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GE Profile WPGT9150 top load washer

GE appliances are known for their sleek designs. However, the GE WPGT9150 does so much more than just impress with its good looks. This heavy-duty washer performs excellently, giving laundry the deep clean it deserves and users the ease of getting rid of dirt in just a touch of a button.

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Product Overview

The WPGT9150 is a top-loading machine that accommodates heavy loads of laundry. It has a king-size capacity of 4 cu. ft., making it suitable for a week's worth of clothes and other kinds of fabric such as heavy blankets and towels in one wash.

GE washers are also known for their efficiency when it comes to energy and water usage. Not suprisingly, the WPGT9150 is equipped with the same features that qualify for an Energy Star certification.

Key features

Inside the tub, a stainless steel wash basket with perforated sides effectively contains the laundry during the washing process. Since the laundry is loaded vertically, fabrics can receive a deeper clean as water and detergent permeate more effectively through the holes in the wash basket's sides.

This washer is powered by the HydroWash System with Infusor™. It also has an automatic bleach, detergent, and fabric conditioner dispenser that evenly distributes appropriate amounts of the said products to the laundry.

HydroWash™ drive system

This washer allows users to take care of their laundry the way they want to with its various wash cycles that can tackle different kinds of fabric. For blankets, towels, and heavy loads of laundry, they can choose the heavy duty cycle. Wools, lace, and even denim get the same kind of clean but through different cycles that take care of the fabric while driving out germs and dirt.

To ensure that the detergent is thoroughly rinsed out, there's the 2nd rinse option. If pressed for time, then a speed wash and quick rinse cycle can also be done. Thanks to the HydroWash™ drive system, the clothes are thoroughly but gently cleaned at the touch of electronic buttons of the control panel. It is easy to mix and match washing, rinsing, and spinning options depending on the type of fabrics or the time available for laundry cleaning.

Cycles and Settings

In order to get stubborn stains and dirt out, the WPGT9150 also makes use of different water temperatures in the washing and the rinsing process. Despite using hot water to drive out dirt, the quality and
color of the fabric are maintained, thanks to the automatic thermostat that uses cold water to rinse the clothes.

Speaking of stains, the WPT9150 configures the amount of water, detergent, and even the cycles needed in washing the laundry based on the severity of the dirt and stains. This washer has three soil options: heavy, light, and normal. White fabric pieces are given special attention with the whites cycle option. For gentle treatment on delicate clothing such as nightgowns or baby's clothes, the handwash cycle is proven to be thorough but still extra careful on the laundry.

The WPGT9150 has a control panel that is very easy to understand and operate. It has a LED cycle countdown that lets users know of the status of the laundry with its flashing lights. They can also program this washer to start washing only after the detergent has soaked through and through to remove the stains and dirt more effectively. After the washing is done, the end of cycle indicator will go off to alert users.

RighTemp™ system

Water levels are automatically controlled along with its temperature through the RighTemp™ system. Water usage and energy consumption are largely reduced, making the WPGT9150 an Energy Star certified washing machine.

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On top of other user-friendly features, consumers also appreciate the work done by the WPGT9150's AutoBalance™ suspension system that keeps this machine from spinning out of control. This top loader has a clear HydroView™ glass lid that allows users to check on the progress of their wash without having to open the lid. Even at 1010 rpm, users still find the WPGT9150 to be a quiet operator.

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Though users can combine different kinds of washing, rinsing, and spinning cycles to cater to their needs, there doesn't seem to be just a separate spinning option for this washer. Despite the very good reviews online, some still comment that the washer makes a little rattling noise and action when a full load is run.

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Final Thought

For those who are looking for a good value for their money, the GE WPGT9150 is a good choice, especially when anticipating large loads of laundry during wash days. This washer has intuitive features and easy to operate buttons.
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• efficient

• affordable

• easy to use

• may be too bulky for small spaces

• makes small noises when running

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Comments for GE Profile WPGT9150 top load washer

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Mar 02, 2013
Excellent Washer
by: Anonymous

I love this washing machine. It works great and never rattles and never rolls across my floor. The color I have is sort of gold and gorgeous.

