GE Profile Washer -
WPRE6100GWT Review

The GE Profile WPRE6100GWT top load washing machine seems like just an ordinary machine.

However, you will be surprised to see that there are many additional features which make this unit more than just any normal washing machine. There are many customer reviews that show they feel the same way too about this washing machine.

GE Profile WPRE6100GWT Top Load Key Features

Many of the features of this top load washer include a king size basket, HydroWave wash system, multiple spin speeds, many temperatures, and more.


The GE Profile washer has a 3.5 cubic foot basket for washing extra large loads of laundry.

Now you can wash those oversized items that wouldn’t fit in your conventional washer without having to take them somewhere like the cleaners.

In addition, you can wash more clothes and items at once rather than be stuck doing additional loads of laundry.

The basket is not only a super size basket but it is also stainless steel. This makes for an excellent benefit because it will not be damaged when your kids end up on washing things they shouldn’t.

Wear and tear occurs on most plastic baskets because of zippers and things banging up against them or getting stuck in the holes.

You don’t have to worry about the life of this washing machine basket because it will last you for the life of the washer.

You will never have to replace it. Many people get rid of their washer when their basket is damaged because it will make a loud noise during the spinning and become very irritating. You will never have to worry about these problems.

5 wash cycles

Another benefit with the GE Profile is that it has five different wash and rinse temperatures for you to choose from.

Most of the conventional washers only allow you to choose from hot, cold, and maybe warm. Having the different options for your water temperatures shows you that GE knows the importance of quality clothing care.

special features

In addition to the different water temperature options you have with this washer, you can also have the opportunity to choose from variable water levels.

If you like you can select the option for the machine to automatically recognize the clothing levels in the washer. It can do this by a built in sensor that tells the washer how much water to put in the basket.

This allows for you to save on water because it will never fill the basket if you only have a few small items to wash because the machine will match the water to the load size.

different speeds

Depending on your fabric type you also might want different wash and spin speeds. This is another thing you are capable of controlling on this washing machine.

If you are washing heavy duty fabrics then you might want the faster speeds to ensure the most water is out of the items and if you have extra gentle items then you might want the speed to be slower. You can control this according to what you think your clothing needs.

People love this feature. This system is called the HydroWave was system because it matches the washing action according to the clothing type you specify.

GE Profile WPRE6100GWT Top Load Pros

super quiet

One consumer absolutely loves her GE Profile washer.

She said that she thought when she first started doing laundry she actually thought it was broken because it was so quiet and not spinning as loud as she was used to with her contemporary model. Her washer was so quiet that she thought it wasn’t running.

However, that is just the beauty of these washers.

digital screen

Consumers love the digital screen on the front of the washing machine and it is very easy to understand and to use.

There is a PerfectTemp feature that heats the water up to the perfect temperature just for cleaning the clothes perfect.

You aren’t stuck with ice cold water when it is snowing outside because the PerfectTemp system will wash the clothes in cold water but warm it up to a temperature that is not too cold.

super clean

Another consumer couldn’t believe how incredibly clean even the dirtiest clothes were after being washed in the GE Profile.

Her bright colors never fade and dirt and grime comes out of clothes like never before. This is a very exciting benefit.


The GE Profile is a fantastic top load washer that has an oversized stainless steel basket that is durable and provides for the largest loads.

People love this machine because it washes clothes incredibly and saves them on their energy and water costs.

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