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GE Profile Harmony 4.0 Cubic Ft Washer WPGT9360

Because of GE’s passion for innovation, it continues to offer washing machines that are designed for the modern times. With this in mind, the WPGT9360 was developed to offer comforts in laundry cleaning.

The 4 cu. ft. WPGT9360 is an 11-cycle, king-size washing machine that comes with a HydroView™ glass lid that allows for viewing of clothes while washing.

It also features the HydroHeater system, which increases the water temperature to reduce bacteria and remove tough dirt and stains on clothes while ensuring clothing care at the same time. This washing machine comes in white and dark platinum to match the interiors of the laundry or the entire home.
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• very easy and efficient to use

• cleans well

• less wrinkling; drier clothes

• has customized cycles with so many presets to choose from

• durable (less worries about repairs)

• has see-through lid for toddlers’ enjoyment

• gentle on the laundry

• has huge capacity

• more costly, requiring a substantial amount of money to purchase it

• noisy and loud and even obnoxious for a few others

• might be hard to use at first

• lengthy wash time, must load laundry before tub fills

• expensive, but totally worth it

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Product Overview

The WPGT9360 was developed based on GE’s mission to continuously bring to market new technologies and help consumers overcome laundry challenges.

This model attempts to address all consumer concerns when it comes to washing the laundry, and so the WPGT9360 offers some of most advanced features that consumers can use to their convenience. Below are some of its key features:

HydroView Glass Lid

This allows the consumer to see the clothes during washing, without opening the lid or stopping the wash cycle.

HydroHeater System

This increases water temperature to reduce bacteria and ensure better washing by removing various kinds of stains at the same time.


This makes it a more energy-efficient washing machine that helps lower utility costs.

LCD Touchscreen

This feature comes with English and Spanish LCD touch-screen controls. It allows easy operation, wherein the quick-start feature lets the user to choose the fabric, garment, or color and type of their clothing. The washer does the rest.

Direct-drive motor

It automatically adapts the machine’s spin speed to the clothes being washed, providing optimal cleaning.

HydroWash System with Infusor

This system helps clean clothes thoroughly and gently,
without the central agitation common in conventional washing machines that are known to be harsh and thrashing on clothes.

Flow-Thru Dispensing System

It enables the dispensing of cleaning solutions, such as detergents, bleach, fabric softeners and other laundry solutions, at just the right time for optimal wash performance

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The WPGT9360 is very user-friendly, as this machine seems to offer wash/rinse cycles that are most appropriate for different types of clothes. Its LCD touch-screen provides very easy operation as well, offering numerous presettings for drying clothes options. Meanwhile, the quick-start feature leaves everything to the washing machine after users have selected the fabric type and garment color.

These features make it a very efficient washer. It has a HydroView™ glass lid that allows viewing of clothes while inside the tub, without having to open the lid or stop a particular wash cycle. Users who do other household chores just adore this special feature as it allows them to fold clothes or do other tasks in the laundry area, while their toddlers are too engrossed with the spinning and tumbling clothes inside the washer.

Another winning feature of this washer is the HydroHeater. Time and again, consumers have complained of how hard it is to remove stains and dirt. But this technology enables the washing machine to reduce the bacteria present in chothes and to immediately remove 40 different kinds of stains in clothes. It goes without saying that this washer does a fine job at cleaning, without compromising the quality of clothes and even of delicate fabric pieces.

Another advantage is that it is Energy Star qualified, which means lower utility costs for the consumers and more savings for them.

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Disadvantages observed in using the GE WPGT9360 range from the cost of the washer to the higher noise level observed by the users. The wash time is also lengthened because the user must first load the laundry before the tub fills. This sophisticated washing machine is hard to use at first. It may take some getting used to.

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Final Thought

The advantages of using the GE Profile WPGT9360 far outweigh the drawbacks observed in using competitor washer units. Consumers find the WPGT9360 to be more expensive for their pockets, noisy and loud, though tolerable for others.

But overall, summing up the so many advantages of this washer, consumers still find this washing machine worth buying.

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Comments for GE Profile Harmony 4.0 Cubic Ft Washer WPGT9360

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Dec 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

a sign pops up and say notice problem detected and start beeping

Aug 10, 2013
Doesn't use enough water
by: Very sorry I bought this

Obviously the 4 stars are from Ge or Lowes salesmen. This machine sucks. It doesn't clean well because it doesn't fill with water. I think the energy star rating means crap, or its idiot engineers never bothered using their own products. I'm taking mine apart to figure out how to break that stupid water level sensor. I'd also gladly buy a different make appliance in the future. Wrinkled and tangled clothes as well as dirty. Went to the laundromat today and was totally amazed to see water in a wash machine. That's sad

Aug 14, 2011
breaks too soon.
by: Frustrated

Touch screen stopped working properly within a 18 months. It is a couple hundred to replace it. The touch screen seems like it is out of calibration so when I want to run a cycle that is on the top row the row below is entered. Because of this I have to wash and dry clothes using options that are not as energy efficient as otherwise would be. Not much of a money saver. Also, I use between 40 to 50 gallons of water per load. This is a lot of water compared to the front loaders which use less than 30.

Aug 05, 2011
Don't do it!
by: Anonymous

This washer is horrible. I am totally disappointed. The clothes do not come out clean. Deodorant residue and stains are left on the clothes. They do no look or smell clean and come out of the washer a tangled mess. The greatest flaw is the inability to adjust the water level. Don't waste your money.

