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GE 2.7 Cu. Ft. Unitized Spacemaker Washer and Electric Dryer Model:WSM2700HWW

by Ster Dale
(Indianapolis IN)

This dryer is part of our stacked laundry unit. Its from GE, we bought it last year and its been 10 months now and we had absolutely no problem. Clothes come dry and fresh every time. It is perfect size for small family of 2-4, we use at least twice a week.

This does take little more time than our old standalone dryer though. So we had to experiment with it initially couple of times to get the time right. For medium load it take about 65-70 minutes for completely drying. If you prefer little less and want to save some energy you can go for less time. It has some pre-programmed dry cycles like regular and delicate etc. but we couldn't get that to work perfectly as we needed. We always use manual.

The dirt collection housing is placed appropriately and we never had any problems with removing the dirt or dirt being mixed with our clothes.

It also has a nice feature called Auto Dry which works with internal thermostat to monitor the temperature inside so that extra temperature doesn't affect your clothes. I like that because in the past we has few issues with very high temperature.

Overall this was good choice for us as this is a great space and money saver.

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