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GE Profile Front Loader Washer WPDH8800J0WW

The GE Profile WPDH8800 is a high-end 27” front load washer that features a 4.2 cu ft. total load capacity. Therefore it can handle bigger loads than the average washing machines.

One of its promising features is the built-in SmartDispense Technology, wherein a built-in pedestal can hold up to six months worth of laundry detergent, powder or liquid, as well as bleach, fabric softener, and other fabric chemical substitutes.

The GE WPDH8800 also features the multiple wash cycle system, the H2ition Wash System, the Gold Medal Performance 1,300 rpm spin speed, and ADA Certification, making GE WPDH8800 a good option for consumers who want to be satisfied with their laundry washer. It comes in three colors: white, champagne, and vermilion red. It seems to be a neat package for laundry cleaning.

But with all its advanced features comes the hefty price tag.
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• less worry on putting too much detergent into the clothes

• skinny and tall for easy storage

• washes larger loads at one time

• excellent washer with its easy front-loading feature

• has water saver feature

• has delay start setting

• higher initial cash-out

• more costly maintenance

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Product Overview

The GE Profile WPDH8800 washing machine offers additional features that all translate to big savings. It includes a durable stainless steel wash basket, a true grip front door handle, and a see-through glass front panel window.

It offers numerous choices for loads such as cotton/normal, easy care, active wear, delicates, hand wash, speed wash, rinse, and spin. The delay start program allows for longer soaking time and enables users to take charge of how and when they want to do their laundry. Also, this kind of washing machine comes bundled with a limited 1 year manufacturer's parts and labor warranty.

Here are the key features of the WPDH8800 to help you choose the perfect washing machine for your home:

SmartDispense Technology

This washing machine comes with a built-in laundry detergent storage pedestal that automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent at the right time, thereby allowing the user to leave the laundry area for a long time without worrying about the laundry. It is built-in, unlike the other models where the consumer still has to buy the pedestal separately.

Integrated Stain Inspector System

This innovation from GE is very promising. GE claims it is the best stain removal system ever formulated in the industry of washing
machines, with the WPDH8800’s presets for over 40 different types of cloth stains.

Specialty Wash Cycles

This includes five separate wash and rinse temperatures and eight different wash and spin speed combinations for special fabric pieces that need gentle washing.

CleanSpeak Communication System

This feature works by communicating directly with the dryer, which automatically presets the correct dry cycles. This, of course, results in maximum clothing protection and less time spent doing the laundry.

H2ition Technology Wash System

This automatically detects the exact load size and dispenses the right amount of water needed at the lowest temperature, which saves on time and energy.

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There are so many great things about WPDH8800 that will surely prompt a consumer to buy one. First, it has a built-in SmartDispense pedestal that hides an amazing secret--the technology that stores and automatically dispenses detergent and fabric softener based on the detected load size, the dirt level, and water texture and fabric or cycle type.

Also, the WPDH8800 features the most promising stain removal system, which treats 40 different kinds of stains and fabric types. Consumers also like how this washer automatically senses the load and adds just the right amount of water to each load to help save time and money. The reversing wash cycle gently works while providing excellent cleaning. To top these all, the 4.2 cu. ft. king-size capacity tub allows up to 50 adult shirts or 24 full-size towels, or 17 pairs of jeans, or even a king-size comforter to fit in.

Equally important is the CleanSpeak communication between the washer and dryer, which automatically presets the correct dry cycles to save time.

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There are not that many disadvantages in using the GE Profile WPDH8800 other than its cost, which is way higher than the conventional top-load washing machines.

Also, the cost of maintenance seems costly for consumers. Ordinary consumers are always thinking of the initial cash-out when purchasing their washing machines.

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Final Thought

Putting together the advantages and disadvantages of the GE WPDH8800, one would say that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. The initial investment to purchase it will eventually be recovered through savings from the future cuts on utility costs, such as water and energy bills, as well as cuts on the shopping expenses for clothes.

And because it’s a very durable and sturdy washer, one need not worry so much about maintenance costs.

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Comments for GE Profile Front Loader Washer WPDH8800J0WW

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Mar 15, 2019
It was fine until the door fell off ... NEW
by: Norman

I've had this washer for nearly 10 years now... been a wonderful washer except it takes a very long time to wash a load of clothes, nearly an hour and a half... other than that its been a good washer well... except for the day the door nearly fell off... called GE repair, tech said it couldn't be fixed.

Sep 06, 2016
Never buy a GE again NEW
by: Robert sanders

This washer cleans okay, but has been plagued with problems since brand new. The auto dispense feature stopped working, so I was not getting detergent in my laundry for a long time. Had no idea why they came out smelly and unclean. Even pouring detergent in the dispenser takes a whole lot than comparable washers for some reason for clothes to come out smelling clean. The door seal always collects water and debris and has to be physically wiped out after each use, or it will smell like rotten garbage. The seal around the door was so delicate, a button grabbed it and tore it years ago, and the gasket has been leaking ever since. Replaced this model with LG and zero problems. Everything works perfectly, as designed. Never buy GE washers again!

