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GE 169133 Iron

by Kristina Brown

I have had my iron for about 4 months now and my Husband needs his work clothes ironed often so I get a lot of use out of my iron. I really love it and it gets the clothes ironed very very quickly. I spend little to no time ironing the clothes.

As soon as I begin to iron my clothes the creases are gone in just one drag over the crease. It heats up very fast and EVERY single wrinkle comes out. Also when I use any starch product on the clothes I find that it leaves less of the little white specs on the clothes.

Which saves me time because I don't have to wipe the clothes off after I am done ironing. His creases stay in bold all day long and they don't feel like it is stiff for him. Which makes his clothes just feel more comfortable. Plus I don't have to use as much starch when I am ironing.

I can use it on all my blouses no matter what the material. I have been able to iron every single type of clothing material that I own with this iron and have the same fantastic results every single time. It has over 7 settings for all of your clothes which is more than enough. I have never will also turn itself off after being in use after a while. Sometimes that can be a little annoying but it is safe.

It will help you be at peace if you might have forgot whether or not you left your iron on. It has the steam feature which allows you to steam the wrinkles out quickly. I think that is why the wrinkles come out so easy.

It is very powerful but doesn't soak the clothes. The only issue I have with this product is that you are not able to lay the iron on it's side because it leaks out really bad.

On most ironing boards you can sit the iron on the side of the board so you can switch out clothes, but if you do that with this iron it will leak onto the floor.

That is about the only design flaw. Other than that it is an amazing product.

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