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GE Spacemaker Laundry WSM2700 WSM2780

I moved into a brand new apartment with a GE Spacemaker Laundry installed in it. It goes by model number WSM2700 and WSM2780. I think the difference between the models is the color. First time I ran it there was a small squeaking noise from the springs in the washer. This soon turned into a horrible screeching noise like there was a banshee living in my washer.

GE said it was normal and that it would go away after a few uses. It didn’t. I have to have a repair man come out to take the thing apart. According to GE’s repair guy the Spacemaker Laundry isn’t made by GE, but it’s a rebranded washer from another company I had never heard of, can’t recall the name now unfortunately.

There’s 300 of these things installed in my apartment complex and apparently every single one of them has had to be serviced within the first month of that apartment being moved into.

After about 3 hours of messing with the thing and spraying it with Windex, (yes he used Windex to fix my washer) the squeaking was down to a tolerable level. He had to order a part to jerry rig the thing to not squeak anymore, after that came in and he was able to install it the washer is now no louder than any other washer I have used.

Other than that problem the washer does what a washer should do, gets my clothes clean. It has water saving settings which is good for the environment. The dryer does a good job of drying so long and you don’t overload it. It can’t take as much clothing as the washer can, so if you want to dry everything you wash you have to plan ahead and not pack the washer. The dryer’s also has the ability to suck more lint out of clothing than I have ever seen a dry do before. The trap is always overflowing after you run a load, if you’re not careful lint will get all over whatever you pull out first.

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May 03, 2015
Agitaor smashitaot NEW
by: Kimberly Anonymous

if you have to replace the drive block... Good luck if you get stuck in the Good luck it's such a pain in the ass to get the bolt out then the drive block was stuck inside the agitator! One pain in the ass after another... I no-frills machine

Nov 28, 2012
Terrible screeching noise from dryer
by: Anonymous

The WSM2700 (electric; white on white) was in the house I just bought.

Dryer makes terrible, ear-piercing screeching -- so loud the dogs won't come in the house! We're afraid to leave the house with dryer on because it might catch fire -- nothing can make this much noise and be safe to use.

Rave reviews have to be someone paid by GE. Who else would write the warm-and-cozy fluff?

I would only by a unit this cheap if I were selling my house and was cutting corners just to make a sale ...

Hmmm. Maybe GE and the previous homeowner are related? ...

Aug 22, 2012
Great Utility Washer/Dryer for Limited Spaces
by: Anonymous

I have had my Spacemaer since 1996, We have never had to have it serviced. The button you use to start the dryer no longer works but it is easy just to start and stop with the timing knob. Previous comments about the lint basket are true but it is not really that big of a deal. That would be the only negative I can find about the unit. Clothes gat clean and the dryer works in perfect rime no matter what the load size. I can easily dry all of the clothes that I fit in one wash without any problems. Would surely replace the unit with the same kind if and when it becomes necessary.

Feb 07, 2012
Great for Loud Screeching Noises
by: Anonymous

Seriously, this dryer is giving me nothing but problems. Terrible screeching. Arg...

Sep 15, 2010
Julie Anderson Must Work for GE
by: Tony

There is no way you can love this machine. I believe you work for GE or one of its affiliates with the way you’re posting is written. I have 238 of these machines and have had nothing but problems. 17 of them have dropped the inner tub onto the outer tub, punched a hole in the outer tub and flooded the apartments below. So please don't insult the intelligence of others by whitewashing the fact GE made a very poor washer and will not stand behind it. For those thinking of buying this product, DON'T. It's actually made by Frigidaire in Canada for GE. It's not even a GE product. Also when I contacted GE for free replacement parts, they would only furnish parts for one unit and red flagged my account so no one else would furnish me future parts. SO AGAIN, DON'T BUY THIS SUBSTANDARD WASHER/DRYER, YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!


Jul 22, 2010
GE spacemaker wsm2700
by: Rhonda

I was looking to get the speifications of laundry size and came across this site. I bought my spackemaker wsm2700 in 1988. yup 1988 And just had to have my first service call on it. Of corse, 22 years of use in my opinion is awesome. I paid $930 for it then, recite still in the file folder. I have no complaints in any way shape or form on this washer/dryer combo. It has been great over the years. Hopefully they are still making them as good. I just wanted to add my thoughts. The repair bill will be around $500. The washer decided to give me problems with not aggitating the transmission was the problem. however, for a repair of $500 I definately have to be shop wise. Guess it's time for a new one. The dryer still works great, so I hate to part with the unit, however, realistically. How much longer will that work properly? Who knows, the serviceman said there would be 5 yr warranty on the new parts, but I am still weighing my decision of what to do. But, I am very pleased with the years of service on my unit. GO GE!!!!!!!

