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GE GTWN4250MWS Top-load 3.7 Cu. Ft.

White Energy Star, HydroWave Wash System Stainless Steel

White Energy Star, HydroWave Wash System Stainless Steel

The GTWN4250MWS is an energy-efficient top-load washer from GE that gives the user a variety of functions as well as convenience. The HydroWave wash system ensures fabric care as the water travels longer and more slowly than usual to achieve tough cleaning minus the wear and tear. The PreciseFill gives you up to 5 water levels that you can use to set just the right amount of water for your load. Whether you are washing delicates or cottons, the machine will adjust the speed to make sure that the quality of clothes won't be altered even after several washes.

Interior Features
  • Get rid of tough stains by allowing your clothes to soak in soapy water before washing. The machine also has a bleach dispenser that comes in handy for those heavily soiled clothes. When rinsing, the machine can already incorporate fabric conditioner from the machine's dispenser. You will not need to measure bleach or fabric conditioner in scoops as the machine does it for you.
  • The machine comes with a HydroWave and Precise Fill features that allow the machine to match water levels with the weight of wash load placed in the machine. This way, only the optimal volume of water will be used, allowing the user to conserve water and electricity.
  • The top-load washer is powered by a 3-speed motor that can handle different types of laundry. The 5 wash/spin speed combinations help alternate the spin speed to preserve fabric quality.
  • Say goodbye to unnecessary shakes and noise with the AutoBalance Suspension System. The suspension system keeps it leveled when it is in operation. The tub's spins will not cause any excessive shakes and vibrations from the machine while it is washing
    or spinning clothes. This way, the user will not have to worry about fixing the clothes inside the tub before turning the machine on.

    Exterior Features

  • The white finish makes the machine clean and sleek-looking.
  • The stainless steel basket and galvanized steel cabinet ensure a heavy-duty washer that's easier to maintain and can last a long time. The washer also comes with color lid instructions and
    rotary electronic controls. The cycle status lights help the easier monitor the cycle.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25.5 inches
    Height: 42 inches
    Width: 27 inches
    Total volume: 3.7 cu. ft.


    The machine helps the user conserve water with its Precise Fill feature and water level indicators. The different water temperatures also make it easier to wash clothes as stains can be easily removed. You don't have to manually calculate the amount of bleach and fabric conditioner for your clothes with the machine's built-in dispensers.

    The machine is made out of durable materials such as galvanized steel for the body and stainless steel for the tub. This way, the machine can handle multiple cycles and will surely last a long time. It cleans well while preserving the quality of clothes and other laundry items that go through the tough wash cycles.


    The capacity of this machine is only 3.7 cubic feet and may not be enough for some households or one who needs to do laundry more often than usual. Some customers often complain about the poor customer service from the company.


  • cleans clothes well
  • easy to use
  • offers speed washing
  • uses less water than other washers
  • has bleach and fabric conditioner dispensers


  • noisy operation
  • poor customer service

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  • Comments for GE GTWN4250MWS Top-load 3.7 Cu. Ft.

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    Mar 02, 2013
    by: Anonymous

    no control over water level or wash time really hate this machine also clothes tangle terribly

    Jan 08, 2013
    GE Washer getsout of balance & is noisy
    by: Anonymous

    If this machine has an automatic balancing system, it does not work! My floor sags very badly & I was informed by the installer the machine would always be unlevel. When it comes to thick bath towels, watch how many are loaded as to much weight will cause the mavhine not to spin fast enough, too little and the load becomes unbalanced. It is noisy, but it does clean clothes fine.

    Jul 25, 2012
    Poor Overall Performance
    by: Ken

    Machine is nice looking. Machine doesn't fill with the proper amount of water on precise fill. I always have to arrange the clothes in the tub to keep it from vibrating and shackeing. It also makes terrible noises when you put in heavy garments such as blue jeans, rugs, comforters, etc., it sounds like it is going to fall apart. It is also hard to level as the back auto level legs or bolts will not move into the correct position so that the machine will set level, I am always having to relevel the machine by turning the front legs up or down. The agitation system (agitator)will also put holes in bulky and heavy items such as cotton rugs and bed comforters, they should have left out the big and tall agitator and put a agitation system in that is made for high efficiency top loading machines. If someone asked me if I would buy one again or recommed it to someone I would probably have to say NO!

    Dec 18, 2011
    GE.eee it's driving me crazy
    by: Bobaloo

    My GE GTWN4250M is driving me crazy. You have no ability to control your wash load. You cannot extend the wash cycle or any other cycle. you cannot reload water for a second wash to save water and soap.. it will spin it out. The hose is inflexible and will not fit in the laundry tub. But it does wash cloths well...and if you were unconcerned about saving money on hot water and soap it would be ok.

    Sep 10, 2011
    by: Anonymous

    We had a washing machine once that was terribly unbalanced until we checked and found one piece of
    cardboard that was used for packing purposes was not removed from around tub. Then it worked perfectly.

    Aug 14, 2011
    Unbalanced load problem
    by: Anonymous

    At least every third load it becomes so unbalanced that it stars walking across the floor, no mater how careful you load it. This washer is JUNK. It was professionally installed (leveled and shipping rod removed). My wife has to babysit every load. It become so violent it moves a 80 gallon water heater.

    Jul 24, 2011
    no soak cycle
    by: Gary

    there does'nt seem to be any way to interrupt the wash cycle,and allow for soaking heavily soiled clothes,other than to open the lid on the machine,which cools down a hot water washload.
    Any other attempts to return to washing causes the machine to dump the previously started washload,and require starting all over again.

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