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by K.S.

I LOVE this detergent, I saw it while food shopping and saw the colorful design and prints on the bottle, read what "smell" it was and HAD to open it and smell it..it reminded me of a picnic in an orchard!

I thought, even though it smells great in the bottle, there's no way it will smell this good once I actually use it to do my laundry with...boy was I wrong!

I cannot believe the way it smelled after using it the first time..my whole house smelled like I just baked an apple pie! Once I put the bed sheets and comforters in the dryer, I figured it would then loose it's smell, but it didn't.

My husband later asked when going to bed, what kind of perfume I had on, or did I use apple shampoo in my hair...I had to tell him it was the laundry detergent and he thought I was joking until I told him to place his entire face in the comforter!

He loved it as well, I am now addicted to it and will forever use it as long as it's available, I have since tried their other "flavor's" and although they are awesome in their own right, I am sticking with my first flavor!

It wasn't expensive either because it lasts a long time and cleans and freshens all my clothing and linens!

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Nov 27, 2008
fading cloths
by: Anonymous

GAIN smells so good but in proof of sientiast gain acualoy fadeaes clothes.

Jun 22, 2008
my fave
by: Anonymous

Gain laundry detergent is my all-time favorite. I've tried them all...the big name brands...Cheer, Tide, the store brands...the always-on-sale brands. GAIN original green was my favorite for years and now they have a wonderful fruity scent also florals. Gain has always gotten my clothes super clean too. I love GAIN! Nothing else compares!!!

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