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GE PSKP333EBWW 3.6 Cu ft dryer

I just bought the dryer, it was not in a combo with a washer. This one wasn't the most expensive of dryers, but like I've said before I'm on a budget here. Not one of those fancy dryers with the huge porthole in the front, it's comparable to most other dryers. This one was very deep, it seemed to make very efficient use of all of the space in here and dried a load of jeans great.

I didn't even have to put them in twice, like in the many other dryers I've used. It was also surprisingly light, just over 100lbs, so when we moved it wasn't very much trouble taking it to the new house. Unfortunately, that kind of efficiency didn't come quite as cheap as I hoped. It's also very loud, like all dryers of it's kind, but it wasn't much louder than others comparable to it. It has 3 dry cycles, which is basic, and it seems to just be very average all around aside from a few points.

-Large capacity


Rating 2.5/5. I wish I could've afforded a better one.

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