Aug 05, 2010
Fabulous washer
by: Anonymous

Washer delivered yesterday. Set-up guy walked me through all the steps. Read the book. I couldn't ask for a better washer. This washer is quiet and
does a great job on the clothes. And, I even found someone to take my Maytag. Thanks GE.

Jul 17, 2010
Don't buy a Harmony - You'll be SORRY
by: Sonia

I totally agree with those who wish they had never bought this washer and dryer! The clothes come out with detergent still on them, twisted, tangled and wrinkled, even dry!, and that's after you spend the time loading them with the heaviest items on the bottom as directed. The biggest problem seems to be that you have no control over the water level. Supposedly, the washer weighs the clothes and determines the appropriate amount of water. It's a JOKE! I have actually washed loads of clothes and some of the items were still dry when I took them out of the washer! The only way I have found to override this "feature" is to wash on the Comforter cycle, which completely fills up the tub. So, the washer we bought to SAVE money is actually COSTING us money. Many times I have had to wash loads two times because my dark clothes came out with white detergent residue on them which was not rinsed out properly in the scant amount of water the machine uses, and I use a very small amount of liquid HE detergent. We have only had our set a couple of years, and paid a lot for them, but we are currently looking for another washer and dryer. I don't plan to ever purchase another GE appliance. Their design engineers are obviously not using the appliances they dream up. Sounds good on paper maybe - but it doesn't work. Unfortunately, we were sold on all the "features". This time I'm looking for a w/d without all the bells and whistles that cleans a load of clothes the first time.

Jun 05, 2010
Wish I had't purchased this model
by: Anonymous

Purchased the GE Profile Harmony set 3 years ago. Wish I hadn't. I like energy efficiency as much as the next guy but this isn't it. It knots the clothes in a ball. Much more wrinkled thatn other washers I've used in the past. The may be due to the severly low water level it "allows" you to have for your wash load. It senses your load and determines how much water it thinks you need but unfortunately that means you will have balled up and very wrinkled clothes when you're done and the dryer does not take care getting them out. If it had a manual control for the water fill you could adapt it enough to work well depending on your load type (sheets, jeans etc.) I would never buy this model again. Do not buy a washer that you cannot also have a manual control for the water fill. Big mistake!

Nov 22, 2009
Energy savings does not matter if you have to wash over and over.
by: Amber

This washer tangles your clothes, especially jeans into a big wadded mess. It makes a ball of your sheets, towels, or comforter and lives a ring of dirt on top. It never cleans my clothes, no matter what HE detergent I use. I have tried different sized loads to try to see if it was that. No, This thing just does not work. I had a Maytag Neptune which had many problems, but when it worked it worked great and cleaned my clothes. What is the point of energy savings if I have to wash my clothes 5 times to get them clean. Sometimes they even come out dirtier than when they went into the washer. I would rather have the bad Maytag that flooded my garage 3 times and at least cleaned my clothes, than this washer.

Nov 19, 2009
Don't waste your money
by: Ellen

This washing machine is just awful. It twists your clothes into balls of knots so that it is difficult to unload. Even worse, you cannot override it's automatic filling. So, you can never fill the tub to clean it with any washing machine cleaner unless you fill it with clothes which you don't do when you use the machine cleaners.

Also, the loads take forever, and most cycles will not allow you to choose the hot water feature!! Do not waste your money on this lemon.

May 20, 2009
Extremely satisfied
by: Wesley

I have used the GE Profile Harmony washer and dryer for a year and a half now. These machines came with the purchase of my home so I am not sure of their age. I am extremely satisfied with these machines.

They have touch screen displays with many easy to use settings. I can also preprogram one touch settings for every type of clothing I put in or for every person in the house. This is a very valuable feature for me because I can use these presets for my very dirty work clothes, my wife’s delicates, or my daughter’s clothes without having to spend a lot of time entering in new settings every time I do a load.

Another great feature of these machines is that once I am done with the washing machine I just load the dryer, and the washing machine communicates with the dryer to tell it how long and at what settings to dry the clothes. At the end of the dry cycle the dryer automatically detects whether or not the clothes need more time drying.

The soap tray is really convenient for powdered or liquid detergent, fabric softener, and laundry booster.

The only complaint I have is that when you use powdered laundry detergent, the tray in the washing machine still has some soap left over in it. Overall, I would highly recommend these machines and when I need new ones I would buy like models.

May 20, 2009
Looks nice, but I should have bought a Maytag!
by: Anonymous

I find that the clothing are tangled in knots after the washing cycle and after a year & 1/2 my touch screen doesn't work on "change setting" on my dryer. Looks nice, but I should have bought a Maytag!

May 20, 2009
This washer holds so much clothing!
by: CWN

When I purchased my new home this washer was included. At first I expected a simpler, base model washer to be included with the home but we were pleasantly surprised by this wonderful washer. Our model is white and has a top loading clear plastic lid. All controls are buttons (no knobs).

There is a LCD display that informs you of how much time is left on the cycle and it can display error codes such as when you lift the lid at the wrong time. This washer holds so much clothing! I can usually fit about 10 pairs of jeans and roughly 15 shirts, etcs. Also 2 large blankets, 2 pairs of sheets, several towels can be fit.

It has a drawer the pulls out where pre-treater, soap and softener can be placed (powdered or liquid). The washer does not ask for a water level like previous washers, it auto-senses the weight of the laundry and adds water as needed. There is also to center agitator, it cleans just as well and any washer far as I can tell.

It has multiple settings for a large variety of clothing, etc. Also, having no center agitator is a handy for unloading.

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