Jan 15, 2013
GE Profile Washer...WPGT9150
by: Anonymous

I have had the GE profile washer since 2008. More recently I have noticed that the liquid bleach dispenser is still full of water when the machine has finished. Also have frequently (but not each time I use the machine) noticed an offensive odor. I keep the lid open when I'm not washing clothes, and we don't use it daily. I did run a cycle with a cup of vinegar (no clothes!) in it, and that seemed to help for a bit. Have had the service guy out, and didn't get any answers. Maybe something is plugged? Any suggestions?

Sep 08, 2010
No quick wash
by: Anonymous

The only thing I do not like about it is that it doesn't have a quick wash. The quickest cycle is like 39 minutes. I want a 20 minute wash! Other than that, the machine is great!

Sep 09, 2009
Problems with installation
by: Anonymous

Amateur Installer. Did not Level Machine, and mysteriously sample box of TIDE was absent. Both GE and Proctor & Gamble insist it should be there.

After 1 wash realized Washer drum on this top loader was off center; and its being replaced by GE. Had
to escalate and rattle some cages, and threaten a credit card charge back. Home Depot didnt want to do anything.

Sep 08, 2009
A Good Choice
by: Anonymous

I've always purchased GE Washer and Dryers. I recently purchased this Profile Washer and matching Dryer at Lowe's about 3 months ago. First what drew me to it was the gorgeous Gold color. I had been shopping everywhere, originally wanting a front load system, BUT after hearing and reading about possible Mold problems, that quickly changed my mind. I went back to Lowe's again and this set was the last one left, saved a lot taking the floor models! It's very easy to use, I just have to get use to the low amount of water it uses. It's quiet during use and gets the clothes dry during the spin cycle. I am happy with the matching dryer as well.

Aug 22, 2009
Sloppy internal construction.
by: Anonymous

Washes great and good cleaning power, BUT
bought and returned two to Home Depot in one week. Wash Basket was off center in each, causing water to be dumped in rather than gently sprayed in over "cow catcher" type of device onto clothes. Off center basket causes THUMPing when spin drying anything larger than small load. Decided not to wait to find out what damage that causes in long term.

Have now ordered Sears Kenmore clone of high end Whirlpool Cabrio 6800, offering larger capacity than GE and same feature set for less money than GE or Whirlpool. Kenmore/Whirlpool have Porcelanized metal top, rather than cheaper plastic of GE. Sears calls their 4.7 cubic feet capacity, while Whirlpool labels identical machine as 5.0 cu feet.

Jun 06, 2009
Full featured washer
by: Tim

Automated controls take the effort and mistakes out of laundry
Large capacity provides a great value

High Efficiency detergent recommended
Top of unit is plastic, not porcelain

We purchased this GE Profile washer to replace a Whirlpool washer that had been in service for fifteen years. We have now used the washer for approximately six months.

Originally, we were interested in purchasing a new front-loader washer. However, after careful comparison of features, ratings and price we found this top-loader model to be the best alternative.

This top-loader is different from other top loaders in that it does not have a central agitator. As such, it is able to offer a generous 4.0 cubic foot load capacity inside its stainless steel tub.

The electronic control panel features soft-press buttons to control laundry soil level, wash and rinse water temperature, spin speed, wash cycles and cycle notification volume control. It also contains a unique clear glass top door to allow monitoring the wash cycle without opening the door.

Inside, a sliding tray allows filling fabric softener, liquid or powder detergent and liquid pretreatment. The washer takes care of dispensing the appropriate product at the proper time. There is also a bleach fill cup that the washer will use to add to the wash without splashing bleach directly on clothing.

This washer also features a delay start option, pre-soak control, an extra-rinse option and a custom programmable wash cycle that can be stored and recalled. A control lockout feature is included to prevent children from accidentally starting a wash cycle.

There are a total of three soil levels, five water temperature settings and five spin speeds available. This unit is Energy Star rated.

After loading the unit, you select the cycle desired and press the start button. The washer will begin a short cycle where it adjusts the load in the tub and determines the load level. The washer then automatically adds the correct amount of water needed as it gently rotates the tub to ensure an even coverage of water.

The process is so easy you can teach your children to do their own laundry without fear of them ruining their clothes.

During operation of the washer, the unit is so quiet that you won’t hear it running at all, except for a very faint whirring during the high-speed spin cycle.

This is easily the quietest washer I’ve ever heard. Since laundry can be run at any time without bothering anyone, we’ve never used the delay start feature.

I would highly recommend this washer to anyone looking for a full-featured washer with very large capacity. If a top loader is not an issue, you can save several hundred dollars over a comparable front-loader.

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