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GE WJRE5500GWW top load washer

GE's WJRE550 is dubbed as one mean machine by some consumers. This is because, despite its compact and trim size, it has a good set of features that surely satisfies the needs of most people. Much of the buzz about this top-loading washer comes from its value for money.

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* efficient

* affordable

* cleans well

* has good set of features

* not Energy Star certified

* hums and vibrates when washing a full load

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Product Overview

At 3.5 cu. ft. capacity, the WJRE5500 washer is slightly smaller than its 4 cu. ft. contemporaries but can still take in heavy loads in just one cycle. Its capacity is described as king-sized, meaning, it can take on moderately heavy loads of clothes, drapes, or towels in one cycle. This washer is a top loader; the laundry is placed inside the stainless steel wash basket through the top opening. The lid lifts not only to allow the passage of the laundry but also to reveal clear and color printed instructions on how to operate the machine. The cycles are chosen using the rotary-electronic dials on the dashboard. Users can easily monitor the progress of their laundry with the cycle status lights and washer control feature LED.

GentlePower™ agitator

This washer also has features that allow water to be more effectively distributed. Bleach and fabric conditioner dispensers also evenly distribute these substances throughout the load. Another way for the WJRE5500 to take good care of different fabric pieces is through the GentlePower™ agitator. Unlike other machines that reduce the laundry to tangled and twisted piles of fabric, the agitator in the WJRE5500 works in a gentler way. Clothes are effectively laundered without becoming one twisted mess with damaged or stretched out fibers.

PerfecTemp™ system

Aside from effectively laundering clothes, the WJRE5500 also helps users save on water, energy, and detergent costs. This washer automatically adjusts to four water levels and four water temperatures depending on the weight of the load. With the PerfecTemp™ system, water is heated to remove germs and bacteria for a more sanitary wash. Heated water also does well in removing stubborn stains and dirt, making the GE WJRE5500 a suitable washer for those who want to cut back on detergent costs. Aside from heating up the water, washing and rinsing water is also cooled to preserve the quality and colors of the fabric.

Settings and Cycles

The GE WJRE5500 has five wash/spin speed combinations and 18 wash cycles to choose from. Cotton-based
garments are often washed using the Cottons cycle in regular extra heavy soil, regular heavy soil, regular light soil, and regular medium soil cycles. For fragile garments such as lace curtains, silk lingeries, and even baby clothes, the Delicates cycle cleans without damaging the precious fabric pieces. The Casuals cycle with pulsed heavy, light, and medium soil options can take care of even heavy denims in one wash. If pressed for time and need just a quick wash, the Easy Care cycle with heavy, light, and medium doil options can give clean and fresh duds in almost half the time it takes to do a regular wash.

This washer also does a tough job getting those suds out of the wash with its rinsing abilities. The Quick Rinse option also cuts the time needed to get clean and detergent-free laundry after the cycle. Excess moisture is zapped out of the clean wash with its drain and spin abilities.

Users who want their laundry to come out a bit dry, they should choose the extend spin option to wring out almost all traces of moisture. The GE WJRE5500 also has a Spin Only option that can be useful for drying, say, the wet clothes of a guest.

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Many users find the GE WJRE5500 a competent washer because of all the impressive features packed in its small frame. It also has an AutoBalance™ Suspension System that prevents excessive vibration during operation. Users find the packaged fill and drain hoses very convenient and easy to install.

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Though this washer helps owners save on water, electricity, and even detergent costs, it's not ENERGY STAR certified. Also, some users report annoying noises and vibrations if they put a full load in it.

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Final Thought

At approximately $520, the GE WJRE5500 is a very affordable washer considering the many impressive features that it has in its small frame. Its compact size makes it suitable for users who live in small spaces. This washer is also ideal for users who want to cut back on expenses for water, electricity, and even detergent, thanks to its superb cleaning capacities. However, as observed in most GE washers, there may be some quirks when doing a full load in it. But if you can bear having a little hum or twitch on a full load, then the GE WJRE5500 may be just the right kind of washer for you.

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Comments for GE WJRE5500GWW top load washer

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May 10, 2010
the quality stinks
by: Lila

We bought a GE washer and dryer in November 2008. We had a Maytag set before this set, and it had lasted for 20 years without one service call. Wanted something we didn't have problems with, boy were we wrong. The washer was 16 months old. The washer wouldn't agitate and spin so we called a service man.

