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GE Spacemaker WSM2700

For such a tiny, compact size, this washer is a real convenience. Living in an apartment complex, the washer was supplied for me so hesitation in the quality of the washing was definitely an issue. First wash- everything had come out fresh smelling and definitely clean!

The washer has quite a few features for such a little machine. There are three options for water amount used- LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. If you want to wash just seven to ten regular sized tee shirts, low is a good water setting. Medium water setting will be enough space and water to wash those seven to ten tee shirts plus a few pairs of jeans. (My tee shirts are adult sized small and jeans are zero’s so these numbers will vary for different sized clothing) High water setting is enough to wash a down comforter or even ten towels! Liquid detergent is recommended from experience and the three water settings make it easy to cater the machine for your load of laundry!

One down side to this washer is there is not a compartment for the liquid fabric softener so I would suggest that ball or even the new fabric softener sheets. There is a bleach compartment. Oh, I forgot a really nice feature- you can choose the length of your wash too!

This means you can select anywhere up to fifteen minutes for the washing cycle (not including the rinse and spin.) Overall this tiny space saving machine packs quite a punch for its small size.

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Apr 16, 2010
choose gas model
by: Anonymous

I like my Washing Machine GE Spacemaker WSM2420DWW because it satisfies my needs. This machine has a small capacity if compared with other washing machines, so this is a problem to people who have big family.

Another problem of this one is it great energy consumption. It consumes more energy than my old washer machine, so I recommend people to choose the gas model of this one because gas is cheaper than electric energy in some states like mine.

I don’t need to hear the washing machines noise in my entire house anymore, this model is very quiet. This machine is small, compact and not so heavy. So, it will be not a problem to moving and adjusting this washing machine to fit in better places in your house.

Feb 02, 2009
Small but powerful
by: Anonymous

The GE Spacemaker washer is small but powerful. It works well enough for environments like apartments and town homes where space is at a premium, but is definitely limited by its size.

I found that, compared to the larger washer and dryer my parents had, I needed to do laundry considerably more often thanks to the limited space. Because this requires the washer to run for a longer length of time, this is also less energy efficient than running fewer loads of laundry.

Another shortfall of the Spacemaker is that it is relatively easy to have unbalanced loads in the washer. Again, I think this comes back to the size of the washer, since it’s easy for it to become awkwardly packed since there’s very little space for clothing to occupy.

I believe that the Spacemaker’s greatest asset, its small size (especially when stacked with the corresponding Spacemaker dryer) also makes it perform less ably than most larger models. However, the fact is that the Spacemaker allows you the option of having a washer and dryer in smaller living spaces where a full sized washer and dryer set would be impossible.

Since it accomplishes the basic task of washing clothing without causing any major problems, it definitely beats having no washer and having to go to the Laundromat on a weekly basis. I am afraid I have not had the opportunity to compare it to other small washers, but on its own I would say it is definitely a major convenience despite its shortfalls.

The interface is easy enough to use, and it offers the basic options of selecting temperature, wash length, and wash type that allow you the control you need over your washing options.

The internal components have been generally durable during my four years of use, although it did fail on me once a few years ago. Fortunately, the apartment maintenance staff were able to quickly repair the problem and I was only without a functioning washer for a day or so.

If you are purchasing one for yourself, as with any washer, you will probably want to familiarize yourself with the most likely ways it can break so that you can perform the simpler repairs yourself and save money.

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