GE Frontload Washers
WSXH208A Review

The GE WSXH208A Front load washer is a fantastic machine packed with features that might make you consider this as your next washing machine.

Many of the features include adaptive water levels, timed dispensers, many cycles, and more.

There are many reviews from consumers who have purchased this particular make and model of washing machine that make it a fantastic option for washing your clothes.

GE front load washer WSXH208A Key Features

The GE front load washer has a feature integrated that makes it sense the water levels of the loads of laundry.

This is amazing because you no longer have to tell the machine how big your load size is. The sensors can tell the size of the load and adjust the water levels accordingly.

This is really helpful because when you do a really small load of laundry then you don’t have excess water in the basket that you don’t need.

You won’t be wasting water anymore when you do laundry. You also don’t have to worry about the washer putting too little of water in the basket and having some clothes that don’t get clean enough or barely wet.

You will be surprised with your water savings you experience and the difference in your water bill.

8 different wash cycles

With this washing machine you can take advantage of eight different wash cycles for you to choose from. There is a prewash, delicates, cottons with regular soil, heavy soil, light soil, an easy care with medium soil, and permanent press.

You can wash delicates that you would normally handwash because the delicate cycle is so gentle on your clothes and gets them incredibly clean.

You can control the amount of soil your clothes are full of and how hard your laundry gets washed so you can ensure your clothes are truly clean. You can even choose to use an extra rinse cycle if your wash is a heavy duty load of clothes.

The different loads are very beneficial because you are not limited to two or three different load choices. GE recognizes the many different types of loads because all clothes cannot be washed the same way.

some nice touches

With the GE WSXH208FWW white extra-large front load washer also allows you to control the way you are notified when your load of laundry has completed.

Many people have a screeching buzzer that startles them when they are running laundry and it goes off when it is done. Some people have a loud beeping.

Some machines don’t stop until you run over to it and stop the noise. You can now adjust the way you are told that your laundry is finished. In addition to adjusting the way you are signaled you can also adjust the length of the signal.

When you are notified when the load is completed then you don’t forget you put laundry in and this allows you to save time between each load of laundry.

This way you can get your laundry done quicker rather than taking all day to complete your laundry.

GE front load washer WSXH208A Pros

Many of the other features of this GE washing machine include a fabric softener dispenser, bleach dispenser, and a quiet package so it doesn’t make a lot of noise while a noise is running.

The installation of the machine can be under a counter. It is stackable if you need to save space, and you can place it side by side.

You are not limited to where or how you want to place your washer. There are rear rollers on this model and there are leveling legs you can use to prop up properly.

There are many consumers who have purchased this make and model of washing machine and some people are very happy with this unit and others have had a bad experience.

Some of the positive comments about the GE front load washer are that it washes clothes, lasts a long time, and it fits in small places.

Many people like the white color of the washing machine because it matches the walls and it also cleans very well. This is a cheap washing machine and consumers have commented that they save energy with this particular washing machine.

GE front load washer WSXH208A Cons

Some of the negative comments about this washing machine include that the door is too small on the unit and the rubber seal tends to fall off of the machine.

It is expensive to repair even under the warranty. Some people have recommended purchasing the extended warranty because you will need it.

Final Thought

The GE WSXH208A Front Load Washer has a bundle of features that might make this little model exactly what you are looking for. Some consumers are quite happy with this unit and others didn’t really care for it.

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