May 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

This thing is miserable. Lint everywhere, ruins clothes, dryer runs crazy hot. We are in an apartment so my electrolux set is sitting in storage. Do yourself a favor--do not buy this garbage!

Nov 11, 2009
love it
by: seattle

i had a fisher paykel that ate buttons. SO happy with this unit.
wash everything except towels on perm press. very fast cycle.
dryer does a great job on perm press. sometimes needs extra drying time but minimal wrinkles. i love this!

Jul 18, 2009
flaws such as lint on clothing
by: Tai

- Great wash quality
- Super quiet!

- Faulty safety latch
- Poor lint trap placement

The quality of the wash is great. Our clothes are not losing color or getting worn out too soon. I admit that sometimes I don’t separate my more delicate pieces, and even those aren’t getting worn out.

The controls and settings are easy to read, so we can always pick the right setting. I’ve seen some very confusing control panels, and I really appreciate ours. The washer is quite quiet. It does not get that loud, unbalanced clunking sound that so many washers suffer from.

In fact, it’s often so quiet we forget we’re even doing laundry! Even slightly overloaded or doing a sheets and towels load, I’ve never been bothered by the noise. There is a safety latch on the washer that sometimes fails to come undone at the end of a load.

This means we have to spend some time jiggling and pulling on the lid. A GE repairman told us some people resort to just cutting the latch off. It can be quite frustrating.

The lint trip is on the bottom lip of the dryer, so as you pull your clothes out they drag right over it. To avoid getting lint all over everything we have to empty the lint trap and wipe it down with a Swiffer cloth before removing every load.

Sometimes, even after cleaning the trap I notice lint on my clothing. We live in an apartment, so we didn’t choose this unit. We’ve found it very satisfactory, but if I were spending my own money on a Washer Dryer combo unit I would look for something without those flaws.

Apr 24, 2009
A low-frills combo
by: Amanda

I live in an apartment that came with a GE Spacemaker Laundry. I have been using the machine for 3 years and I don’t have anything good to say about it. First, I’ll talk about the size. The load size is about half the size of a normal washer. In a week, I have to do 3 or more loads for one person. The washer is top-loading. You have to load the washer very evenly; otherwise it will get thrown off-balance. It makes a very loud noise when it’s washing off-balance. There are times when I will adjust the clothes in the washer several times before it will wash without making that noise.

This is a low-frills combo. There are very few options for delicates, etc. I often find small holes and tears in my clothes. There is no way to turn off the sound of the dryer. Forget trying to put on the dryer before you go to bed, because you will be woken up but the dryer when it rings when the load is done. I often find that I need to run the dryer more than once on items like jeans and towels. Looks-wise it’s not very attractive. The entire combo is white. Because the dryer jets out over the washer and the washer is top loading sometimes it’s hard to go in and out of the washer because there is only a small space above it with which you have to work.

Water is included with our apartment, so I can’t say how much water the washer uses, but our heat bill (for hot and warm water washes) is quite low in the summer when the washer is really the only thing using hot water. I would only recommend this combo if you only have a closet to store your washer and dryer and you have exhausted all other options.

Apr 03, 2009
Save you time, money and space
by: Julie Anderson

Are you looking for a space saver, energy saver, and easier way to do your laundry? Well you have come to the right place. The Unitized Space maker Washer and Electric Dryer will become your favorite appliance.

It is literally 2 units in one, stacked on top of each other. Why be bothered with trying to figure out where you are going to put your most important appliances in such a cramped space. The design of this unit works great for apartments, efficiencies or just for someone who doesn't have a lot of space. You will find this make and model at almost all you local retail stores. In many cases you can purchase this electrical appliance online and get free shipping.

The unit has 3 wash cycles and its cleaning performance for regular clothes is unbeatable. This model has three wash/rinse temperatures. The knobs for both the washer and dryer are on the front and easy to get to. This machine combo also offers a better fabric life for your clothes. The unit's are considered to be front end loaders. They are both considered to be large capacity.

You can buy this model in both gas and electric. You can purchase one for about $1208. Concerned about the price? Be sure to ask about discounts from your retailer. Most retailers will match another's sale out of convenience of their customer. Still worried about the price? Many scratch and dent places sell this appliance used but in brand new condition.

If you are looking for the perfect home appliance, than look no further. This GE washer/dryer combination will save you time and money as well as space. The appliance received 5 ½ stars out of 6 on several reviews. The GE WSM2700HWW Unitized Spacemaker Washer and Dryer is a must for anyone looking to combine space with efficiency.

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