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GE WJRR4170E4WW top load washer

Compact, stylish, and efficient. These are just a few of the words that satisfied users say when asked about their impressions on the GE WJRR4170.

This washer is just one of the many models that renowned appliance-maker GE has in its impressive laundry line that are fast disappearing from appliance stores and even online retailers.
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Product Overview

What users would be happy to find out about the GE WJRR4170 is that, despite its compact body, it's able to process moderate loads of laundry in one go. Although smaller than its 4.0 contemporaries, this 3.5 cu. ft. capacity washer holds in even more features.


The GE WJRR4170 is a washer classified as having a king-sized capacity, meaning it can take on moderate to large loads. You won't have trouble fitting in a comforter or a couple of drapes through its wide toploading opening and into the stainless steel wash basket inside the tub.


This washer can be easily operated by turning the rotary-electromechanical knobs in its dashboard to set the cycles needed to take care of the load. There are four speed wash and spin speed combinations to choose from as well as four washing and rinsing water temperature selections. This washer uses heated water for washing in order to kill germs and bacteria as well as loosen stubborn stains and dirt from your clothes. The laundry is then treated to a cold rinse in order to preserve the quality and color of the fabric. This not only saves you time but also money, as water and detergent costs are significantly reduced. Bleach and fabric dispenser are also evenly distributed throughout the load thanks to the automatic dispensers.

GentlePower agitator

Users are given the freedom to handle their laundry the way they want to without getting their hands wet by using any of the seventeen cycles found in the GE WJRR4170 washer. Though agitators of other washer brands are known to twist and tangle clothes and other fabrics during washing, the GE WJRR4170 doesn't. With the GentlePower agitator, clothes are softly tumbled through each cycle.

Stains and dirt are washed off effectively without being damaged or twisted into a tangled pile. Thanks to the HydroWave™ wash system, the laundry gently and slowly moves through the water in the tub, allowing for more effective removal of dirt without damaging the fibers.

Cycles and Settings

The GE WJRR4170 washer lets you handle your laundry the way you want to with its variety of washing cycles. For fabric items that are cotton-based, the Cottons Cycle with Regular, Regular Extra Light Soil, Regular Heavy Soil, Regular Light Soil, and Regular Medium Soil options will make sure that you get your
laundry clean and fresh after running it through this washer no matter the degree of stains or dirt. For tougher stains, this washer can also be set for Auto Soak from 15 to 30 minutes. If a certain load requires the care and the thoroughness of your hands, you can still get them washed without even getting your hands wet by choosing the Delicates Cycle with Light Soil option. Negligees, baby clothes, and other dainty and fragile fabric pieces get that thorough and extra-gentle cleaning through the GE WJRR4170 without getting damaged.

If you don't have the luxury of time to do your laundry or when you just need to have a clean set of clothes on those harried days, this washer can be your best friend. With the Easy Care Cycle with Extra Light Soil, Heavy Soil, Light Soil, and Medium Soil options, clothes are washed in a fraction of the time it usually takes on normal cycles. Despite the rushed washing time, clothes and other fabrics come out clean, fresh and sanitized as ever.

If you want to make sure that no detergent particles are left behind, you can opt for a second rinse. The GE WJRR4170's pre-wash and second-rinse options make for a machine that produces the most hygienic and sanitized laundry, perfect for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Another plus factor is the spin only option, which allows users to wring out moisture from a garment without having to go through the whole washing and rinsing process, perfect for clothes of visitors who got drenched in unexpected downpour.

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Many users swear by the GE WJRR4170 as it is really a very economical and efficient washer. It's compact and easy to install in almost any nook or cranny in the house, yet it can take on moderate to large loads of laundry in one go. Instructions are conveniently placed in the washer, which can be easily understood and read as well.

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Despite the water, energy, and detergent savings, the WJRR4170 isn't Energy Star certified. Also, there have been reports that like most GE washers, this machine also creaks and vibrates excessively when extremely heavy loads are processed in one cycle.

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Final Thought

If you want value and efficiency for your money, then this washer is definitely the one for you or your family. However, for people who want to save on their utility bills, one thing they should keep in mind is that this washer isn't Energy Star certified.

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* efficient

* affordable

* compact

* creaks or produces excessive noise

* vibrates when loaded with heavy laundry

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Comments for GE WJRR4170E4WW top load washer

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Oct 04, 2013
done with mine too!
by: Anonymous

3 years old and have already replaced the motor and basket suspension rods. Now the timer does not always advance and a load will run for hours if not manually advanced. Piece of junk!

Dec 29, 2012
Random leaking FIXED!
by: Anonymous

For all of you with the leak problem, use a credit card and pop off the front panel. On the left hand side, there is a small plastic tube that runs from the left side of the tub back. Disconnect the tube and clean it out (a thick wire will do the trick). This tube used as a water level sensor. When it becomes grungy, it will not read your water level correct. My washer started leaking within the first year. I still get random overflows, but have learned to just keep this hose clean and they will be prevented.

Thinks I like: HOT water used, mechanical instead of digital, holds very large loads.
Dislikes: Leaks, and now it is throwing a belt (probably from all the large loads!).

Jul 30, 2012
Served us very well
by: Satisfied customer

Takes on large loads and I don't see any problems with the utility bills either. We are a family of 3 and do plenty of laundry. We've had this washing machine for close to 6 years and have never had a problem with it. My mothers new front load (2 yrs old) has had 2 major repairs to it's computer board. Won't have those problems with this unit. It does get off balanced once in a great while and vibrates a little, but I just adjust my load and its no big deal.

Jun 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

The machine gets clothes VERY clean. I love all the cycle options (especially the prewash option) and automatic dispensers. Mine is in the basement, so I do not notice any noise.

Feb 20, 2011
Leaks at random
by: Ted

I've had this machine for about two years and it has a mind of its own. Like the other comments I see on here, it leaks whenever it feels like it. It also drains and continues to run through endless cycles from time to time. I'm looking for a fix but may be better off buying a new machine. It has been a real lemon.

Nov 22, 2010
Total garbage
by: JS

I own this washer for three years. Very often overflows.Called technician twice.Couldn't find anything.Now I have to buy new washer. Total garbage.

Oct 12, 2010
done with it :(
by: Jodi M Luft

Nothing but trouble with this washer - leaks whenever it feels like it - usually just in the laundry room but last night it leaked onto the carpet - ran out of towels trying to dry the floor and had to turn a heater on while it was 66 degrees outside to try and dry the carpet. No help from GE as they had suggested maybe I was leaving the top open - Give me a break - leak is coming out the bottom. This washer is 2 years old and I am done with it.

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