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GE Profile WPRE8150 3.5 Cu. Ft. King-Size Capacity Washer

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Product Overview

The WPRE8150 is part of the top-loading series of GE washers. It has a volume capacity of 3.5 cu. ft. and can accommodate up to 150 pounds of laundry. Judging by its weight and volume capacities, this top-loading washer can wash more clothes with less loading times.

This also goes to show how sturdy the tub or drum must be to be able to hold heavy batches of laundry. Its stainless steel wash basket can do more washing at once. It can also hold large comforters, bedding, and curtains other than clothes. This washer is designed to reduce the time spend for this household chore.

Energy Star Qualified

Aside from its heavy-duty features, this top loader is also Energy Star qualified. The WPRE8150 is designed in such a way that higher energy efficiency will result in paying for lower utility bills. As some would put it, this washing machine is not only user-friendly but also environment-friendly.

HydroWave Wash System

Another key feature of this washer is the HydroWave wash system. This provides users with variable speeds to better clean and care for different types of clothing using various wash action to match them with. Meticulous cleaning is also made available to the laundry that travels slower and longer through the water. This way, the tougher cleaning action won't result in ruining the fabric.

The Hydrowave wash system makes sure that the washer will stay gentle on clothes, so they won't be stretched out of shape.

Wash/Spin Options

This washer also recognizes the needs of different types of clothing and fabric. With six wash/spin speed combinations, users can choose the optimal speed for each wash. This top loader has multiple wash cycles that provide better cleaning results in less time. Up to six wash/rinse temperatures are available to further ensure optimum fabric cleaning and care.

The rainshower rinse system is effective in washing away detergent residue as well as dirt. The residues can leave odor on clothes and even cause stains and even dirt to get stuck.

Water usage

In using the WPRE8150, water usage is also reduced. Variable water levels allow users to control
their use and make sure that none is wasted. Other more advanced features include the rotary electronic controls with Adaptive Logic system and the LED countdown timer. Its dispensers, automatic soak, and extended spin options all contribute to the ease and convenience of using this washer.

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According to many users, the major advantage of this washer is its Energy Star qualification. Most top loaders are known to consume more water and energy because of their agitators. But with the WPRE8150, consumers do enjoy the savings they get from its enhanced wash action.

Aside from this, its king-size capacity enables the users to load more laundry items, thereby reducing the frequency of loading. This washer is also known to clean well because of its HydroWave wash system, multiple wash cycles, and many other intuitive features that take good care even of delicate fabrics. Despite the good number of features, it doesn't make too much noise when operating.

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There are quite a number of consumers who are impressed by this washer. However, there are also some who do not find this top loader very helpful. One of the factors that make it less attractive to consumers is its design. It's bulky and takes up valuable room space.

Another thing that discourages some consumers from buying this washer is that it is a bit pricey for its range.

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Final Thought

The WPRE8150 packs in a lot of good features that would suit most modern households. The silent spin, thorough cleaning yet safe washing, and the various control settings are just some of the features of this washer that would be attractive to buyers.

However, the washer's design is not as appealing as other washers. The price, for some consumers, is also not justified. There are other equally impressive top loaders that are below the price range of the WPRE8150.

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• noiseless spinning

• spin/speed cycle combination

• energy-efficient

• gentle washing system

• thorough cleaning action

• does not have an appealing design

• quite bulky

• non-stackable

• a bit expensive

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Comments for GE Profile WPRE8150 3.5 Cu. Ft. King-Size Capacity Washer

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Jan 18, 2012
Junk Don;t buy it!
by: Anonymous

The worst washer I ever used! All the negative comments made already are all true, plus the computer on mine was shot from day one. The machine fills up, soaks, and then empties without washing, refiils after dumping all your soap and hot water, without going into the wash cycle and goes directly to washing in cold water and with the soap gone!Stay away froom this machine you will regret buying it!

Aug 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

Each time I use the new top load washer, I found the soap powder available on the cloth.

Jul 31, 2011
Some help with the white spots problem
by: Pat in Omaha

We had a front-loader that washed great but the aluminum yoke on the back of the drum corroded and broke after 8 years, so we thought we would try a top-loader. It's mostly OK but my main complaint is the white deposits on black clothes. I have some ideas on that: (1) the washer retains a lot of water after the cycle ends. Give the supposedly empty drum a shake and you can hear invisible water sloshing around below. (2) the agitator is weak. The clothes don't get mixed up enough. (3) the enviro-feature skimps on water.

These things conspire to cause white cotton fibers from previous washes (not detergent) to gather in creases in the clothes. The fibers are especially noticable on dark clothes.

What to do: (1) Before washing dark clothes, run a rinse-only cycle on an empty drum to flush out leftover water that would have white cotton fibers floating in it. (2) Don't use the auto-load sensing feature. Use the Medium or Large settings for extra water. (3) If you have the time and patience, interrupt the wash cycle halfway through, then reach in and mix around the clothes thoroughly. (4) If you still see white spots on dark clothes afterwards, use a clothes brush (like the type for removing lint and pet hair) and brush off the deposits before tossing the items in the dryer.

I'm not happy about the washer but these tips do help with the white spots problem.

Jun 11, 2011
The Best Washer and Dryer I Have Ever Owned
by: Anonymous

I am 42 years old, and have a family of (8)We do a lot of lundry. I have been verry pleased with this GE Profile set that was recommended by the Electronic Express Appliance MGR George Mcswain. However I do recommend skimming over the helpful hints in the owners manual. I would recommend this to my owne family members. Its a great buy and a great product.

