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GE EWA5600KWW Top Load Washer

by B. Ann

Forget the idea that a GE washing machine should indeed clean and rinse on the first time through each cycle. Skip the "Energy Efficient" title with GE: unless washing and rinsing twice per load is your idea of efficiency, that is.

I was told by their consumer relations hotline that I had "buyer's remorse " for expecting a new top loading GE EWA5600KWW to actually do what it was supposed to: wash and rinse loads completely (how about as well as my 18 year old Speed Queen washer that it was replacing??), even needing to wash twice when using a stain remover if needed and rubbing in extra HE Wisk detergent; even with two washings, or two rinses.

I have such gaul, I know. The repairman also said I should "rinse twice" to remove lint that stays on dark loads - and the point concerning efficiency or effectiveness is...???
GE adamantly stated in a phone message that it "would not be replacing the model" I have purchased as "it performs as stated and nothing is wrong with it" --- except that it doesn't perform as a washing machine that should work the first wash or rinse through, or that it is efficient.

I did not need an expensive, glitzy washer with pedestal, etc. What I thought I was buying was an efficient and more eco-friendly machine to take the place of my dependable though finally broken older Speed Queen. GE of course doesn't even have to acknowledge that it created a lemon of a machine and won't accept responsibility for its poorly designed machines - or care if the little guys (consumers) complain about their sticking it to the masses.

It is, once again, corporate conglomerate cretins not caring about the little guys. The repairman told me I could "sell it on craigslist...."

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Oct 05, 2013
Eterna Washer
by: Anonymous

All of this has happened to me and more. Certain members of my family think it's because I don't know how to load a washer, but it's actually because at the moment, we don't really own one.

Apr 22, 2013
The one time I did not look at reviews....
by: Missouri

I usually look up the reviews when the purchase is higher than $100. The sales person assured me this was an excellent washer and I was liking the concept of a "larger than others" wash tub. We were to use this at a weekend home where it will be used maybe 3-4 times a month, but doing towels, sheets etc. I rejected my wifes first complaints that it was not cleaning. 3 years later, we are getting a new washer. It is practically new, but it does not work. I do not understand how this P.O.S. made it to market. They designed, built and put it out for sale. If GE would have done a load of laundry (test it out??) they would have come to the conclusion that they just built a P.O.S. and put G.E. on the front. We would like to sell it, but are struggling with the idea. Do we tell the potential buyer, it is practically new, but it doesn't clean. It basically fills with water, then shakes your clothes around for about 45 minutes. If you put a towel in one area, it will be in the excact same location when the load is done. Fancy soaking device is what it is.

Aug 23, 2012
Glad I had a warranty
by: Anonymous

Wish I had read this page before I bought one. Thought it was a top rated product.Mine lasted almost 2 1/2 years. Lost the spin cycle and the warranty co. decided to pay in full. Thought maybe I would use the check to fix the unit and have some money left over to help with laundry mat expenses. After the lack of concern I got from GE, and reading this page, anything GE will not be considered. This co. does not seem to care about it`s future. Thanks all for your reviews!

Jan 16, 2012
Wish I read comments B4
by: Anonymous Cat

Not happy at all .... but once it is bought
deal with it and only wish is falls apart soon.
I quesiton the amount of water and how well does it clean .... as for fabric despencer gets dirty
real fast and needs to be cleaned AND YES second rince cyle at times.
I bought thinking it would be easier on fabric
and being energy efficent .... yeah right

Nov 21, 2011
Worst washer ever !!
by: Staci J

This washer is terrible ! I end up washing fewer clothes in each load than my previous model and they still do not get clean, when I use bleach on my whites they still smell so strongly of bleach that I end up washing the load twice. After having this washer only one year I am off to buy a new washer (absolutely not a G E Brand !!). Sad thing is that this one is so awful that I do not even intend on donating it , off to the metal recycling plant it will go !! Good Riddance !!

Jul 28, 2011
GE Blues
by: Milt Powell

When my old maytag washing machine failed, I opted for a new GE high efficiency machine. What a huge mistake. the machine simply will not clean whites, or darks to any acceptable degree. Clothes come out dingy and dirty no matter what we do. Rinsing twice, changing detergents, nothing works. When I called the retailer that sold the unit, I was told to talk to the manufacturer. Trust me, GE does not want to help, or even talk to me about this substandard appliance. Beware of shallow promises on the part of GE, their high efficiency machines are worthless. I wish I had repaired my old maytag. If the retail store does not honor my trust in them, I will post their store name on line. GE, you will never sell me anything with your name attached. Maytag! Where are you?

Apr 18, 2011
doesnt clean anything
by: Anonymous

Piece of junk. Never cleans even with added bleach. Old washer so much better!!!

Dec 30, 2010
Hate this "Non" washing washer
by: charlene

Buyer Beware, I thought I was doing a good thing for the environment and myself what with the water and detergent saving factors. WRONG! GE should have a total recall on this washer and give people their money back. They know this thing is a dud. They should be ashamed of themselves. If you want clean lint free cloths pass this one by. If you do a large load with the xtra hi water half the cloths don't even get wet. I am thinking of calling the local refurbished dealer to see if he will trade me even up for a REAL washer with an agitator and lint filter. Hey GE, I'm on a fixed income so it wasn't easy buying this piece of junk, but know that I will never again buy anything with the GE logo, probably wouldn't take it if it was free! If you are reading this, take serious and don't waste your money.

Oct 13, 2010
old classical ones are much better
by: Anonymous

Initially I thought this washer was a great find for the price, until one day after havining it only since mid May,it wouldn't spin the water from my towels,or clean them.Needless to say, I was very baffled and disappointed. I contacted the ge service center and a repairman came out and examined it and said the motor had burnrd out.

He relaced it with no problem. It seems strange the motor wouuld go out so fast. I've never had this problem before with any other washer. Also the fact that I have to usually use the extra rinse cycle for my clothes to come out smelling fresh.

I would not purchase this washer again.Although this washer is supposed to be energy saving, I like the old classical washers better.They seemed to get the clothes cleaner.

Sep 12, 2010
by: Angie

Just purchased this lemon of a machine today. At first I thought that I was expecting to much. but oh NO it is a lemon. my first load , I washed a large load of towels and I followed the directions just as the instructions say. load clothes around the outside of the basket. and no higher than the top row of holes. the water never did get all the towels wet or washed for that matter. suppose to be able to handle large loads and it was on super load. I had to wash again and rinse 2 times to get them clean. so I tried something eles just to see how well it would wash a small load that was soiled slightly with dirt. washed small load of whites with bleach , one t shirt had a few dirty paw print from my dog. And it was what I thought. Not Clean!!!! I put spray n wash and rubbed dirt out ,which didn't take but 2 seonds but the washer should have done the job. My old washer (whirlpool) would have cleaned that t shirt just fine. I will be returning this piece of junk in the morning. For $600.00 it should have preformed much better. its a washing machine that doesn't wash ??? JUNK,JUNK, JUNK. DONT BUY IF YOUR LOOKING. I will be sticking with a old fashioned washer with an adjitator. High effeciency , save water. yeah right, not when you have to wash twice and rise 2 to 3 times . oh yeah and the hair and lint that normally is rinsed off your clothes with a normal machine will still be there when its done washing. YUCK!!! will never buy GE again.

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