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GE WDRR2500 top load washer

Based on the idea of performance and design, GE introduces the WDRR2500, a 3.5 cu. ft. top-loading washer that stays gentle on clothes even when using an agitator. Its relatively low price is one of the selling points of this washing machine.

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Product Overview

With its 3.5 cu. ft. stainless steel wash basket, GE's WDRR2500 top load washer can accommodate more laundry in one single load. This means that users would have less time to spend on laundry with this top loader. It has a white on white design and measures at 25 1/2" (depth), 42" (height), and 27" (width). Although it appears plain and simple in sight, this top-loading washing machine can do more when it comes to washing.

Cycles and Settings

It has up to 14 wash cycles, with fabric specific settings. This allows the users to choose the best wash setting depending on the type of load. For instance, there are cotton settings (whites, regular heavy soil, regular light soil, and regular medium soil), as well as cycles for easy-care colors. It also has a specific cycle for dark-colored laundry items, separating them from the white.

For thorough washing of clothes, the washer has two-pulsed spin speeds, which alternate between slow and fast washing speed. This way, the washer stays gentle on clothes. Other than fabric care, the three wash/rinse temperature setting also ensures better cleaning results. It helps lift dirt and stains and makes sure that the fabric maintains its good quality.

Three water level system

Another good feature of this washer is its three water level system. This allows the users to control the use of water based on the amount of load. The rinse and spin feature of this washer is also very useful, especially for delicate pieces such as swimsuits, towels, and comforters. This helps drive away odor and leaves no residue, so clothes and other laundry items will smell fresh and clean after every wash. Moreover, the rinse and spin option makes washing easier and faster. Aside from these, the WDRR2500 has bleach and fabric softener dispensers.


One of its secret to fabric care is the use of the GentlePower agitator. It also uses rotary electromechanical control and has bleach and fabric conditioner dispensers. With AutoBalance Suspension System, the washer also comes with a galvanized steel cabinet, steel drive transmission, and fill and drain hoses (included in the package). Even at its maximum speed of 630
RPM, the WDRR2500 proves to be a silent operator because of its Quiet-by-Design feature.

All in all, the washer has the basic settings needed for a thorough but gentle wash. Its king-size capacity also makes laundry cleaning easier for some households; it can accommodate a week's load or even heavy laundry items such as comforters and bedsheets.

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Despite its basic settings, what consumers like about the GE WDRR2500 is its king-size loading capacity. With less loading times, they get to save on water, detergent use, and energy. It also helps that this top loader has a specific cyle for different types of fabric as well as for dark colored-laundry items. Though most agitators can be rough on clothes, the washer is still safe to use because of its GentlePower agitator, wash/rinse temp settings, and 2-pulsed spin speed combo.

Many of them give credit to its wash/rinse temp setting, making sure that the temperature of the water is just right to get rid of dirt, but not to wear the fabric. The alternating fast and slow speed of this washing machine is also the best feature for some users, as it ensures that clothes are thoroughly cleaned.

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First off, this washer is not Energy Star certified, which simply means that it's only as energy-efficient like other washing machines. Though it comes with a relatively low price, using it can be quite expensive, compared to washers that reduce water and energy consumption. The design is also too plain for some, not to mention that the washer is also bulky and non-stackable. It lacks in more advanced features that make laundry cleaning more convenient.

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Final Thought

For consumers who are looking for sleek design and portability, this washing machine is not the best choice. It offers more or less the basics in laundry cleaning and doesn't even have a glass lid window. But for those who are looking for a more affordable washer that can handle a decent load and can perform thorough but gentle washing, then this could be a good option. For its price, consumers can't expect to have all the frills.
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• excellent loading capacity

• various wash settings and controls (temperature and speed control)

• alternating speed

• gentle on clothes

• noiseless spinning

• limited color and design options

• not stackable

• not portable

• doesn't have soak settings and other advanced features

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Comments for GE WDRR2500 top load washer

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Mar 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

I've had many washing machines, after 50 years of marriage and 4 children, but this is the worst machine I ever had.

It does not rinse the clothes enough, I usually have to repeat a rinse--
The spin cycle has ruined many clothes since it is too rough and long--
As far as "gentle" -- that's a joke.

I'm going to junk this and buy a better machine!

May 01, 2010
GE 2500
by: Anonymous

Casual light cycle is wasteful!
Tub fills up and then nothing happens. Clothes are completely dry on top and the machine starts emptying. Then it refills, agitates, rinses and spins. I had another one brought out because we thought it was defective but service said it is not and that is what cycle does. Returned!

Sep 04, 2009
While it has its flaws, they are minor
by: Anonymous

GE® 3.5 Cu. Ft. King-Size Capacity Washer Model #: WDRR2500KWW This GE washer is fantastic. It can hold a HUGE amount of clothing, and is great for washing really dirty clothes. I have been using it to wash cloth diapers, & it does a great job of getting the stains out, usually in just one wash. It also was able to get paint out of clothing on the first try.

Another thing I love about this washer is that it is SO quiet! My baby naps in the room next to the laundry room, and at first I was worried that the washer would wake him up when it started running. I worried in vain - he has not once woken up from this washer.

One thing about this washer that I don't like is that it can only run the rinse cycle on cold - it doesn't have many options for washing. Because I am washing so many dirty diapers, sometimes I like to rinse them in hot water to make sure I get the soil and the smell out. Since I can't rinse in hot, I often have to run the entire cycle again on hot without soap, just to ensure they are really clean.

There is only one other thing I dislike about this washer. When using powdered detergent, it is recommended to fill the washer up with soap and water and THEN to add the clothes before starting the cycle. However, with this washer, once the water is full, it begins to hum as though it is going to begin washing, even when the clothes are not in. I don't like the fact that it sounds like it's "running" - so if you don't get to put the clothes in right away, the washing machine doesn't go into a "dormant" mode.

All things considered, I give this washing machine 4 stars. It is one of the best ones I have ever used, and while it has its flaws, they are minor.

I would certainly recommend this washing machine to anyone who was looking for an effective yet inexpensive solution.

Jul 26, 2009
GE top load washer WDRR2500
by: Anonymous

Complete water extraction and thorough rinsing are problems. I am returning to dealer.

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