Jun 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

I bought this machine recently. Some of the black wash comes out white stained and they are difficult to get rid of. First I thought it was my fault and just new machine, I tried different things, NOTHING changed! Loose one black clothing article every time I do blacks! Wish I had read this page before, wouldn't have paid the big $! Another problem I have is the wrinkles, with my front loader HE, laundry came out nice, now I have to get a heavier duty iron to get rid of the wrinkles. Ready to toss it, if I just hadn't paid so much for it, wish I had bought back a front loader. I agree with the other posters, don't consider it, if I could I would show you a picture of the black, white stained T-shirt I have from my last laundry and the T-shirts look as if they were crumbled up in a tight bag for days. I take my laundry out right away and hang it up, I don't like ironing. This machine sucks!

May 06, 2011
this machine sucks!
by: Anonymous

I googled "white spots on black clothes after washing", and this site popped up with a picture of my new washing machine! I wish i came across this site before I bought the machine.....
My dark clothes have white spots all over them! I hate this machine...

Apr 13, 2011
GE Junk
by: Anonymous

I know that no one at GE cares, but my GE Profile top loader is junk. It leaves white spots all over dark clothing. The big solution offered by GE is to run it with Tide Washer Cleaning Tablets...made to remedy lingering odors. Also, it mangles clothing so badly that they come from the dryer still wrinkled.
I am also ready, after only a few months to give the washer away!

Feb 20, 2011
Leaves white residue on clothes
by: Anonymous

As noted by other reviewers, this washer leaves spots of white residue on dark clothing. We have tried different detergents, different water levels (automatic versus manual), extra rinses and nothing seems to help.

Jun 13, 2010
Buy Another Brand
by: Anonymous

Purchased the GE Profile WPRE8150 3 months ago. Biggest mistake I've ever make with an appliance purchase and I've purchase many of them.

What is placed on top, stays on top. No movement of clothing from the original position in the washer. At times the clothes on top are not even wet. Dark colored clothing have residue left on the material, even after the 2nd rinse. I am using the HE detergent, smallest amount. I still have a reside on the clothing.

I am ready to sit the machine out on the curb and write FREE on it. Don't waste you money or time on this lemon. Buy another brand. GE built a lemon with this one.

May 27, 2010
sad machine... Yes, run away fast!
by: Anonymous

I purchased a GE Profile WPRE6150 eight months ago and my clothes are the dingiest ever! It does not use enough water. I have checked inside the machine toward end of wash cycle and saw pillowcase still dry! Water never touched it! It's constant babysitting with this machine. Most of the time it will just stop after it draws in water and it just sits there all day. I have to turn it to drain and spin and start all over! I have wasted more electricity, water and detergent on this machine than I ever did with my other non-energy-efficient machine! Worst yet, GE still tells me it's my fault!

Apr 22, 2010
by: LJ

I looked around before buying this washer. I feel I did not mmake a hasty decision, but I certainly made a wrong decision. The water levels, small thru super and automatic give only a minimal amount of water. I feel my clothing is not getting clean. Some of the clothes are never under water, and frequently the dark clothes come out of the washer with white smears on them, it does not come off unless you rewash the articles. How is this energy efficent when I have to make numerous smaller loads, and the cycles take forever.You can not turn the cycle off or change to another setting as all the water will drain out and you have to start over. More soap more water. Oh yes I forgot this is energy efficent. I used to be able to wash a full wash basket of clothing in a morning, now it takes all day.
Wrinkles, oh my wrinkles are plenty. Sheets are tangled and twisted, and I find myself doing lots of ironing. I even now have to iron my husbands swetshirts as they are wrinkled.
I had the GE repair man come to check out this machine and he told me this is how it is . There is little water and yes the things will be wrinkled.
I had a Kenmore machine for 30 years, and I miss it. I absolutely DO NOT like anything about this G.E. machine.
BUYER BEWARE run away as fast as you can.

May 20, 2009
Great mid priced high quality-washing machine
by: Anonymous

Over the years I have owned a couple washing machines but none have compared to this one. I got this washing machine probably about 2 months age. I purchased it from Lowes for around $650. I wanted a washer that I was able to make adjustments according to the kind of cloths I was washing to prolong the life of the articles. This GE washing machine did all that and more.

Installation of this washer was a breeze with it's also has leveling legs and clearly marked hoses. The big thing that caught my eye when I was purchasing my new washer was that it had so many adjustments for the temperature of the water as well as the speed of the agitator.

This washing machine is a very quiet running one which is a great feature I like. One problem that I found with previous washer I have owned was that they wouldn’t have the adjustability I needed. I would wash my towels and socks with a hard wash and then I would have to wash my t-shirts and sweaters in the same hard wash. Now with the GE profile I can choose between casuals for wrinkle free and permanent press all the way us to hand wash and cottons.

There is also a temperature setting with 6 levels that makes you able to fine-tune your cleaning while not ruining the cloths. The layout of the knobs on this washing machine is very futuristic looking and goes well to modernize your laundry room. There is a nice digital display on the control panel that shows the estimated time until your current load is completed. This has helped a lot in avoiding the time that it takes to do laundry because I don’t have to guess when to come back and check on the load.

Another feature of this washing machine is that you can adjust the sizes of the loads so you can save water if you do have to do a quick small load. It also has a setting that allows you to do what is called a “speed wash” for those items that are lightly soiled but you need in a hurry. The buzzer on the washer is also at perfect level so it isn’t too loud but does alert you when the wash is done. Overall this is an outstanding washer and I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a mid priced high quality-washing machine.

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