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GE DPSE810EG Profile Electric Dryer

by Michael Grella
(Huntington Station)

Like everyone else who owns a home and needs a new appliance you will need a clothes dryer.I looked long and hard until I came across a reasonably priced good sized one called a GE Profile electric dryer.This was not the most expensive dryer available but it definitely was not the cheapest one out there.

The dryer has a 7.0 cu. ft. Super Capacity,5 heat selections and twenty drying cycles.The inside uses a stainless steel drum interior and a Sensor Dry Plus moisture sensor. It also includes Wrinkle Care, as well as Damp Dry and Dewrinkle cycles.You also have an option on the look of your new dryer as it comes in titanium or white color.I choose the white color since it matches my washer.Either one looked great.

The extra features are a plus for me as I love extra features that actually do something.Lots of dryers are very loud and annoying but my GE profile electric dryer has a very quiet drum and some people would love that if they have children that are sleeping when you use this.

Another very important thing about this dryer is that is is made by GE.GE has been around for years and is a very reliable company and they stand by their products.

My past dryer was 20 years old and from GE but I wanted a new and updated one even though my old one still worked.Bottom line on this dryer is that it does ensure that temperatures and dry times are right for each fabric type and it won't damage your clothes.

The dryer is value priced but do not let that fool you as a lower price does not mean it is cheaply made.This dryer is sturdy and very strong and I give it my highest recommendation for it. All I can say is great job GE on yet another quality dryer!

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Sep 16, 2015
Chloe NEW
by: Anonymous

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Apr 09, 2009
Can handle a large load
by: 123barbo

I am satisfied with the operation and the functionability of the GE Profile dryer in question. I have not had any service related issues with the machine and it does work fine on all settings. The cotton setting drys fabrics to a perfect feeling is a small amount of time. The mixed loads setting uses the perfect temperature to dry mixed fabrics without damaging the garment.

The permenent press setting cooly brings the gentle fabric to a slow even dry. Although the delicate setting has been tested many times without any complaints, I have not experienced the use of the Knit/Wooling setting nor the Special setting. An Air Dry setting, a De-wrinkle setting and my personal favorite the Timed Dry setting are also at the disposal of the user when an alternative air temperature is needed.
The large capacity drum is able to handle a large load of newly washed clothes and also the large capacity drum is great for large sized items such as blue jeans or light jackets.

The Load Size indicator allows the user to select from loads a small load to a large load and many others in between. This feature varies the dry time and can be a real money saver. A Dryness Level indicator allows the user to control the amount of moisture taken from the item. This is useful when an item is desired to be removed from the desire with an amount of moisture remaining. A Temperature setting can determine the amount of heat a user would desire for a given item.

Myself as well as the mother of my five year old son and our five year old son have many items that consist of many different fabrics. The differing components of each material require ability to care for the drying of each garment. I have not and do not have a single complaint concerning the GE profile dryer nor the accompanying washing.

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