with an LCD touch screen with an English and Spanish option. Status indicators are also visible on the display as well as the cycle countdown.
  • The classic white color finish gives the unit a clean and elegant look.

    Dimension Specifications
    Depth: 28 1/4
    Height: 43 inches
    Width: 27 inches
    Total volume: 4.0 cu. ft.


    One of the main advantages with the WPGT9360EWW is the clear door which allows you to view the inside without having to open the lid or stop the cycle. The LCD is attractive and responsive and it allows you to customize your settings according to your prefference. The washer is very efficient, cleaning thoroughly without using too much water.


    One of the disadvantages of this washer is that you need to use special GE detergent to prevent over sudding. The machine also does not drain too well, leaving a puddle of water in the tub after every wash. Some users also complain about the unit's washing ability, which often leaves clothes dry and wrinkled but still dirty.


  • clear door
  • Energy and water efficient
  • can wash large loads at one time


  • needs special GE detergent to prevent over sudding
  • does not wash well
  • clothes come out very wrinkled

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