The motor, transmission, everything was shot in the washer and it would cost over $500 to repair it, so we bought a Fisher Paykel washer. We still have the GE dryer, the serviceman said they were pretty dependable. With the new washer and service call, we spent another $713 on a washer. I think the quality stinks in a GE and I will never buy another GE appliance.

Apr 25, 2010
wow what a dud !!!!
by: Anonymous

Got this top loader washer after owning and loving a Maytag for 20 years.
I purchased a Frigidaire front loader. The thing did not work. They delivered another just like it, again did not work. Appliance Smart was great and substituted this GE top loader for me since I was already over getting a front loader (give me something familiar to my heart).
It was delivered and set up. The thing never would spin out the water! Hated it from the beginning! Wash took forever and was very noisy. Sorry, but these guys need a better design. Luckily, Appliance Smart took it back and replaced with a top loader Whirlpool that works beautifully!!! Why can't washers be as simple as they were 20 years ago?
Thank you Appliance Smart and Whirlpool

Dec 13, 2009
Doesn't do the job
by: Anonymous

General Electric WJRE5500GWW washing machine is an average and basic washing machine which is inexpensive but does not wash clothes very well. I have had this for one year and it is a great disappointment. It is top loader machine. One good thing about this machine is that it has a huge, 3.5 cu. Ft., washing tub made of stainless steel which means that you can fit in a lot of clothes. It also does not make much noise while working. Its HydroWave Wash System has 18 different speeds which ensure that each piece of clothing is washed according to its type and need. It also has an automatic loader balance. Its automatic temperature control provides four different water temperatures but at the same time disables the operator from controlling the water temperature. The washing machine will choose the temperature on its own even if you want it to be higher or lower. Thus you cannot use hot water even if you think you need to. Another bad thing about this machine is that it takes a lot of time to dry clothes. It is also not very energy efficient though comparable to most of the washing machines in similar price range. It fails to clean the clothes properly, especially when they have stains. The clothes often smell as if they have not been cleaned properly even after they have been washed. It is not a very good washing machine to buy.

Dec 05, 2009
It's a lemon
by: Sandi

I've had the same problems as the November 2009 poster. I've had it less than a year, a tech has come out, still the same problem. I will never buy GE again.

Nov 16, 2009
not working properly
by: Rich M.

I bought a new GE WJRE5500GWW toploader in July 2008. By Nov. 2008 they had changed the motor 2 times, and the electronic board 1 time. Still didin't work properly, but stopped making loud sqeeling noises. They came back 2 times and then replaced the machine. The machine does not spin out properly. We have to spin twice, then dry them longer.

They send the tech out, and he said the motor is bad, replaced it. Now this is the 2nd machine, and the 3rd motor(not counting the original motors), STILL SPINS OUT TERRIBLE!!! I will call GE on MOnday, and if they just don't get it out of my house, and give me a different model, and I will pay more if I have to.

I am going to paint it LEMON YELLOW and put it in the back of one of my pick-up trucks and park it outside the appliance store I bought it at, maybe that will finally get the job done.

Nov 03, 2009
Worst washing machine I have ever owned
by: Anonymous

This washer performed badly,but it worked until it was three weeks out of warranty. Then it stopped altogether. I contacted GE customer relations, and they said as a courtesy they would supply parts at no charge, but I would have to pay the labor. I agreed, and the serviceman found that the hub under the basket was disintegrating,and chunks were in the drain hose.He cleaned out the hose, replaced the basket and hub, and it resumed working, but even worse than before. It is not unusual to find soggy clothes after all the cycles are complete. we have tried very little detergent, and HE detergents, but nothing works consistently. The serviceman will be back again, but I doubt that he will have any success. I believe the washer is a very bad design, and has a totally inadequate rinse cycle.I have owned several washing machines over the years, and they have all been much better that the WJRE5500GWW.

May 24, 2009
slow spin cycle
by: Anonymous

It is a top-load washing machine. It has an automatic load balancer which makes it easy for me to. I do not have to worry about the load. Moreover, it saves my time. It makes my work a lot easier than any other washing machine. It has a high capacity so I can wash as many clothes at a time without much worry. I do not have to wait for it to complete one cycle to wash more clothes. It makes very less noise and that makes it very peaceful. It creates very less disturbance.

