GE Front Load Washer - WSSH300G

The GE WSSH300G front load washer is packed with features. You will be very happy with all of the benefits offered with this washing machine.

There are a few consumers who have reviewed this item and some like this washer while others were not happy with it.

GE WSSH300G Front Load Washer Key Features

Many of the features of the GE front load washer include an oversized basket, a stainless steel basket, glass door, and a stackable option.

There are many more features that people absolutely love about this unit also.


The capacity of this washing machine is a king size 3.5 cubic foot. This means you can wash more laundry and do less loads.

It also means that those oversized items like your king sized comforter you can wash at home now rather than take it all the way to the laundry mat.

This is a huge benefit because you know what was in your washing machine last. You don’t want to take the risk of ruining important oversized items in a public washer because the last washer still has bleach or dye in it.

They also might have clothing with grease and oil in them that left residue in the washer and your comforter might come out ruined.

This happens so often to people. You won’t ever have to worry about something like that happening to you because your washer will be big enough to hold all of your items.


There are three different dispensers with the GE front load washer. The dispensers are for bleach, fabric softener, and for the detergent.

The machine will automatically dispense each of these items at just the appropriate time during the cycle. This is a very convenient feature because you don’t have to stand and watch the water pour in the basket waiting to pour in anything.

The washer knows when each need to be put into the laundry. You will save a lot of time not having to do this anymore.

Great door

Most people who purchase this front load washer love the glass door on the front of it. Some people will watch their entire load wash because they think it is entertaining.

It is fun to be able to watch the dirt and grime get washed out of your clothes because you really can see it. The glass door is sleek and it adds the perfect touch to your washer. However, being able to watch your load wash is the best benefit of the glass window of all.

Space Saver

Although the GE front load washer has an oversized basket for washing it is still a stackable washer and considered to be a space saver.

People love this option if they only have a small closet they are forced to shove their washer and dryer in.

This washer will also fit under a counter or you can place it next to your dryer. It is up to you how you want to place the washer but saving space is an option if you need to.

GE WSSH300G Front Load Washer Pros

There are many reviews on this washing machine. One consumer absolutely loves this top load washer and they have had a wonderful experience with it.

She said that the loads were clean and the spin cycle was so efficient that the clothes were practically dry before she had to put them into the dryer.

This was another way she saved on energy costs because she didn’t have to run the dryer as long. If you take care of this washer it will run forever.

Another consumer mentioned that they loved their washer although they were not pleased with the customer service they received from GE. The customer service was so bad they will never buy from GE again, but the machine itself is great.

Final Thought

The price of the GE front load washer is very affordable. When you consider all of the ways that you save on energy, water, and detergent then you realize that you earn your money back from the purchase in just a few months.

It is the most cost effective purchase you might ever make when you are looking for an efficient and money saving washing machine.

You will immediately notice a drop in your water bill because this machine uses much less water and if you have a big family, then you will be surprised when you see your water bill at how much less you owe.

The GE WSSH300G front load washer has plenty of features that you might consider reason enough to make a purchase. Some people love this machine and others were not happy with the service from GE.

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