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GE WHRE550 top load washer

Joining the pack of compact top loaders in the market is the GE WHRE550. It's good to know that this washer is an arsenal of user-friendly features that are hidden in its small and space-efficient frame. For a price that almost spells bargain, the GE WHRE550H is one good buy consumers should at least consider.

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* energy-efficient

* affordable

* has many features

* cleans well

* hums

* vibrates excessively during heavy loads

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Product Overview

Other washers boast of having 4 cu. ft. capacity tubs but can only hold small loads. Despite having only a 3.5 cu. ft. capacity, the GE WHRE550H is able to accommodate heavy washing and process it in one run. This king-sized capacity washer accepts the load from the top with a lidded opening that can fit in large pieces of laundry such as towels, drapes, or blankets.

Key features

Once the laundry passes through the opening on top, the stainless steel wash basket keeps the laundry inside it to wash and spin it in cycles. Water doesn't spill on top of the laundry but is dispersed gently and more effectively using the RainShower™ System. Users can set the cycles and the schedules of their wash with the rotary electronic controls of the machine's dashboard. Washer control features are displayed with LED, while cycle status lights help monitor the progress of the wash even from afar.

The GE WHRE550H helps users save on water and detergent by automatically measuring out the water required for the load, depending on its weight and type. Aside from having four water levels to choose from, users can also rely on six preset water temperatures to use when washing clothes and other types of fabric. Stains and germs are eliminated without using too much water and detergent because of the heated water. Fabric colors and quality are also taken care of by using cold water to treat them.

PerfecTemp™ water temperature system

The PerfecTemp™ water temperature system automatically adjusts the temperature of the water based on the type of fabric and the severity of the stains on it. If extra stain-removing power is needed, bleach and fabric softeners are released evenly and thoroughly through the automatic dispenser. The prewash option gives the clothes an initial detergent-free bath to loosen dirt and get rid of germs as well.

GentlePower™ agitator

After setting the appropriate cycle, the GE WHRE550H's GentlePower™ agitator works its powers on the laundry to effectively remove dirt and stains without
causing damage to the fabric. Unlike other washers that leave clothes and fabric pieces twisted and tangled in the wash, the WHRE550H's agitator works very gently, barely causing wrinkles and unsightly folds on the fabric. And with the HydroWave™ wash system, clothes and other fabric types receive gentle yet thorough cleansing that doesn't damage or warp the fibers.

Cycles and Settings

There are 22 cycles and five wash/spin speed combinations for laundry cleaning using the WHRE550H. For cotton fabric, the Cottons cycle (with regular extra heavy soil, regular heavy soil, regular light soil, and regular medium soil options) take care of almost any kind of stains without causing damage. For lingerie and other fragile clothing items, the Delicates cycle washes these items with the utmost care. The Casuals cycle (with heavy and medium soil options) also takes care of the laundry needs for other types of fabric. If users are pressed for time yet want to have clean and fresh clothes, they can use the Easy Care cycle (with heavy and medium soil options), which can take care of the load in less time.

Users can get clean, fresh, and detergent-free laundry from the GE WHRE550H. With its second rinse option, no residue of detergent or washing agent will be left behind in the laundry. In case users need a fast spin or are pressed for time, a quick rinse option is also available. Drain and spin and extended spin options wring out excess moisture, making it easier and faster to dry when hung or put in a dryer.

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Users have posted raves about the GE WHRE550H because of the efficiency this washing machine. Clothes and other types of fabric are effectively laundered and sanitized, and so , they come out clean and fresh while cutting back on water and energy costs. Since this washing machine is also ENERGY STAR certified, consumers may also be eligible for rebates.

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Though the GE WPRH550H has a Quiet-By-Design™ capability and an AutoBalance™ Suspension System, some users have reported that the washer hums and vibrates excessively, especially when washing heavy loads.

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Final Thought

GE washers have always been a popular choice for most homeowners, and the GE WHRE550H is just one of the many top-loading washers that more or less meet their expectations. If looking for an affordable washer that is compact and efficient, then the GE WHRE550H is one good option.

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