The only problem is that it has a slow spin cycle and take long time to wash clothes. It also has a longer drying time so I have to wait longer. But washes my clothes well, so I like it

May 24, 2009
Great settings
by: Deborah

Washing Machine GE with three Water Levels. I bought this washing machine a year ago. The features that drew me to this machine, were the GE history and ratings first off and then the price for what I was purchasing.

Featuring 4 wash cycles and 5 rinse cycles. The water cycle levels are low , medium, high making any laundry combination possible.

The water temps hold accurate to the settings, cold, warm and warm with a cold rinse cycle (this is all in one cycle for the warm setting) and hot.

The family friendly size stainless steel drum is enough to wash 6 bath size towels with ease and delicate enough for your lingerie.

What I liked most of all is you can go the wash time cycle with each level, from 10 minutes for delicates or lightly soiled clothes to 30 minutes for heavy soiled items.

The plastic agitator is a great so it doesn't snag your clothes or damage them and can put up with continues uses without replacement or repairs.

The side bleach dispenser is used to add bleach and mixed with water so no more bleach blotted clothing and you can use either powder bleach or liquid.

Being shorter in statue, I have found that the height of the washer is well proportioned and not difficult to remove the clothing when it has finished the cycles.

The rinse cycles are from three to five minutes in length or you can push the dial in to have them sit and rinse for a bit before you push the button in for a soaking rinse, this also can be done with the wash cycle if you have heavy soiled clothes.

The agitation is not rough on clothing, insuring that the items washed do not tangle, or damage the fabric of the clothing.

May 24, 2009
Not recommended
by: Anonymous

This washer stops for no reason, sometimes seconds after pushing the start button and sometimes midcycle. There is no extra rinse cycle, and not all of the cycles even work. The cleaning efficiency is so-so. I would not recommend this washer.

May 24, 2009
Settings are not user friendly
by: Carolyn

We did a lot of looking and researching before buying this washing machine. Our 18 year old washer had a dial that allowed you to start an extra rinse, gauge how much longer the wash cycle would last, and use the hottest water possible. We couldn't tell at the store that this washer won't do any of that.

What you can't tell until you get the washer home is the

1. You can't use the hottest water possible. The washer stops hot and adds cold intermittently during the fill cycle to get the temperature IT wants, not what YOU want.
Same with warm. Warm is tepid because the washer adds additional cold water to the warm.

2. Don't bother to try to start an extra rinse on the gentle cycle. The washer will start the whole wash all over again. The only rinse-only option has a strong spin, not gentle.

3. The dial doesn't move to show you where you are within a process such as wash or spin. If you go downstairs to put clothes in the dryer and the wash is still spinning, all you know is that it is spinning. It might have just started and you should go do something else while it finishes. Or it might be just ready to stop. You can't tell.

Feb 03, 2009
Not energy efficient
by: Anonymous

Good price, not too much noise, pack it with loads of clothes. Bad: Takes a long time for clothes to get done drying, Its not Energy efficient, and it cleans ok not the best but works so you will need to buy an good laundry detergent for example: Tide, Cheer, Gain, and All. Anyone one of these helps the clothes pretty good.

Feb 02, 2009
Thumbs up all round
by: HisWife

When my old washing machine broke down last year and I was in the market for a new one, I was so worried that the new washer would not hold up as well as my old Maytag. But this model sure has a thumbs up from me!

I do a lot of laundry ... I wash at least one dozen loads of clothes, towels, bedding and cleaning rags in my washing machine every week. And then I have to wash at least another dozen loads of "doggie bedding" every week, which is normally full of dog hair, dirt, blood, grass stains, vomit and yes of course sometimes other unmentionable doggie substances.

The dials and buttons are easy to push and turn, the lid is lightweight and not difficult to open or close, and the clean out is easy to access to get rid of the lint and hair that can clog like some of the other machines I've had.

I am pretty hard to please, not that I am picky, but I just hate doing jobs twice. I do not like pulling laundry out of the washer that is not really clean and fresh smelling. But with this washer, that rarely happens! And I can fit a lot of laundry in each load, even my king size comforter will fit in this washer.

I make my own Laundry Detergent, and I was worried that I would have the same negative experience as my sister did when she tried out the homemade laundry detergent in her machine. I shouldn't have worried, I could not be happier with it. The detergent dissolves completely in the washer, even in cold water.

I do not normally dry my clothes in the dryer as I am frugal, so I hang them dry. There is not a lot of excess water left in the clothes after being spun-dry in this washer.

I would go out and buy another model just like this if I was in the market for a second machine.

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