Mar 25, 2016
Gets Worse each year..... NEW
by: Anonymous

I was SO excited to get a Front loading washer and Dryer after my 1996 would not break... Got TOP of the line for a deal since it had a scratch. The Dryer is Great... No complaints! The washer.... WELL... 1st (don't like it because you can not add something after cycle starts), not the manufactures fault but we kept getting lint, water collection in the gasket around the door. Have cleaned it, ran CLORAX thru it, dry with paper towels after each wash. I was fortunate enough to go back and get the AUTO Dispensing pedestal later BIG MISTAKE>>> The clothes have stunk so bad starting year 2. We went in and found the tubes dried with detergent and softer! I have read the normal detergent loading up top is dried for others. I am just adding the detergent on the clothes now! WORST OF ALL... I washed a load last week and I heard a thumbing in my laundry room.. I thought someone was beating on the washer... I ran and thought my kids were tearing up something... and BAM!! The washer jumped so hard while spinning that it knocked the detergent door open, the washer door open so hard that it broke the lock!!!! My husband is handy and order the part on line and repaired it. I'm SCARED to wash another load!!!

Dec 04, 2013
Couldn't be more pleased
by: ben602

This is my second set of GE front load washer and dryer.

First set was the GFWN1100DWW model in 2006. Never an issue and my laundry room was on the 2nd floor. Given to a family member when relocated to TX. I didn't want to deal with a 300pound washer. They're still going strong and no issues to date.

Current set is PFWS4605 champaign purchased in 2011 with smart dispense pedestals. I'll tell you, this set is amazing. Only reason I went with GE again is due to the excellent experience I had with previous ones. I'm an engineer and i notice slop in many things immediately. These operate smooth as butter and 2.5yrs later no issues with smart dispense.

As for smell and water issues people are having? Leaving the washer door open after a cycle should be a given. Top loaders don't smell because they don't seal so residual water evaporates.

Oct 31, 2012
by: Mrs. A

I purchased this hunk of of garbage back in october of 2008 and had previously owned the lg flagship series... uh boy was I in for a rude awakening.. this piece of crap has been nothing but a complete nightmare for us. I have had the service people out to my home over 12 times in since 2008. Yes twelve times! Going on thirteen. Thank god I purchased the warranty I did! My problems with this washer have been mainly the dispenser for the detergent not working, but have also had problems with the washer not spinning, stoping mid cycle and the water not filling in the washer, and of course my clothes not being washed! THIS FLIPPING thing does not wash clothes even at 50% of what our LG did. Seriously, this comes from someone whom suffers from allergies, this machine sucks! Please do yourself a favor and go by anything other then a GE product.....

Oct 30, 2012
Garbage from day 1
by: Leo A

I purchased for my wife as a gift both washer and dryer a
Along with self dispenser, it has never cleaned correctly!! Clothes always smell dirty when you have them on, towel cycle has never worked!! GE said working as designed!!! POS!!! I bought wath was to be the best washer on the market at the time! BS I got screwed by ge... Every major appliance in my home is GE, I am due for a home makeover and at one point wanted the monogram series but after this experience I will never purchase GE again.
Ps the field repair man was awesome., he really tried and I thank him for that but he can't fix a bull Shi* design
It sucks!!! Stay away from this

Jan 19, 2012
Washer leaked after warranty expired. GET THE EXTENDED WARRANTY!!!
by: Anonymous

This washer worked fairly well the first six months. After about a year, the machine started to leak near the front right area, near the lint catch compartment. Its been leaking (constant drip leak) every time we do a load, forcing us to throw down a few towels to soak up the water on the floor.

The other problem we have is sometimes the washed clothes are still soaked even after the washer has cycled to completion. We've had to to re-engage the spin cycle afterward to ensure the clothes were dry enough to throw in the dryer.

Other than these issues, the washer cleans well. But I would never buy another GE washer again. These machines should be more reliable than this for what you end up paying.

I would not buy this machine without the extended warranty had I read the comments that are circulating about this washing machine.

Absolutely disappointed after paying so much for what we thought was an excellent value based on potential dollars saved on water/energy consumption.

Aug 03, 2011
Stella I Could Have Been A Star
by: Anonymous

I started out likeing my Profile washer. Then I notict that my whites wasn't getting white. Sort of dingy looking. I try adding more bleach but all that did was to make them smell like beach. Now i am having trouble with the spin cycle. I sort of agree that a top loding washing machine beat the front load by a mile. I brouoght a front loader because it was suppose to save money over using a top loader. HA! HOur and a half to wash a load.

