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When it comes to handling 4 load of clothes with care and getting them clean and smelling good, Gain Liquid does it best. My son's grass stained jeans can never compete against Gain as the grass stains are removed completely and the jean's original color is kept safe so I don't have to worry about clothes fading or having a washed out color.

Gain offers many different scents, all of which have a long lasting scent on your clothes. I constantly wash my socks and even clothes maybe twice a week just to get my walk-in closet smelling good.

When it comes to how much to use, I find myself buying a bottle and it can last up to 4 weeks or 6 weeks, depending on if I pile the clothes all up and wash just on one day. I do this to save on water while at the same time knowing that Gain can handle all the stinky clothes. My skin feels better and doesn't have that wool itch I usually have from past detergents.

In fact after wash my wool sweater with Gain, I rarely have that itch so they must be doing something right. I would definitely recommend Gain to anyone, college student or even a busy stay at home mom, Gain is practically a life saver when it comes to washing clothes.

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