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GE 3.2 cubic foot capacity washer WJSR4160GWW

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Product Overview

What makes the WJSR4160 a dependable washer? Is it the loading capacity or the fabric care system? Listed below are the key features of this washer that makes it a reliable choice for laundry cleaning.

Super Plus ExtraAction Wash Basket

With its 3.2 cu. ft. loading capacity, GE's WJSR4160 is a washer that could accommodate heavy loads. Because of this, the time one needs to spend washing is also reduced. The Super Plus ExtraAction Wash Basket of this laundry machine increases the washer's surface area, which facilitates the squeezing of water from clothes during the spin cycle. With this process, the dry time of the fabric is significantly reduced as well.

Fabric care systems

To prolong the life of the fabric, this washer has four wash/spin speed combination system, which controls the speed of the washing based on the types of fabric loaded into the washer. There is also the HydroWave Wash System, which sets the speed of the wash action based on the type of the clothing. Aside from the wash/spin combo and HydroWave Wash System, the clothes are well taken care of in this washer through its wash/rinse temperatures setting. This feature enables the washer to set the right water temperature for the removal of dirt in the clothes and prevention of wear of the fabrics. The switching from washing delicate clothing to washing jeans and blankets, on the other hand, is made easier through the washer's rotary electromechanical control.

Energy efficient system

One can expect an excellent cleaning result through this laundry machines's 16 wash cycles. In terms of energy conservation, the WJSR4160 has four water level system, which helps the users control the level of water needed for a certain amount of load. If the use of water is regulated, the amount of electricity for heating the water is also reduced. Another reason for the reduction of electricity consumption when using this washer is its large loading capacity. Through this, the frequency of loading is minimized.

Load efficient features

Additional features such as the prewash cycle and Auto Soak control also contribute in making the washer highly efficient. The prewash cycle gives the clothes enough time to soak
and agitate in order to remove stains, while the Auto Soak control enables the soaking of soiled clothes for 15 to 30 minutes before the wash cycle. The Auto Soak feature eliminates the need to do extra cycles. Aside from reducing the amount of work done, these features also ensure that different types of fabric are thoroughly cleansed.

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According to consumers, one of the best features of this washer is its loading capacity. Its 3.2 super-size wash basket accommodates more clothes and other laundry items, thereby reducing the frequency of loading. Through this feature, the users can surely lessen their energy consumption.

Because this washer is designed with load efficient systems, users find the result of the washing satisfactory. They are also saved from having to worry about ruining the strands and hems of the fabric, since this laundry machine has features that are especially designed for gentle but efficient cleaning action.

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Consumers cite only few disadvantages of GE's WJSR4160. One of these is its lack of variety in terms of style and design. There are many buyers who take style and elegance as prime considerations in choosing any household equipment. And for these shoppers, GE's WJSR4160's dull color and design is a major drawback.

There are also many users who complain about this washer's noisy operation. Although GE claims that this washer has silent spinning, it still makes noise.

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Final Thought

It is true that this washer is not the perfect choice of all. In fact, it's not as advanced as other washing machines. However, if one weighs the pros and cons of having this washer at home, one would surely realize that the advantages outweighs the disadvantages. It thoroughly cleans but doesn't damage the quality of clothes and other laundry items. It is ideal for those who are looking for a simple and straightforward washer that won't take too much time getting used to.
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• large loading capacity

• auto soak system

• prewash options

• fabric care system

• energy efficient

• temperature settings

• choices for colors and designs are not available

• noisy spinning

• a bit bulky

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Comments for GE 3.2 cubic foot capacity washer WJSR4160GWW

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Sep 06, 2010
A horrible machine!
by: Anonymous

After about 30 uses the clutch went out and it wouldn't spin. Replaced the clutch ($200+) and now 30 days later the transmission blew up. What a piece of junk!

Aug 19, 2010
Ever cheaper quality
by: Anonymous

My previous GE washer lasted over 20 years. I replaced a relatively expensive tub gasket and some hoses but that is all.

The WJSR4160GWW motor controller board failed after two years. The motor is fine, but the controller board cannot be purchased separately so you pay for a new motor. As expected when I checked the board, the quality of components is sub-standard and the capacitors are certain to fail much sooner than previous mechanical switch models.

Currently the timer motor is sticking intermittently when means you need to attend to the washer when this happens.

I will not buy this GE product line again.

Jun 10, 2010
dont buy
by: cvbconstruction

Iam a general contractor and purchase a lot of appliances.This washer lasted 1 and 1/2 years. Do you think anybody upstairs at GE cares.Upper management where are you.I know what I can depend on for my clients.I hope the old word Quality Control rings in some ones mind.

Aug 12, 2009
Stopped after six months
by: Edward Hazel

Six months after we purchased our GE washer it stopped going into the spin cycle. The repair man ordered a motor which took a week for him to get. After installing the new motor it still would not spin out.

It seems there are two reasons for the spin cycle not to activate.The lid contains a sensor that when faulty will produce the same results.

I am submitting this review in frustration because my washer needs repairaing again I bought my GE washer so I would not have to do my laundry else where
Edward Hazel

May 22, 2009
A great deal
by: Leslie

I just got this new washer a few months ago. I splurged and spent almost 400.00 on it, thinking I would save money in the long run if I got a more energy efficient model.

I had always gone for the lower end washer and dryers, with a small family I figure we don't put that much strain on them.

I really like this new "fancy" model, it's plenty big enough, again, we are a small family.

I love the sixteen different wash cycles, I can choose exactly what I want each time I put a load in. This washer is very quiet which is a big plus. It also has 4 different wash temperatures and four different rinse temperatures as well as four water levels and a pre-soak option.

For the money, I think I got a great deal, and judging from my energy bills I am going to save some money in the long run.

May 17, 2009
Save your money and buy something else
by: Anonymous

I would not recommend this washer. We bought it in the fall of 2007 and it was serviced about 2 months after for not agitating properly and now it is the spring of 2009 and it is broken (won't agitate or spin). We live in a 2 person household so we only do laundry about once a month and it no longer works.

After a call to GE it will cost $165 to fix (of course they offered to wave the parts which took $10 off the total), but that is almost half of what it cost and we haven't had it 2 years! Save your money and buy something else...we opted out of paying to fix it since we were far from being impressed by it.

Needless to say, we are shopping around for a new washer and our search doesn't include any GE made appliances.

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