Jun 30, 2011
Still loving it
by: Family of 5

This is my second comment. have had this set for 2 years now. Still love it. Never had any problems. Our electric bill went down a hundred dollars after the first month. I don't know why other people are having problems, and I have had none. Our clothes feel cleaner and look better than they did with the traditional set I used to have. We are currently staying at our second home where we have an old front loader and a cheap dryer. I hate them!! Our clothes look terrible! I want to get back to my old set.

Jun 29, 2011
Hated it!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Steph S

This is THE WORST appliance that we have EVER purchased. Clothes stink, towels stink, takes 1 1/2 hours to wash a load, all whites turned grey (new shirts and underwear). Suffered with this product for 2 years before husband caved and bought an "old fashioned" agitator washer. We smelled like homeless people. Electric bill went WAY up (could it be 1 1/2 hour wash time?). Had to fight with GE repairman to get door hinge fixed. Will NEVER buy another GE appliance in this lifetime. Contacted GE by phone to complain about product and got transferred about 4 times and problems were not addressed. Disgusted!

Nov 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

I totally regret getting a front loader, the thing shakes and moves all over the place, it's loud and my clothes don't ever smell clean. I have to use the spin cycle twice to get all the water out of them and they still are soaking wet!!! Each load does take about 2 hours! I feel like I have to babysit each load, I have even stopped the load to re-arrange the clothes inside to try and help balance it out, needless to say I am selling this in the classifieds and getting a normal large capacity top loader. Major regret with this purchase, I absolutely hate this machine. GE profile 2008 RED

Oct 22, 2010
GE Profile is just a costly hunk of metal.
by: Blenda L.

My husband bought me GE Profile set for Christmas in 2008. We had 5 visits from repairmen,because machine began to smoke after the wash cycle had stopped. They finally rebuilt it and it still smoked. The old saying is where there is smoke there is fire, well they said we are sorry but there is nothing else we can do. I don't do "nothing else" very well. I finally talked them into replacing the machine,with the same type. It dances and the insde tub makes such a loud banging that you have to stop the machine a adjust the soaking wet cloths. It does not matter what you wash in this machine it still does it.
I feel so let down by the cost of this set. I wish had done more research. Please if you buy this "HUNK OF JUNK" purchase the extended warranty because you will need it!!!

Nov 23, 2009
This thing has been a pain in the a$$
by: Anonymous

We have had simular issues with load balancing. The washer walks around the laundry room and I finally had to wedge the chasis in place to keep it from blocking the laundry room door. To make matters worse, today the machine failed to spin and I fear a service call is in the works. I thougt I was providing my wife with a quality machine when I purchased these last year while she was deployed to Afghanistan... What a piece of crap, Thanks GE!

Sep 30, 2009
Door Issue in New Machine
by: Anonymous

Machine seemed great to start but yesterday (at 3 weeks old) the door stopped locking and therefore the machine won't go on. Ge did agree to come try to fix it, but earliest appointment was in 4 days. Other than that, machine is great

Aug 25, 2009
Great Product!
by: Jean AK

Most recently I had a Bosch set and prior to that the Kenmore Elites. Neither comes close to this. Cleans well and makes no where near the noise as the Bosch. In fact, I read another famous mags reviews and it was rated very good in terms of minimal vibration so if one is having problems there, I'd check the level of the machine. I'm very happy with both the wacher and dryer!

Jul 21, 2009
Complete Garbage
by: Fred

This machine does not work efficent. My clothes are always wet. The spin cycle is unbalenced even if i have a small load. Smells like swamp as the water lay in the gasket at the door. You have to keep clening the water out after each use. I will never by a front loader again.

Jul 08, 2009
Great Washer
by: Family of 5

I love this machine. I have had no balance issues. The loads do take longer, but the drying time is cut in half, so really it takes the same amount of time as my old top load set. My electric bill dropped $20.00 in just two weeks of owning this pair. I can't wait to see the bill after a whole month. Some people are probably going to get a lemon, but I have read more great comments than bad. Love that the dryer automatically sets itself. Extra large capacity is great with 3 kids. Cuts my towel loads down from 4 to 2. Can't say enough great things about this set.

May 20, 2009
by: Casey D.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT…I purchased this washer in October 2008. I was excited for the HUGE capacity (my husband is 6’4”). What a waste of money. The washer has a severe balancing issue and each load takes between 1 ½ to 2 hours to complete and the clothes are still wet.

The spin cycle shakes my entire first floor and we have added sandbags to the top to hold the washer down. I have tried to work with GE to either get a replacement washer or a different model but they claim the machine is ‘operating as designed’ and refuse to help.

My husband even works for GE and that hasn’t helped. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

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