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GE WHDRR418GWW 3.5 Cu ft King-Size Washer with Stainless Steel Basket

by Brenda
(Powell, TN)

We purchased our washer in March of 2007 from Home Depot. We had no issues with the actual purchase or delivery. For the most part the washer has been great. It gets the clothes clean, and to me is pretty quiet. In December of 2007 the basket came loose from the machine so I had to call service. The service guy came in and tested the board and showed me how to reset the machine if needed.

He then went to his truck to get a tool to screw the backet back in. He said he is supposed to change the nut when this happens, but he didn't have one in his truck so he would just tighten it. I made sure to get his name and wrote that bit of info down in case we had this problem again. The machine then worked great until March (a few days out of warranty).

We had the same problem with the basket coming loose. I had come to find out that it wasn't an uncommon thing for this to happen to GE washers.

I called and scheduled for someone to come out to fix it, and was told that I would have to call Customer Service to get it covered. I called Customer Service and the guy was great.

I told him what the problem was and he immediately said, "don't worry, we'll take care of that at no charge." He definitely please me. Since then, we have had no issues with the washer. It does it's job nicely.

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Apr 21, 2013
died on me
by: orangezenda

Purchased March 2007, two service calls (nothing major replaced) by 2009. Now January 2013 washer declared "dead" with plastic console and control knob assembly in pieces and washer dribbling water underneath! Repairman recommended Speed Queen and the reviews are astoundingly positive, so I've got one scheduled for delivery. No more "Bic Lighter" washers for me!

Apr 16, 2011
by: Jose

In purchasing this washer in July 09, my wife noticed that the spin and agitating cycle would not engage. There is only two of us in the household. I performed all the trouble shooting before calling for service. In calling for repair, they said the motors fail after a few years need replacement. I tried to call GE on their 24/7 phone line only to be told to call back during business hours. I hope I can get this resolved without spending $256.00 on a motor or buy another,(not GE) washer.

Jul 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have perchased GE washer model # WHDRR418GWW in 2009. First year after a few months the knobs had to be replaced, because the inside of the knobs broke, second time in 2010 the machine started to make a screeching noise, as if the machine was struggling to work and was off balance. Thank god that i had an extended warrenty. I have two washing machines in my basement, the first one is maytag which still works without problems, i have the machine for 20 years now. The newer one was GE of which i had problems from the first year. They sure don't make machines like they used to. I am very dissapointed with this product, i know that GE makes great things.

Nov 21, 2009
not sure about construction
by: Brenda

I bought this washer in February of 2009 at Home Depot. This washer is a top loader. I got this one because I knew I absolutely DID NOT want a front loader. It is very different than any other washer I have ever had.

It is TOO quiet. It doesn't seem natural. It is supposed to be more gentle on the clothes with a more gentle agitation and I suppose it is, but, at first, I questioned whether it would actually get the clothes clean but it seems to do the job. It is now November of 2009 and I have had this washer nine months. So far it has not had any problems.

I haven't had to have anything repaired, thank goodness. I just can't get used to the slow/gentle/quiet agitation and if I had it to do over again I think I would check out a Kenmore a little more before I bought this one. It has a second rinse feature that I don't use because it seems wasteful. Why would you need a second rinse? Just use less soap in the beginning! My four children are all grown now so I don't do as much laundry now.

I'm glad because I don't think this washer would hold up to that kind of abuse. I do like the larger and stainless steel basket. This is the largest basket I have ever had (I let my husband pick out our last washer - big mistake) and I am pleased that I can wash some of the blankets that I was not able to get into my previous washer.

I still cannot wash my king size comforters at home but I can do the doubles and twins fairly easily. I recommend the size but not sure about the construction or the "hydrowave sound".

Nov 19, 2009
It washed one time, and one time only
by: Michelle

I've waited for over a year to have the money to buy a washer and have been without one entirely. I went to Lowe's super excited to pick one out.

It washed one time, and one time only. The second load became wildly unbalanced and wouldn't allow itself to be corrected. Then it proceeded to spew water out from underneath (all hoses were tight) and stayed frozen in the wash cycle.

Needless to say it was an extreme disappointment after waiting so long to buy one! I'm getting a replacement but am thinking I will go with another brand...

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