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GE PFWS4605LMG Profile Frontload Washer 5.1 cu. ft.

Champagne, Energy Star Steam Features

The PFWS4605LMG is a washer included in the high-end Profile line of GE. One of its features is the Overnight Ready option wherein a small load can be washed, dried and ready for use in less than 8 hours without you having to change or transfer the load from the washer to the dryer. It has two steam options that ensure optimum cleaning with gentle action. The Steam Refresh feature helps in reducing creases and odors to make finished items look fresh with less wrinkles and a fresh smell. The Steam Assist meanwhile does the dirty work of breaking down sticky and hardened stains so they may be removed, leaving you with thoroughly clean laundry.

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Washer Highlights

Interior Features

  • Features that save you on energy use and in turn, utility bills. For example, the eWash option allows for some cycles to use cold instead of warm or hot water without giving up performance. Because the water doesn’t need to be warned or heated anymore, the machine will use less energy. Another mechanism that saves you on utilities is the automatic water level feature that only uses water sufficient for the load to be washed. This model is Energy Star qualified and CEE Tier III rated, as the machine meets the federal guidelines for efficiency in energy use.

  • AVC or Adaptive Vibration Control which optimizes the spin patterns made by the machine when in use, which in turn lessens the vibration and sound produced by the machine.

    Exterior Features

  • Included controls in the panel located above the washer’s door are a LED cycle countdown and LED cycle status lights to inform you of the time remaining in a wash cycle you started and if the cycle is already finished. Another control that will inform you of the end of a selected wash or rinse cycle is the deluxe End-of-Cycle signal. If you wish to delay the start of your wash, you may activate the Delay Start option for up to 24 hours. There is also a Child Lock safety feature for households with children in them so that kids won’t accidentally open the front door of the machine especially when it is in the middle of a cycle.

  • The champagne exterior of the washer gives it an elegant and unique look, different from the usual white or silver washing machines in the market.

  • Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 34 3/8 in
    Height: 39 3/4 in
    Width: 27 in
    Overall capacity: 5.1 cu. ft.


  • The washer has pre-set cycles that ensure specific care for 24 various types of specialty loads including hosiery, performance fabrics, fleece, lingerie and pet bedding, among others. Aside from these special cycles, there are also other cycles like Speed Wash, Drain and Spin, 2nd Rinse and PreWash.
  • The dispensing mechanism for bleach and fabric softener is the trademark Timed Flow-Thru dispenser. For the detergent, there is a separate Smart Dispense mechanism.
  • The Adaptive Fill mechanism of the washer makes use of an automatic detector that will only use an appropriate amount of water for a particular load.
  • Steam Assist and Steam Refresh features ensure that clothes are thoroughly cleaned and left smelling and looking fresh through the gentle power of steam.


  • The dispensing mechanism for the detergent is a different technology that requires a different tool.


  • Pre-set special cycles for specialty loads
  • Exact dispensing mechanism for bleach and fabric softener
  • Sufficent amount of water used in all cycles
  • Gentle yet effective steam features


  • Separate inconvenient dispensing mechanism for detergent

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