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GE GFWS3505LMS Metallic Silver Frontload Washer 4.9 cu. ft.

Energy Star Steam Refresh

The GFWS3505LMS is a front load washer manufactured by GE. This metallic silver machine contains an Adaptive Vibration Control (AVC) mechanism that reduces the vibrations and noise made by the machine when it is in use. Thus, you can put it anywhere, as you are assured that your peace won’t be bothered by mechanical noises while doing laundry. It is also has a built-in eWash option that uses cold instead of lukewarm or hot water when doing the laundry, thus lessening energy requirements to operate the machine. Despite using cold water, these cycles still produce thoroughly washed and cleaned laundry items, though.

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Washer Highlights

Interior Features

  • There are two steam action mechanisms included in this washer, the Steam Refresh and Steam Assist. With Steam Assist, heavily soiled items will be thoroughly cleaned as the steam deeply penetrates hard to remove stains to dissolve them. Meanwhile, the Steam Refresh aids in making items smell cleaner and look fresher with the absence of hot smells and crinkles on finished items.

  • Among the 12 cycles that are built-in the machine that can be used to clean heavily soiled items is the stain wash cycle. This special cycle has the capacity to thoroughly clean items by erasing stains that are difficult to remove.

    Exterior Features

  • The door of this washer is located in the front face, equipped with a see-thru glass. This allows you to have a look of the machine’s interior even if it is in a middle of a cycle. Other out of date machines would require you to open the door to see what’s inside the washer, and if it is in use, the machine would stop and only resume once you close the door. Having the see-thru glass gets rid of this hassle.

  • The circular frame of the see-thru glass window as well as the handle is made of dark chrome material that can be easily maintained and does not retain smudges, fingerprints and other dirt. The handle has a trademark TrueGrip feature that prevents slipping even if you handle the door with wet or slippery hands.

  • Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 34 in
    Height: 40 1/2 in
    Width: 27 in
    Overall capacity: 4.9 cu. ft.


  • Included in the washer’s control panel are a LED cycle countdown, LED cycle status lights and an adjustable end-of-cycle signal. These features inform you of the progress of the cycles employed in the washer.
  • There is also a Delay Start option of up to 24 hours which allows you to operate the machine at a later time for emergencies or special occasions.
  • There is also a Child Lock feature that prevents the washer’s door from being accidentally opened by children, especially when the machine is in use.
  • The load size adaptive fill capability of the machine makes sure that only the proper amount of water is used proportional to the load in the machine. This prevents any wasteful water use.
  • The machine is certified with Energy Star and CEE Tier III, which means you have a machine that performs to its optimum and still lets you save on energy costs.


  • This model’s door is not reversible, which may cause the door to always hit on walls when installed in more confined spaces.
  • Other usual features found in other washers such as a soak setting and self cleaning lint filter.


  • Energy efficient machine with Energy star certification
  • User-friendly features
  • Option for automatic and delayed operation included
  • Prevents accidental operation
  • Precise amount of water used in each cycle

  • Inconvenient non-reversible door
  • Absence of soak setting and lint filter with self cleaning abilities

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