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GE Extra Large Capacity Electric Dryer

by Samantha
(Casa Grande, AZ)

I LOVE this dryer! We are a bargain shopper family, and that what led us to buy this GE dryer when our old one bit the dust. But price was not the only factor - we wanted something that could handle heavy, large loads, stand up to the external abuse that kids can put on it, and stand up to the massive quantities of laundry that our young family goes through on a weekly basis.

This dryer has done it all and has impressed me time and time again. First of all, you just can't beat the price - our unit cost us around $300.00 at a local Home Depot. It was one of the "bargain models" that are offered in such a store, but it came highly recommended by the floor associate - something that doesn't happen very often when commissions are on the line and bigger, flashier and more expensive models are two steps down the aisle.

And everything that we were told about the dryer has turned out to be accurate. The capacity of the dryer is very large, yet the unit takes up an average amount of space. The setting are great as well. It is very easy to set the right temperature and time - so easy that my husband has no excuse to NOT put his own clothes in the dryer!

Even a few of the smaller details have been a pleasant surprise. The lint trap catches a great deal and is very easy to get to, clean and replace. And the set up of the dryer itself was very easy and hassle free. All in all, this has been a great buy.

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Jun 04, 2010
GE extra capacity home depot purchase
by: Anonymous

Get ready for your dryer to BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE! I bought the extra capacity GE two years ago and now the weight bearing drum glides are WORN COMPLETELY THROUGH! There are five of them at 14$ each and a bracket that has also been destroyed. Good luck and never leave your dryer running when you are not near to smell it when the oven element inside starts lighting the contents on fire.

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