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GE Spacemaker® Unitized Washer and Electric Dryer WSM2420D

by Andrew

If you are forced to save space in your home, the GE Spacemaker® Unitized Washer and Electric Dryer might be a solution for you. I purchased the unit for around $1100 before tax, after comparing many stacks, some less expensive and some way more expensive. Full of features and high on quality, I thought the GE WSM2420D had the best balance of features that fit my needs. Some of these deciding features include:

- Auto Dry Feature – The dryer has a thermostat that will measure the heat inside, and determine when the clothes are dry and shuts off automatically. This is great for delicate clothes that can easily be over dried and damaged by the high heat. This feature also saves on electricity.

- Compact size – Measuring just under six feet high and under two feet wide this stack will fit in pretty much any closet.

- Light Weight – The unit only weighs 257 pounds, so getting to the condo, up the stairs in the door, and in the closet was easily achieved with a dolly and a couple of bungee cords. The installation manual was also available in Spanish, which was a relief after the handyman who answered the ad in craigslist showed up wearing a cowboy hat bent up like a taco. After the installation, I handed him a twenty and we split a six pack of Tecate, he was more than pleased.

- Straightforward Operation – Once the unit was installed and I was ready to do my first loaded I jammed up the top loader to full capacity with my socks and tidy whities, some had been lying around for months due to my lack of funds for a replacement washer after the old unit’s touch screen display went out and was going to cost over five hundred dollars to replace. One of the deciding features of this unit was that the controls are mechanical knobs and lack the electrical components of some of the more high end units that tend to go out and are costly to repair. The knobs are easy to use and work every time.
If you’re thinking of purchasing a high end unit with a lot of fancy sensors and extra features, you might want to consider the main function of a washer/dryer, which is to wash and dry clothes and work for a long time. The GE WSM2420D will give you all you need in a compact washer/dryer system.

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Jul 16, 2009
does the job but not the best
by: Anonymous

The GE Spacemaker came with the apartment I recently moved into. It is very convenient and efficient.

Though it may not wash as much as a regular combo would it once, it does the same job. More time must be allotted for laundry because less will fit in the combo. One also must remember to clean the lint filter more frequently.

Its small size causes it to collect lint frequently and if left will slow drying time. Another good thing about the dryer is that it produces little noise. In a small apartment it does not produce much heat.

A special feature of this dryer is that it takes the internet temperature of the unit to optimize the drying effect, but not damage clothing.

Apr 14, 2009
Bad customer service
by: Anonymous

After building our home in the early summer and finally moving in, we discovered our laundry room was not wide enough to accommodate our side by side washer and dryer. After searching the internet for hours, measuring various units at Lowes, Wal-mart, sears and Home depot, we settled on the GE WSM2420D – Spacemaker from Sears. After a few days we had the unit delivered and setup was a snap. The dryer goes on top and the washer on the bottom.

The washer worked fine, however the dryer proved to be a challenge. The dryer dries the cloths, however it was fairly loud and took a very long time to dry the clothes. We called Sears and they serviced the dryer for no charge and it seems to do the trick for a while. After some more time the dryer stopped getting hot all together. So, again we called Sears and they came out again and inspected the dryer. After two hours the report was in and the computer board was fried. I asked how that could happen and the technician simply blamed the stacked configuration. He replaced the board and the dryer was hot again. Well at least for a while.

Several weeks later the dryer stopped working all together and we made a service call. The technician (a different one this time) came out, spent two hours servicing the unit only to inform me the dryer is now out of warranty. We paid the service fee and trip fee and received a coupon for $75 off a new dryer. Well, we were not going to buy the same dryer, however I now am stuck with trying to find a top dryer for the bottom washer, which can not be found. In the end, we donated the washer to a local charity, junked the dryer and finally found a compact side-by-side unit.

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