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GE Super Capacity 7.0 Dryer (electric)

We recently purchased the GE Super Capacity 7.0 electric dryer. We needed a dryer when our old one just stopped working one day and we were really strapped for cash. This dryer was the best we could afford and we thought it was pretty reasonable at around $300.

It is quite large and dries a large load of clothes without a problem. It has several settings to allow you to pick which type of clothing you are drying. It also has a feature they call Auto Dry which monitors the temperature of the air so that you are getting what you ask for.

Overall we have been quite happy with this affordable purchase.

It does not have an automatic shut-off sensor to stop drying when your clothes are dry (but really, what do you expect for this amount of money).
I don’t believe it is Energy Star or if it is, it is the bare minimum, which is kind of bad.
Every once in a while a sock will get stuck between the back wall of the drum and one the paddle things that toss the clothes. I don’t know how they get stuck there but they do and then they are still wet and somehow dirty again.

If you are on a budget, this is probably a decent purchase as it is affordable and we haven’t had any problems with it thus far.

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